Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters: Who Is The Most Powerful Pirate?

This pirate-themed adventure anime is set in a mystical world of mythical creatures. Trances that go back hundreds of years and obsessions that cannot be measured Secrets that are buried deep and power struggles that make for an excellent action adventure A group of hunters and a man on mission One Piece is the longest-running anime, with a fan base that spans millions. It is the story of a rubber man named Luffy and his aspiration to become the king of pirates.

An anime like no other, One Piece is settled deep in the hearts of all its viewers. Dealing with a unique adventure, set in a different universe altogether, this anime is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga series of the same name. It is a picturesque series with bright colors and dark secrets that revolves around a young aspiring pirate, Monkey D. Luffy.

One Piece Series Story

In a world where humans happily live with creatures like dwarves and giants, secrets are buried so deep that digging them up becomes quite complicated. One Piece is a thrilling adventure series that keeps its viewers yearning for more. Despite the fact that the series has been running for nearly two decades, its popularity does not appear to be waning anytime soon.

Becoming a pirate in this mystical universe is a difficult task in and of itself; sitting on the throne is a complicated task. Luffy looks upon pirates and dreams of becoming the most accomplished pirate. His innocent dream slowly transforms into an obsession, and Luffy decides to pursue his dream at the young age of 15. To achieve this task, Luffy gathers all his strength and sets out on a deadly mission.

As Luffy’s journey progresses, more pirates join him, and his team grows. He is joined by hunters, doctors, and many other creatures who help Luffy in his pursuit of ruling over the pirate world. With so many people on the team, Luffy can take advantage of their strengths. Each member of this unique team has a special power, and their strengths are immaculate. Their conquest to win One Piece, a titular treasure that will make Luffy the next king, makes them one of the most adventurous anime teams.

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Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

One Piece started back in the 1990s as a manga series. Now, there are various movies, TV adaptations, games, and even video animations under this name. One Piece is now a franchise with thousands of anime episodes under its name, and each episode has introduced the viewers to hundreds of characters.

With creatures of all kinds sauntering through the One Piece universe, it becomes imperative to know who the most powerful identity is. Protagonists and antagonists alike, there has to be someone ruling over each of these pirates. That ruler should possess some otherworldly abilities since One Piece is a magical universe of powers and power struggles.

15. Fujitora

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

The man who can control gravity and channel this ability to any extent, Issho Fujitora, is a force to be reckoned with. With the simplest movement of his sword, this man can make people float and attract deadly meteors. He has one of the most influential powers and can use it to any extent.

Fujitora is a man who is extremely difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to conquer. He can use his sword to slaughter tonnes of people at once. Issho has a devil fruit ability that makes him the master of gravity, and he doesn’t hesitate to use this power to his advantage.

Issho is a master of two Hakis and the owner of Gravito, Fujitora’s attack method that makes the gravitational forces go haywire. He is one of the most fearsome pirates and one of the deadliest fighters in the One Piece universe.

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14. Sakazuki


One of the most commanding captains, he certainly deserves a position on this list. With his strong prejudice and commendable moral compass, Sakazuki or Akainu has made his hatred of pirates crystal clear. He hates every criminal and everyone who violates the law. Sakazaki is the true definition of what a captain should be.

This moral man is a ruthless soldier who doesn’t hesitate to exert power. Sakazuki has been openly vocal about his visceral grudge against criminals and how his principles are his guiding light. He doesn’t waver from his strong ethical values, and never for once does his cold self attempt to hide his fury. With Sakazuki being a Grand Admiral, his manipulation skills have enhanced.

He can transform into magma and demolish anything he desires in a split second. Sakazuki absolutely disapproves of the manipulation of the Five Stars of Wisdom and the rise of villains. Though he cannot actively revolt against the authorities, his quiet disapproval speaks volumes since he is as manipulative and cunning as they are. His Devil Fruit ability gives him an advantage over the other commanders, and his devotion to the marine navy elevates him to the ranks of the most powerful leaders.

13. Sengoku

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

Another commander-general that cannot be left off the list. Sengoku shares Sakazuki’s sentiments of absolute justice and never fails to express his beliefs. Calm and cold, his silence is his greatest strength. Despite the nerve-wracking silence, the menace he carries certainly overpowers Sakazuki.

He was the Grand Admiral of the Navy, a position that Sakazuki has conquered before he resigned from the post. Despite leaving the post, he is still in the Navy and works as a trainer. Recruiting soldiers is his job, but what Sengoku actually does is prove his loyalty to the Navy. Because of the decades, Sengoku has spent in the Navy, he has all the inside information, and the only thing stopping him from ruining the army is his undying devotion.

Sengoku possesses Devil Fruit power in addition to his transformation abilities. He can produce shockwaves when he has transformed himself into a giant Buddha. This transformation power of Sengoku makes him one of the deadliest One Piece characters.

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12. Donquixote Doflamingo

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

A man with deception as his highlight, Donquixote is a storm that cannot be controlled. He is the most influential man in the New World who works under the disguise of the Joker to invent a new era of piracy. His Devil Fruit power allows him access to Parasite, a trick that helps Don Quixote manipulate and deceive anyone he desires. With this trick, he can make anyone his puppet and play with them as he desires.

