Top 15 Movies Like Troy You Might Enjoy Watching!

Many audiences love watching Historical movies with lots of battles and wars. Talking about those genres of movies, many films have been released in Hollywood and Bollywood. Bahubali is the best example of a historical movie in Bollywood. When the movie was released the fans were very excited about it. The historical movie has hit the box office collection. Well, Coming to Hollywood many historical movies are released there and international fans appreciate them. There are many reasons to fall in love with these kinds of movies, like the fight with a sword, horse riding and the attire of the historical movie fascinates the fans. If you love watching this kind of movie in Hollywood then you must read the article.

Troy is a 2004 Hollywood movie that many fans liked. Today we will tell you about some similar movies like Troy that you must watch. 

In the movie, we see an ancient Greece King Agamemnon of Mycenae conquering the city of troy. Troy is located in Russia. The city is famous for the Trojan war, which took place between the King of Sparta Menelaus and Paris. The war occurred because of Helen, a beautiful woman and the queen of Sparta. She was abducted by Paris and her husband declared war against Paris and was killed in the war. In this war, a lot of bloodshed occurred. The historical movie revolves around the ancient Greece story, the kingdom, and wars. It was directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The movie was released on 13 May 2004 and has a running time of 163 minutes. Troy has an IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10.

1. Clash Of Titans (2012)

1. Clash Of Titans (2012)

At the very beginning of the story, it is shown that a man opens a box and sees a lady dead in it with a baby who is still alive. The old man kept the name of the baby as Perseus. In an accident, travelling on the ship Perseus’s family dies and then decides to take revenge for his family’s death. Zeus wanted people to worship him but people destroyed the statue that was made by Zeus. After a long time, we see that Hades and Zeus meet each other face to face. Hades is angry with the humans and wants to create fear of Zeus among people and he captures Perseus. Perseus and Hades get into a high but Lo stops him.

Hades even kills the princess of the palace and tells the people of the palace that he will send a monster who will destroy the whole palace and if they want to save the place then they have to lose their princess. Li releases Perseus as part of God and reveals the story of the past to him. Hades is not a good man, his motive was to take the place of Zeus. The war between Perseus and the monsters begins. The war in the movie is very amazing. The historical action with sword and horse was quite entertaining. The movie was released on 2 April 2010.

2. Immortal (2011)

Movies Like Troy

Phaedra is a prophesier, who can tell about the future. In a dream, she sees king ‘Hyperion’ who releases the titans and wants to rule over the humans. The earth during the time, when there were no animals, a war occurred in heaven. In the battle, the one who was the winner was declared God. The one who lost the war was the titans, who were captured in a cave forever. After around 1,000 years, we see that King Hyperion’s family gets sick and he remembers God. But because he didn’t receive any response from God, he starts hating them. He starts believing that there is no God and they don’t help anyone. After this, he wishes to bring the titans into the world.

The King captures Phaedra as she can tell about the future and even knows everything. Theseus is a fighter and he also does not believe in God but his mother believes in God. The village where Theseus, where announces that King Hyperions’ army is going to come soon. To be saved from them, they need to be alert. Hyperion’s shoulder goes to the village of Theseus and attacks. Many innocent people died in the village and even Theseus’s mother. Theseus gets imprisoned. Later, the King releases the titans and the war between God and the Titans begins. The movie was released on 8 November 2011. It was directed by Tarsem Singh. 

3. Lord Of The Ring (2001)

Movies Like Troy

The story in the movie showed that a total of 19 rings are made and each different has superpowers. Out of these 3 rings were given to Else, who is quite intelligent and innocent. Seven rings are given to one, who used to live in the region of mountains. And the nine remaining rings are given to the human. All the rings were distributed but one more ring was made by the Dark lord of sorrow. He makes a ring that is the most powerful.  The story of the film revolves around the power of the rings. The movie has a total of 3 parts and was released from 2001 to 2003. The movie was produced by Barrie M. Osborne, Tim SandersFOTR, Fran Walsh, and Peter Jackson. It was Directed by Peter Jackson. The movie was released in New Zealand and the United States. It is a historical movie, which was fun to watch.

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4. Legend Of The Fall (1994)

Movies Like Troy

William Ludlow is a Colonel who leaves the army because of the betrayal of the US government. After leaving that he lives in a remote area in Montana. In the village, he started farming for his and his family’s living. He even keeps a former outlaw named Decker along with her daughter. William has three sons. Samuel is the youngest son of Ludlow, after studying for many years at Harvard University, he returned home along with his fiance Susannah.

