Kaithi 2 Release Date: Can We Expect It To Hit The Screens Soon?

Kaithi which was translated by Prisoner is a 2019 Indian Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Written by S.R. Prakashbabu and S.R. Prabhu under the banner of Dream Warriors Pictures and Tiruppur Vivek under the banner of Vivekananda Pictures. Kaithi is the protagonist, with Narain, Arjun Das, Harish Uthaman, George Maryan, and Dheena playing the protagonists. In this movie, a recently released prisoner takes a poisoned police officer to a hospital, dodging a criminal chasing her daughter and competing with time to meet her.

Lokesh initially worked on two screenplays, but due to issues surrounding the extensive research and casting process, following the success of Maanagaram (2017), until writing a news article about the life of a former scammer. I discarded it. He initially wanted Mansour Ali Khan to play the leading role, but in the process of writing, Kaithi was asked to play the leading role, further increasing the budget. The film will be officially released on December 12, 2018, with major shoots the next day and ending in August 2019. The movie was shot entirely at night and there was no daytime sequence during the shoot. It’s a songless movie with background music from Sam C.S.

Kaithi 2 Release Date

Kaithi 2 Release Date

As previously reported, Lokesh Kanagaraj is ready to direct Kaithi 2, and there are now rumors that he has finished writing the film. This movie is a sequel to the hit movie Kaithi, produced by SR Prabhu under the banner of Dream Warriors Pictures. Reportedly, the film’s original plan was for Lokesh Kanagaraj to go on stage after the next shoot of Vikram and Vijay, but now Kaithi 2 seems to have started pretty early.

The film of actor Vijay with Vamsi Paidipalli has not yet begun, so Lokesh is reportedly planning to start filming Kaithi 2 in the second quarter of 2022. “Kaithi” starring Karthi, Narain, and Arjun Das was a huge hit and is now being re-released in Hindi starring Ajay Devgan. The film hints at the continuation of the story between “Dilli” and “Adaikalam,” and the sequel to “Prisoner” is the inside story of hostility between the characters of Kaithi and Harish Uthaman.

Apart from all the rumors and speculations, we expect the next installment to hit the screens by 2024. It might go for 2025 as well. However, the makers haven’t said anything official but it is for sure that Kaithi 2 will be arriving in the future.

Name Of The FilmKaithi
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction Thriller
Kaithi Release Date25 October, 2019
Kaithi 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Kaithi 2 Cast

Many talented actors and crew members have immensely contributed to this movie. The main role of Dilli is played by Karthi. There is one inspector boy whose role is portrayed by Narain; Arjun Das is seen playing the role of Anbudoss Andy. Also, there is one character named Adaikalam whose role is portrayed by Harish Uthaman; George Maryan played the role of Napoleon.

The main actors can return in the next installment but we can also have some new faces in new roles. However, Karthi is confirmed to reprise his role but the official details concerning the cast is yet to be revealed.

Kaithi 2 Story Predictions

At the orphanage, 10-year-old Amudha was told by her caretaker that a loved one would visit her at 10:00 the next day. She waited anxiously and she wondered who it was. Meanwhile, a smuggling truck containing a ton of cocaine was confiscated by an interstate smuggling group led by the Bejoy inspector and his team. The smuggled goods were smuggled by a large gang led by Tamil Nadu’s most wanted smuggler, AdaiKalam, but their identities remain unknown. AdaiKalam’s brother Anbu will arrest, kill, and retrieve smuggled goods from five police officers. According to Abe’s plan, all city police officers lost consciousness after drinking poisoned drinks at a senior officer’s retirement party. Bejoy, who took medicine and stopped taking it, is trying to save the lives of unconscious officers without any knowledge of the media.

Kaithi 2 Release Date

He persuaded Dili, a former scammer who happened to be with him when he thought he was suspicious (and was the only one who could drive a truck), and threatened not to allow him to meet an officer. The next morning, her daughter Amudha, with the help of a truck borrowed from the caterer Kamatchi who was attending the party. Kamatchi has route and street navigation, so Dilli tells him to come with him. Dili, Bijoy, and Kamatchi will work together to load the unconscious police officers on the truck and take them to the hospital as soon as possible without causing any casualties. When Anbu announces a huge sum of money as a reward for catching a policeman, thugs from Anbu’s gang try to hunt down Bejoy and his team. They are led by Paalpandi, a corrupt police officer (adopted by Stephen Large, head of the Drug Squad Zone) who is pretending to be unconscious while providing information about the location of the truck to the gang.

Kaithi 2 Trailer

Still, there is no official trailer released. The trailer of Kaithi 2 will release soon.

Where To Watch Kaithi 2 Online?

Viewers can watch Kaithi 2 movies positively on Disney+ Hotstar

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