Donquixote is the Donquixoteclan’s leader, its most ruthless antagonist, and its most reviled member. His cynical persona has made him the most corrupt and influential politician who can exert power on anyone at any time. With his authority, he managed to keep the inhuman slave trade practice going.

He is able to create threads with his bare hands and use these threads to make him feel like the master manipulator he believes himself to be. Donquixote is a sadist who gains pleasure from making people bow to him; his ruthlessness knows no bounds. With his extreme talents and cruel personality, his strength is nearly undefeatable.

11. Garp

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

The combat king, Monkey D. Garp, is the grandfather of Luffy, who is next in line to win the throne. While it was not known before, Luffy, the rubber man, comes from a powerful heritage. Garp is the leader of one of the deadliest armies, and his strong principles and excellent combat skills make him one of the most feared and respected fighters.

Garp can throw cannonballs that weigh more than a thousand pounds with ease. This trait of his, combined with the decades of combat experience he possesses, makes everyone in the One Piece universe fear him. Despite his age, Garp has proven himself to be the deadliest Marine to ever exist.

His punches are known to knock people out, and his kicks can break bones with ease. No matter how deadly a villain is, no one wants to be at the end of Garp’s fists. He can fight an entire army all by himself and lead one with equal precision. The entire One Piece universe looks up to him, and his enemies shiver at the mere thought of him.

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10. Monkey D. Luffy

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

The rubber man is currently the fifth emperor of the seas and is definitely one of the strongest One Piece characters. Luffy is a lighthearted, ambitious young pirate who is on a mission to conquer the pirate world. His dream of becoming the King of Pirates makes him strive for betterment daily, and it seems like the fighter is not ready to stop here.

He has a stubborn streak that makes him fight for the position he so deeply desires. Not only is the fun-loving Luffy a deadly warrior, but he is also an extensively struggling pirate as well. Overcoming the deadly sea monsters and enduring the harsh whiplashes dished his way, Luffy has certainly started monopolizing the One Piece universe.

Even after inheriting his grandfather’s and father’s superpowers and hours of training, Luffy still has a long way to go. For him to become king, he needs to have more powers, and these powers can only be achieved through extensive training.

9. Silver Rayleigh

Top 15 Strongest One Piece Characters

The right-hand man of the Pirate King, Silvers Rayleigh, is an enigma. He is known for his otherworldly combat skills and manipulative abilities, which make him one of the most sought-after pirates. Silvers is a private man who holds deep and dark secrets about the Pirate King.

This enigma is Luffy’s mentor and has passed his dazzling powers to him. Silvers is the master of Haki and an undefeatable swordsman. Due to his experience and undeniable power, Silvers is a hundred times more powerful than the Eleven Supernovas of the One Piece universe.

More importantly, Silvers is the key to One Piece. He is the man who knows the secret of One Piece and the superpowers it consists of. Since he is training Luffy, this knowledge of Silvers makes him the most important character in the series. Even Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, considers Silvers the strongest combat fighter.

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8. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon

The most mysterious character of the entire series is none other than Luffy’s dad, Monkey D. Dragon. It seems like the entire monkey family carries the stubborn gene and is attracted to power. Dragon, like his father and son, is a persistent man who has sky-high dreams.

Dragon leads his own army and is pursued by various demons. He is the most wanted man because of his dream of overthrowing the world government. A pirate who can influence the weather and turn nature against his enemies so easily that it seems effortless. He can move mountains and control climate changes, along with leading an army of deadly fighters.

No matter what the world government does or what kind of trap they set, Dragon has always beat them up with his signature devilish grin. He contains almost every trait of his father and can easily beat anyone with his manipulative abilities and combat skills. Though his true strengths aren’t yet exposed, the traits that have been portrayed so far are enough to make him one of the most influential characters in the One Piece series.

7. Big Mom

Big Mom

A woman so hungry she could swallow nations without batting an eyelash. Big Mom, or Charlotte Linlin, is one of the most horrendous yet powerful One Piece characters. Where humans munch on snacks, she munches on humans. She is the queen of Totto Land and captain of the pirates of Big Mom, one of the most powerful emperors.

Not only can this giant lady eat multiple humans at a time, but she can also manipulate them into anything. The lives of those around her depend upon the fulfillment of her demands for sweet delicacies. The queen of Totto Land needs sweets every once in a while, and her craving has to be fulfilled almost immediately.

With her Soul Fruit strength, she can easily snatch souls and kill people. If Big Mom is feeling daring, she will first play with these souls, keeping the human alive in part. She is seen using this strength to manipulate people and get her desires fulfilled. Many people claim that she is a dual-faced monster because of her deep-rooted desire to make her land a discrimination-free paradise despite munching on humans as if they were snacks.

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6. Shanks


One of the most powerful Yonkos, Shanks, is the epitome of strength and diplomacy. Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and the role model for Luffy, the future Pirate King. His immaculate strength comes from his status as an emperor.