Alfred and Tristan are the other two so’s of William. Samuel joins the Canadian Expeditionary Force. As he joins his brothers also go with him later. While in a fight Samuel dies. It was sad for the whole family. The movie was released on 16 December 1994. The story revolves around the brothers and the art fights. It was directed by Edward Zwick. The fighting scenes are good and you can watch the movie. 

5. Alexander (2004)

Movies Like Troy

Alexander has been one of the best men to be appreciated in the world. Everyone thinks Alexander is not the son of the King but a son of Zeus. He might have some superpower. Alexander’s parents didn’t have mutual understanding with each other and they used to always fight. Owing to this there was a great impact on Alexander’s life. Alexander’s master was Aristotle. Yes, you guessed it right, the famous Aristotle! He was a Muslim teacher and each of his students was very smart and intelligent. Alexander showed his bravery at the age of 13 by controlling an aggressive horse and everyone got shocked by seeing this.

After that the horse and Alexander become friends. His father guides him about the past king who has set the history. By knowing about them Alexander gets impressed. He decides to become like them. The story takes a turn and due to some dispute between Alexander and his father, he was removed from the kingdom. After sometimes the news comes that his father was murdered and the rumor goes that his second wife kills him to get his property and his first wife only killed him out of jealousy. But nothing is known for real. After his father died, Alexander was declared King at the age of 20. After he became the king he almost captured Asia. The movie was released on 16 November 2004. 

6. The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

The story of the movie takes place in 1757. Mochi cans are a tribe. During that time a great war was going on between France and Great Britain. The war between France and Great Britain is known as the seven years’ war. During the mat period, many Indian soldiers were fighting against France on behalf of Britain.  The story revolves around the war and how the Mohicans came to an end. The film starred Daniel Day-Lewis, Jodhi May, and Madeleine Stowe. It was released on 26 August 1992 in France and was released in The US on 25 September 1992. It was released in English, French, and other languages. 

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7. The Last King (2016)

The story takes place in 1206 in Norway. The story is quite old and tells us about history. In Nodaros, Birkebeiners, and king Haakon Sverresson take the power. However, they were threatened by the Badgers. The Badgers were also very powerful, they took almost the north of Norway and ruled there. They succeed in capturing North Norway with the help of Denmark. To capture the Nodaros, they infiltrate Badgers in Nodars, who use to plan conspiracies. While he was making a plan to kill King Haakon, his daughter Kristin eavesdrops on them. She tells all this to her mother. She gets scared and the thing is, if the king comes to know about it they will have a huge war between both enemies.

Later, the king’s son Skervald happens to be captured by the Birkeniers. He accidentally reveals the address of Norados to them. To inform them that Norados are in danger, He somehow manages to escape from Birkeniers. After some time the battle begins and in that battle, Skervald takes revenge by killing the Bagler. At the same time, the infiltrate, whose name was Gilse, was captured by King Haakon and the Nidaros became safe. The historical movie was released on 12 February 2016.

8. Gladiators (2000)

The story tells us about the battle between a German businessman and the Roman Army. The head of the Roman army is Maximus and people used to love him a lot. They might give up their lives for Maximus. In this battle between Germany and Rome, Rome wins. Emperor Marcus Aurelius wants Maximus to time Rome by seeing his loyalty. However, he refuses because he wants to meet his family. King has two children and one is his son Comodous. On learning that his father doesn’t want to make him the next king, he murders him without any grudge. He is cruel and a dangerous person. Maximus was captured by King Comodous.

Though Comodous became the king, everyone used to hate him. Comodous’ sister was afraid that he might even kill her son like dad. As her son was the next King. They can’t even get rid of the fear and plans to kill her brother, but no one supports her. Before her father’s death, the battle game was started on Comodous’ wish and those games were very dangerous. Now everyone has started hating Comodous. To win public approval, Maximus and Comodous fight with each other. Comodous is killed in the war by Maximus. The movie was released on 1st May 2000.

9. Cleopatra (1963)

Cleopatra is yet another Hollywood historical movie that you might like. The movie is similar to troy because it also has some war in, that you will know father watching the movie only. The story is based on Julius Caesar, who goes to Egypt after the Battle of Pharsalus. This ballet took place in 48 BC, you might have heard of Julius Caesar, right? If you are more interested to know about his life then this is a must-watch. It will tell you many things about his life. The film was released on 12 January 1963. The movie is a little old, so it might bore you. Cleopatra was produced by Walter Wanger. It was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

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10. Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

Movies Like Troy

They started in 1184 in France. Balian is a blacksmith who was hindered by the crusaders. His wife died recently as she committed suicide out of depression. While she was getting buried a man removed her necklace and then buried her. Godfrey tells him that he is his father and he should return with him to the Holy Land. Balian refuses this offer. The man who buried his wife was killed by Balian out of anger because he saw the cross of his wife’s neck and even came to know that he slaughtered her neck before buying her.

