Shark Tank India Season 2 Release Date: Which Sharks Will Return?

Recently new reality television has hit the Indian television market. It’s an Indian version of the American reality Tv show “Shark Tank”. On December 20th the show got its release in India. The American version of the show was released on August 9, 2009, on ABC.

The American version of the show is not a unique idea, this show is part of an international format referred to as “Dragon’s Den”. This format was first originated in Japan in 2001, where it is known as the “Tiger of Money”. This format of reality Tv was created and owned by Nippon TV and Sony Pictures Television are the distributors. There has been more than one version of the show, it is nearly produced in over 30 countries. Including one for the Arab world and one for India too. The most popular name for the show is Dragons’ Den, which after Japan, was made in the United Kingdom in 2005. Other names have included Shark Tank (which originated in the US and later adapted to the Indian version) and Lions’ Den.

Shark Tank India is a television platform for new businesses that need investors. It’s a business reality television show, that airs on SET India. Entrepreneurs are shown presenting their ideas to a panel of 5 investors or termed as “Sharks”, who make investments decisions.

The self-made multimillionaires evaluate each business concept and product pitch and then decide if they should invest their own resources as mentors and marketers.

As of now, this reality television show got only one season with 35 episodes in it.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Release Date

Shark Tank India Season 2 Release Date

Shark Tank India is returning as the teaser is already released. The release date is yet to be announced but the teaser looks interesting and it is expected to arrive soon. It can be late 2022 or early 2023 when season 2 will be arriving on Sony Entertainment. It almost took a year for an official announcement and finally it will be happening.

Name Of The Showshark tank India
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality TV Show
Shark Tank India Season 1 Release Date (premiered on)20 December 2021
Shark Tank India Season 1 End Date4 February 2022
Shark Tank India Season 2 Release DateBy 2023

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Shark Tank India Season 2 Judges

There are a total of 7 Judges in Shark Tank India, who are referred to as Sharks in this show. Here are some brief details on the Judges.

Ashneer Grover

Ashneer is one of the show’s most popular personalities. He is also an investor in Companies like OTO Capital, The Whole Truth, Front Row, etc. He founded and runs a company named BharatPe, It’s a payment application like Paytm.

On the show, he has invested in companies like Booz Scooters, Motion Breeze, Find Your Kick, etc. His current net worth is $95 Million.

Aman Gupta

He is the co-founder and CMO of “bOAT” which is India’s largest Earbuds, Headphones, and Wireless making company.

On the show, he invested in companies like Bummer, Revamp, Skippi Pops, and Altor and Hammers. His Networth is $93.5 Million.

Anupam Mittal

He is considered one of the most famous angel investors in India. He is the founder of People’s Group,, and People Pictures. In Shark Tank India, he has invested in startups like Find Your Kicks, Hair Original, Skippi Pops, and more. His net worth is around $ 25 Million.

Peyush Bansal
Shark Tank India Season 2 Release Date

He is regarded as one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the country. He is the founder of Also the early investor in the companies like Tinkerbell Labs,, inFeedo, etc. He has invested in the companies like LOKA, Sunfox Technologies, Vivalyf Innovations, and some others. His net worth is $82 Million.

Namita Thapar

She is the founder and the CEO of a global pharma company named Emcure Pharma, and this company’s turnover is around $870.25 Million. On the show, she has invested in Bummer, Skippi Pops, Farda, and Altor.

Ghazal Alagh

She is the founder and Chief Mama of Mamaearth, she is the newest member on the show as a Judge. She invested in companies like The Sass Bar, Sunfox Technologies, Safe Solutions, etc. Her current net worth is estimated as $23 Million.

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh is the CEO and also co-founder of Suger Cosmetics. She has invested in companies like Booz Scooters, Heart up my Sleeves, Safe Solutions, etc on the show. Her net worth is around $12 Million.

There are great chances that Shark Tank India season 2 will bring many new sharks. You ask, why? If any of you watched Shark Tank USA or from where this concept came, you will see many new sharks every season. They make new shark teams every season. If India’s shark tank will follow the same you might not see “Mein Aapke Business se relate nahi kar paa rahi hun, So, I’m Out” or “Dhandha Chod Do Ye”.

There are great chances that new sharks will come in season 2. If there’s any problem in bringing new sharks in the show, then we could expect some old sharks to return for judging.

shark tank India season 2 Format

The show is all about giving a chance to entrepreneurs who come up with ideas for starting their firms and business. The contestants try their best to pitch their ideas to impress the judges for receiving the fund to start their careers in business. The first season followed this pattern and since the show focuses on young people and entrepreneurship, the second season of Shark Tank India will follow the same format regardless of the fact that contestants will surely be different. The judges could be the same.

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