Is Selma Blair Gay? Is The Actress Committed?

Selma Blair Beitner is an actress who has worked for both the big screen and the entertainment box. She was born on the 23rd of June, 1972, and turned 50 this year. She is from Southfield, Michigan in Detroit. She was birthed by Molly Ann and was fathered by Elliot I. Beitner.

Even though she did work before, she was only recognized only after her playing the lead role in “Brown’s Requiem” which was released in November 1998. The film brought her into the limelight and received all her appreciation following its release.

She has been active ever since then basically having spent more than 20 years in the film industry paving her way to her audiences’ hearts.

Is Selma Blair Gay?

Is Selma Blair Gay?

No, Selma Blair is not gay, and neither is she against anything of the sort. The speculations were raised because of a statement she made inadvertently which was, “Lesbians are in love with me”. She stated multiple of her lesbian friends tend to have a crush on her and she generally comes to know about it after their friendship has deepened. It usually hits her with quite a shock.

She says irrespective of the fact that she has played the role of a lesbian and has kissed girls before for films, experimenting that in real life never really did cross her mind and that she accepts the fact that people of the same gender as her even though she is straight.

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Selma Blair’s Personal Life

Selma’s parents belonged to the judicial department t that served their country as her mother was one of the known judges and her father was an attorney who served the U.S. Democratic Party. Though her parents divorced later when she was around 23.

She attended the Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, a Jewish school, and went to Kalamazoo College to pursue further studies. She passed out with a Bachelor of Science degree in photography, English as well as psychology. It was during her study sessions where she had to play a role in a drama named, “The Little Theater of the Green Goose” for photography-related stuff that she realized the latent interest she had for acting as a career.

She shifted to New York City in her twenties and attended New York University while side by side saving up time for her acting lessons.

In 1990 she attempted and was a part of production in a television series named “Eliot’s murder in the Cathedral” which did not turn out quite well for her, she considered her attempt to be a failure but did come to a realization that what she literally wants to do is to become an actress.

In the same year, she began auditioning for commercials and basically started to be actress. It was later in the year 1995 that she received a role in a television sitcom series to pave a way for herself to be the actress she saw her future in.

Following that she featured in a film called, ‘The Broccoli Theory: an unromantic comedy” where she was made to audition for the role literally 6 times and had her scenes cut short from the final release. From there her first notable win in her career with her leading role in “Brown’s Requiem” and later on to all her known works like “Known For. Cruel Intentions Cecile Caldwell”, “Hellboy Liz Sherman”, and “The Sweetest Thing Jane” brought her all the recognition and love she deserved for her efforts.

Selma Blair’s Romantic Relationships

Is Selma Blair Gay?

She has been in multiple relationships and her partner in each was male, which again emphasizes the fact that she is not gay.

She has dated Jason Schwartzmann, Johnny Messner, Mikey Day, David Foster, and Josh Groban, but has only reached a point of marriage with her second known boyfriend, the actor and singer Ahmet Zappa. They met back in 2002 and dated for about a year before getting engaged closely following it they got married. They got divorced in 2006 which basically means their marriage only lasted for 2 years and their relationship for about 4 years.

They both did not actually reveal the reason they got divorced, neither did they claim the other to be at wrong or anything, it rather went out peacefully and the only statement given by them for the world was the tag of “irreconcilable differences”.

Another known relationship that had an effect on her was that of Selma Blair and Jason Bleick, they dated for about 2 years and even gave birth to a child together.

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