After killing him he comes to his father and tells him everything. The bishop was sent to attest Balian but his father refuses to surrender him.  To save him, Godfrey breaks off his body. His father has a dream that Muslims and Israel both should stay tougher with peace after he does. Godfred tells his son and he promises to do so. The story is based on different religions. The history of the region’s peace and problems are shown. It was released on 2 May 2005 and was directed by Ridley Scott. The movie was written by William Monahan.

11. 300 (2006)

Movies Like Troy

The story takes place in Spartan, a child was born and was whether he has any default in him. Because children with any kind of default are killed right away. Luckily, the child was good at everything, and at the age of seven, even his training started for becoming an army. After the training, he was sent to the dense forest and he came back alive from there by killing an animal. He was declared the king of Spartan and his name was Leonidas. Ephor’s man comes with the souls of the dead kings and even insulted him and his queen.

Angry Leonidas kills the man of Ephors. After he kills the war begins between Spartan and Ephors. The historical movie takes place around. 300 Spartans fought against 300,000 shoulders of the Persian God-King Xerxes. That’s why the movie is named 300. It was quite brave that only 300 soldiers fought against so much of the army. The movie is very amazing. It was released on 9 December 2006. The movie was directed by Zack Snyder.

12. Spartacus (1960)

The movie was released on 6 October 1960. It was based on a historical movie. The movie is like Troy. If you liked it then you must also go for this film. The movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The story of the movie takes place in the first century BC. It tells us the story of that period when corruption takes place in the Roman Republic. The movie is the same with wars and battles. It starred Laurence Olivier, Kirk Douglas, Charles Laughton, Peter Ustinov, Tony Curtis, Jean Simmons, and John Gavin. The movie was produced by Edward Lewis. To know the plot of the movie you must watch it if you have not watched it yet. Spartacus has a running time of 197 minutes. The historical movie is amazing. 

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13. The Last Samurai (2003)

The Last Samurai takes us to 1876, where an American former Captain Nathan Algren is shown. He was an alcoholic because he wasn’t able to bear the atrocities that he did during the Indian-American war. A Japanese businessman met him and told him that the Japanese government is looking for men from different countries for the progress of Japan’s development in the field of architecture, doctors, and many more. Omita, the Japanese tell him that now they want to make good soldiers in Japan. They were called many armies from different nations and one among them is you? As Nathan doesn’t have any job he accentuates the proposal. He starts giving training to Japanese soldiers. There he meets a Japanese Samurai named Katsumoto who he has heard a lot. Later he ended up going to the Samurai’s place.

There he learned punctuality. He learned many new things over there. The Japanese cornel had some men go to kill Katsumoto, but his sister’s son and Nathan together fought and saved him. They both become friends. Okumura is the one who told the story of the development and wanted the Samurai to move. Later, a war starts between the Samurai and Cornel. There also the war was very interesting, only 300 spoilers fought against 1000 of the army with their bravery and won the battle. The movie was released on 20 November 2003. It was released in the US and Japan.

14. Helen Of Troy (1956)

The historical movie was released very early. The movie tells us a story about the Trojan War of 1100 BC. Paris of Troy falls in love with the daughter of Zeus Helen, who is the Queen of Sparta. King Menelaus’ husband finds out about this. He wants to kill Paris, so Helen warns Parus to leave. The war starts between Paris and King for Helen.

A lot of bloodsheds occurred in the war. In what Paris does, Helen has to return with King Menelaus. Though she doesn’t have him now, they will meet each other in Elysium, Helen thinks. The war for a girl is very dreadful! The movie was released on 26 January 1956. The movie was directed by Robert Wise and was written by N. Richard Nash, Hugh Gray, and John Twist. The movie has a running time of 118 minutes. The movie was released in the United States, France, and Italy. It was released in the English language.

15. Thor (2011)

Though Thor is an avengers movie but is based on the king and kingdom concept so it can also be considered similar to Troy. Thor has different powers and was one of the most powerful avengers. Thor is the Son of Odin. His father is the King of the Norse God. He was soon about to become the king of Asgard. But fails to because he reacts ill-mannered to some of his elders. He was sent to earth as his punishment. Loki, his brother, was evil. In the movie, we see the fight against each other. The movie was released on 6 May 2011. The movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh. Thor has a total of 4 movies and one was released in 2022. Many fans’ favorite avengers are Thor. He has a power hammer with him and is very powerful also. Thor has a running time of 114 minutes and it was the first part of the Thor film series. The movie received 7 out of 10 on IMDb.

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