Top 15 Movies Like The Invisible Guest That You Must Try Watching!

Invisible Guest is a Spanish movie of the thriller genre. The film is quite surprising in the way it turns out at the end. The plot of story is about a businessman who wakes up in a luxurious hotel room with his lover, only to find her dead beside him. The protagonist was dumbfounded by what happened over there. But as they say, money doesn’t do anything. At that moment, he hired a lawyer who could help him solve the case. They worked together on that case and tried to find out what happened that night.

They did everything to find out what the scenario was and trace out the killer. It was quite an interesting movie with a lot of twists that excited the audience to watch it every time they wanted something thrilling in their binge-watching. Two Indian films and most recently a Korean adaptation titled “Confession” are only four of the four remakes that “Invisible Guest” inspired due to its commercial success.

Let’s discuss the movies that are similar to “The Invisible Guest.”

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1. Gone Girl

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

First, let’s talk about Gone Girl, which is from the same genre of film as noted as being a thriller. This film is mainly known for its psychic thriller. The film is set in Missouri, and the story is a postmodern mystery. The story of the plot is about a couple who had a happy married life until his wife found out about his extramarital affair. So she planned revenge on him. Amy, the protagonist, planned a fake murder of her with a blood stain and did other mischievous things that could make it a fake murder.

Well, the phrase “fake it till you make it” was taken too seriously. Amy then purchased a gun and, after making a mess of the whole shitshow, ran to another city to make a living and so make her plan successful enough. There is a lot of mystery and thrill in the movie, which creates a lot of drama. But what happened at the end actually shocked the audience. You know it; you must watch it.

2. The Game

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

The story of the movie is about how Douglas’s personal life and the game he’s playing collide, and things quickly escalate out of control because the protagonist can’t tell the difference between real life and the game he’s playing. As the lines between work and play begin to blur, Michael Douglas delivers one of the finest performances of his illustrious career in David Fincher’s most underrated film.

As the lines between work and play begin to blur, Michael Douglas delivers one of the finest performances of his illustrious career in David Fincher’s most underrated film.

Like The Invisible Guest, The Game is one of those movies that build in complexity until the third act, when a series of revelations leaves you gaping.

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3. The Body

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

The Body is a 2012 Spanish mystery thriller film. Though there had been a sequence of the body in the 2019 Hindi movie. The movie is about a woman. The body of a woman whose husband killed her so that he could spend more time with his teenage girlfriend mysteriously disappears from the morgue. As the husband is questioned, he begins to receive communications from the afterlife. Her death will solve and unfold a lot of mysteries that had been buried deep in the grave. The chilling effect that the husband and his lover felt was quite nauseous.

Consecutive events at the morgue make Alex (the husband) and Carla (his lover) believe that Mayka (the dead body or the protagonist) is still alive and out for revenge on their affair and murder plot. But why was she murdered? Mayka suspected his infidelity and heard him plotting to kill her, so Alex learns that she hired a private investigator. After meeting Mayka in Avalon, California, by chance, Alex tells Pea that he does love her.

Similarly, he happened upon Carla by chance but soon fell in love with her and began to trust her with his deepest, darkest secrets. He believes Mayka took a tranquilizer to make it look like she had a heart attack since TH-16 is undetectable in the blood and only causes death eight hours after ingestion. But whenever he went to find her, she was still dead, and later on, her body haunted them.

But what happened was a big twist. This movie is a must-watch when it comes to creating a spooky effect.

4. The Legacy of Bones

The Legacy of Bones is another Spanish movie but in the genre of a supernatural crime thriller. The film is based on Dolores Redondo’s eponymous novel, and it serves as the sequel to the first film in the Baztán Trilogy. There are many actors and actresses because this is the best movie in a trilogy with the same title, Legado en Los huesos. Numerous personalities and locations are featured in this Netflix crime drama. Because of this, you should not let your attention wander. However, it is also a really fascinating and truly intriguing novel in many aspects.

The Legacy of the Bones Is a decent sequel despite having some structural issues and a slow pace that dull some of the novel’s natural appeal. The story is entertaining enough on its own, with lots of intriguing linkages to the past for our returning investigator, Salazar, to cope with. After a somewhat realistic introduction, the picture settles into a steady pace before the supernatural unease is introduced in the second half, leading to an exciting climax. Given that a third film was shot concurrently, the conclusion leaves things on a frustrating cliffhanger, with little resolved and an uninspiring vibe to the last scenes.

The film has a very realistic beginning and then settles into a steady pace until the second half when the supernatural unease is introduced along with the climactic third act, full of action and thrills. Considering the third film is being shot concurrently, the conclusion leaves things on a frustrating cliffhanger, with little resolution and an uninspiring vibe to the last scenes. Amaia Salazar, a former detective who solved a number of crimes in her hometown and is now trying to move on with her life, is the protagonist of the novel.