Shanks is a fearless pirate who can conquer the world single-handedly without breaking a sweat. He is the redhead who masters manipulation and diplomacy. He is the most respected pirate, and even Sengoku, the man who holds a strong grudge against the pirate, seems to admire and respect him. The Red Hair Pirate is the only pirate who doesn’t fear Whitebeard and is friends with him despite Whitebeard’s questionable reputation.

Shank’s loyalty toward his friends makes him one of the most beloved pirates. He is the only one who can use ambition to shake the entire world with his one arm. He proves that his missing left arm and medium height don’t deter him and that he could destroy the world with his one arm and average height. Though he is a carefree soul, his swordsmanship and combat skills can never be questioned just like his determination.

5. Whitebeard


Edward Newgate, the strongest pirate, is the only warrior who can stand against the Pirate King. He is known as Whitebeard not only because of his white beard but also because of his crew, the Whitebeard Pirates. This crew dominates the other pirate crews and is known to be the most powerful group in the One Piece universe.

Whitebeard is an Emperor who can control anything and anyone. He can punch the ground, and it will crack open. He can punch the air, and a tsunami would follow. This is the man who can torture anyone to death and feel no regret. Though many people consider him a beast, his undefiled strength puts everyone in awe. He is the warrior who everyone respects despite the conflicting opinions about him.

Newgate suffered through a lot of health issues, and despite these issues, he managed to survive seven decades. Had he not been betrayed, the man would still be alive and kicking the daylights out of his enemies. Even when he was struggling to breathe, it took more than 200 sword gashes, over 100 gunshots, and other types of torture to finally end this warrior. If this doesn’t make him the strongest pirate to exist, nothing ever will.

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4. Kaido


Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, is the captain of the Beast Pirates. He is a member of the Yonko and the fourth and last Emperor to exist in the One Piece universe. His obscene strength includes creating flame clouds and destroying the entire nation in an instant. He is a deadly fighter, a transformer, and an absolute Levithan.

Kaido can jump from thousands of metres in the air and land safely. He can easily shrug off anyone and is known to be immortal. His arrogance is at an all-time high as his powers exceed their limits. He has an army of more than 500 people and is known to possess the characteristics of a fire-breathing demon.

Kaido is the partner of the devilish Big Mom and is known as the Lord of the Beasts because of his ruthless power. He is undefeatable, and despite hundreds of attempts at killing this beast, no one has achieved success. Kaido has laughed in the face of death more than forty times and has made it his hobby to attempt suicide. In addition to his immortality, this Levithan can transform himself into a dragon and conjure flame clouds, along with controlling the One Piece universe.

3. Roger


Gold Roger or Gol D. The Roger Pirates are led by Roger, the only Pirate Lord. He is a pirate who has managed to see the endpoints of the Grand Line, something that is a tedious task that no one has been able to manage. Roger has made it his mission to be the best pirate and always stay on top.

Roger is the former owner of the mystical One Piece, a treasure that has made him a pirate king. He is known to possess two Hakis and is notoriously arrogant because of his traits and abilities. He is the wealthiest and most powerful demon, having surpassed the deadliest of fighters.

Be it, Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, and a deadly pirate, or Whitebeard, a man who could control the climate, Roger has overpowered everyone. There is hardly anyone who has been able to stand against this demon. His strengths are loud and clear and need no further specification.

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2. Rocks


The Pirate Lord was the only man who stood face-to-face with Roger. He is the only one who dared to stand against Roger and come out unscathed. Rocks is the leader of a crew that is an assemblage of the most powerful pirates. This deadly crew consists of ruthless demons such as Big Mom, Whitebeard, and others.

He is a great leader, an excellent fighter, and a deadly swordsman. Roger is undefeatable; even the most powerful pirate, Roger, couldn’t beat him. Fully named Rocks D. Xebec, his wickedness can never be rivaled. Like all the other pirates, he is a man with ultimate power. And unlike the others, Rock’s strength is legendary.

Though his exact abilities are unknown, Rocks is the most powerful pirate because he is unbeatable to this day. Until Luffy comes along and develops better armor than Rock, nothing and no one can harm this pirate.

1. Joy Boy

Joy Boy

This entire series is based on Luffy’s quest to achieve the titular tale, which is One Piece. This treasure is regarded as the most powerful object in the One Piece universe. If Luffy, the son of the infamous Dragon and the legendary Garp, is after this treasure, there has to be something in it that’s worth the struggle.

If the treasure is this powerful, imagine how much more powerful the man who owns it would be. Joy Boy is the owner of the greatest treasure in the One Piece universe. He is a man who has heavenly powers, and no one can stand against him. Joy’s strengths are beyond words, and he can absolutely do anything he desires, be it graving the Poneglyph or owning a treasure, which everyone can only dream of.

Though Joy is not yet disclosed fully, his authority over the most valuable treasure is enough to make him the strongest creature to exist. If the one who owns this treasure becomes the Pirate King, Joy might be the Pirate King already. And Luffy will have to defeat Joy if he wants to become the Pirate King. This ultimate war will be the most interesting delight for the entire One Piece fandom.

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