Now eight months pregnant, she is spurred to begin a new inquiry by the ominous word “Tarttalo,” which was found at the scene of a suicide. After being away for four months to have a baby, Amaia returns to a tale in which she is on a mission to find out the truth as more and more deaths turn up with the same frightening word at each crime site. Amaia must cope with a series of stock family problems between the investigative chapters, and as the probe heats up, so does the tension at home.

Legacy Of The Bones is a film in which you need to be patient in order to get to the heart of the drama, as the first half of the film moves at a slow, methodical pace.

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5. Fracture

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

Fracture is a legal thriller crime movie. The protagonist in this narrative shoots his cheating spouse, putting her in a coma, and then finds himself in a mental showdown with a young deputy district attorney. The 2007 film “Fracture” is more concerned with pitting Crawford against the assistant district attorney, Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling), even as Crawford seeks to stop Beachum from establishing that he is the killer.

Most of the entertainment comes from Crawford’s playful mental games with Beechum. Even though Hopkins gives off a bit of a Hannibal Lecter impression with his lizard-like eyes, the effect is positively devilish. Crawford is a brilliant aeronautical engineer who can spot flaws in machinery when others can’t. Additionally, he discovers a serious flaw in Beachum: the latter’s inability to accept defeat gracefully. (In order to keep his win rate high, Beachum may sometimes hand off high-stakes cases to his subordinates.)

The fact that neither of the film’s leads falls neatly into any moral category makes them both fascinating to watch. The film has plenty of intense scenes, including Crawford’s murder of his wife and the suicide of her lover outside of the courthouse where their affair is exposed.

6. Primal fear

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

The shocking final act of the film is reminiscent of “Primal Fear,” a thriller that became a sensation in 1996. In this courtroom drama from the late ‘90s, Richard Gere plays a lawyer who is tasked with defending a juvenile (Oscar nominee Edward Norton) on trial for the murder of a beloved Chicago archbishop. Gere finds that Norton’s character has two sides to him as he investigates the case: a shy young guy with a speech impediment and a cold-blooded murderer. Freed after being found not guilty due to insanity, the young man reveals a Machiavellian plot. Norton’s perfectly judged, spine-tingling performance was a crucial factor in the film’s popularity and helped launch his career.

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7. Searching

Movies Like The Invisible Guest

Searching is a mystery thriller film entirely set in computer animation. It is the story of a 16-year-old girl who went missing. Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, the film’s co-writer and co-director stick to their central conceit in ways that are consistently clever but ultimately go a bit astray in “Searching.” However, the dramatic underpinnings of their film set it apart from others in the genre. The term “searching” refers to the desperate actions of a concerned father who uses the internet to look for his missing adolescent daughter.

It aspires to, and succeeds at, evoking genuine emotion rather than superficial thrills. The story has a lot of twists and turns that change the whole perception of what the movie is about. The fear that was going on inside the audience as well as in the character was meant to be created like that. Also, this film is considered to be an American-Asian movie.

8. The Hidden Face

Movies Like The Invisible Guest
The Hidden Fear

The Hidden Face is considered a Spanish-Colombian thriller film. This film was adapted for Bollywood as “Murder 3.” The story is about a couple who fell in love. The jealous girl thought she could make him feel concerned. They brought a new house, and she thought that she could hide in the secret room and make him concerned. Though her plan was to make him a bit worried and then surprise her, as it is said, you can’t expect that things will go according to plan. She lost the key and got stuck in the room. She couldn’t contact him because he thought she was dead. After some time, she got a surprise that changed her life forever. This twist was not expected, but it happened, and to know more, you have to watch the movie.

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9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has a unique genre that is a neo-noir psychological film. Well, the story is based on a novel by Swedish writer Steig Larsson. The film narrates the story of Blomkvist’s attempt to find out what happened to a girl from an affluent family who disappeared 40 years before. He recruits the services of Salander, a computer hacker. Nils Arden Oplev’s original was far superior to Hollywood’s version of a journalist and hacker uncovering a murder conspiracy, despite the latter’s significantly larger budget.

Noomi Rapace gives a career-defining performance, dominating the screen in this riveting and compelling thriller that you won’t be able to look away from if it weren’t for how difficult it is in parts to watch. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a gritty modern noir that remains one of the genre’s recent high points, and movies like The Invisible Guest prove that glitz and glamour aren’t necessary to deliver on the promise of the genre.

10. The Gift

The Gift is a psychological film. There are a number of terrifying scenes in “The Gift,” but the terror experienced by the characters is primarily mental. The story is about a married couple. The future of the marriage itself is at risk. If so, why? What secrets are being exposed? Exactly what hidden information could possibly be found in the past, you ask? Do we even have a secret? Because Simon was offered a high-paying position in the corporate office of a security systems firm, he and Robyn decided to uproot their lives and move to California. Freelance designer Robyn feels ambivalent about her existence. They want to begin a family and are making preparations to do so.

For Simon, the most important thing is that his wife is content with her life decisions. As a family, they decide to buy a stunning new home with expansive windows that showcase the lush landscape beyond. In the first scene, Gordo approaches the couple when they are out shopping for household goods, and he reintroduces himself to Simon. Gordo’s method has an air of intensity about it, but it’s hard to put your finger on what it is. It’s possible that he’s just not good at making conversation. Robyn is thrilled to encounter someone from her husband’s past; her spouse describes her as a “door always half-open” kind of person.

While initially harmless, Gordo soon becomes a major issue. Unannounced, he visits Robyn while Simon is at work. He surprises them with presents and notes that all conclude with a winking face. In his own subtle manner, he is persistently oblivious. Simon has finally had it with Gordo and wants him gone for good. Robyn has a hunch that there is some sort of history between them. There are details that she is missing. And that’s where the film unravels a lot of mystery. The audience quite liked It—indeed, they loved it, and they hope to see more films like this. If you are interested in knowing what happened at the end, you should not wait and jump into the movie.

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11. The Secret of the Blue Room

Let’s just jump into an old movie. Though this movie comes from the genre of the 1990s, the way it is filmed makes it an ultimate entertainment film. The plot of ”Blue Room,” which was adapted from a German film of the same name from 1932, centers on three men competing for the hand of Gloria Stuart (of “Titanic” fame). Her father has decided that the guy who wins her heart must spend the night in the eponymous room, where three men have already met their untimely ends.

Predictably, the first two aspirants meet inexplicable ends, leaving Paul Lukas to discover the room’s terrible secret. “Secret,” directed by Kurt Neumann (who also directed the sci-fi classic “The Fly”) and shot on sets from James Whale’s classic “The Old Dark House,” offers more than enough twists, a cunning ending, and a creepy atmosphere to satisfy current horror lovers. The story was made with the inspiration of Edgar Allan Poe, the most wonderful writer of thriller stories. With his story “Murders in the Rue Morgue,” Edgar Allan Poe helped establish this subgenre by focusing on two murders that take place in a room that is locked from the inside. This book impeccably helped the film develop such a wonderful plot.

12. Knives

A murder behind closed (or locked) doors serves as the catalyst for Rian Johnson’s Oscar-nominated “Knives Out,” which also features a slew of scheming, double-crossing characters who all have their own motives for wanting wealthy patriarch Christopher Plummer dead. Clearly, the tone is different; “Knives Out” goes for the same type of morbid good humor as Peter Ustinov’s appearances as Hercule Poirot. Both “Invisible Guest” and “The Room” were successful in their own ways, but “Invisible Guest” took a darker approach to familiar locked-room tropes.

The critically acclaimed and commercially successful film “Knives Out” spawned a number of follow-ups, including “A Glass Onion,” which were all produced by Netflix. The story is about a famous writer, a reputed crime novelist, who was found dead during his 85th birthday celebration. A detective was appointed by his family members to find out about the death, and the film’s climax begins from there.

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13. Marshland

Marshland also falls into the category of Spanish thriller films. It is the story of southwestern Spain in the year 1980. Two very different investigators from the homicide section are brought together by a string of gruesome killings of teenage girls in a small, forgotten town. Juan and Pedro, two detectives with stark ideological differences, must work together if they are to catch the serial killer who has terrorized a community of death-phobic people for years.

14. Shutter Land

Shutter island, just like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is also a neo-noir psychological film. Once again, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio reunite for a period Gothic thriller where nothing is as it seems. The mysterious chiller has the air of a prestige drama thanks to the stellar cast, but as the plot thickens and the tension mounts, the film veers sharply into the conventions of the horror genre. Those in quest of a tense and complex psychological thriller need to look no further than Shutter Island. The 2010 cinematic version of Dennis Lehane’s 2003 novel hits all the marks necessary for a thrilling neo-noir experience.

A protagonist who is both obsessed and paranoid Dull colors and dim lighting set the whole movie at a different tempo. Director Martin Scorsese scored a hit with his film about a U.S. Marshal looking into the disappearance of a mentally ill patient, which received accolades for its ambiance, performances, and camerawork. Although the film’s controversial twist ending was widely panned, “Shutter Island” was still a commercial success. The story Is about Marshall Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Mark Ruffalo as they visit the Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane on the desolate Shutter Island.

After arriving, they start looking into what happened to Rachel Solando (Patricia Clarkson), a patient at Ashecliffe who was sent there after she was found guilty of drowning her children. A cryptic riddle discovered in Rachel’s room is the only piece of information so far. But the more Teddy learns about Rachel and Ashlee, the more questions he has. Teddy quickly discovers that there is more going on than meets the eye at Ashecliffe, among the patients and the doctors, as he is plagued by strange dreams and confronted by a series of mysteries involving the facility’s rehabilitation methods and a massive oncoming storm that threatens his progress. And the movie took an unexpected turn from there.

15. The Prestige

The Prestige is a science-fiction thriller film based on a novel of the same name. The story is about the mysterious tale of two magicians whose lifelong struggle for dominance is rife with obsession, deceit, and jealousy and who ultimately claims one of their lives. The audience was quite excited about this movie because of its unique scriptwriting.

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