Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After Look!

The most popular tennis star is the highest-paid athlete in the world. She is the epitome of success and women’s power. She rules the sports world and is known for her amazing talent.

When you are a public figure, you tend to be in the spotlight constantly. This spotlight makes celebrities feel more self-conscious, and as a result, they start to find ways to become more attractive. Is Selena one of those celebrities? Did she undergo plastic surgery to get a more attractive look?

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After

Serena Williams is an African-American sports star who dominates the athletic world with her unique talent. Her career has been her dream since she was a toddler. Now that her dream is fulfilled and she is a public figure, every small detail about her is scrutinized microscopically.

She has always had a rich skin tone, and she has not bothered to change that. Her skin texture is definitely altered, though. The professional doctors and actors have voiced their opinions on Serena’s suddenly taut skin.

In the recent pictures she posted on her Instagram account, the changes on her face were small but obvious. The skin around her eyes and lips appeared tight, and there weren’t any wrinkles on her forehead or around the corner of her eyes. It is observed that Serena recently took Botox injections to have the flawless skin everyone in their early forties dreams of.

Serena has witnessed many physical changes in the past decade. From her taut biceps to her smooth skin, she has been pushing herself to be the best version of herself. She isn’t only excelling in the sports industry; she is also working on her beauty. She has always been a tall woman with broad shoulders, but now, everything about her feels refined. Serena has worked hard on her body, which is evident in her thick biceps and smooth hair.

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Did Serena undergo plastic surgery?

Serena Williams has undergone many surgeries in her life, but plastic surgery doesn’t seem to be on her list of surgeries. Many people claim that she went through plastic surgery to fix her nose and skin texture. But Serena has not yet confirmed it.

Be it Botox or knee surgery, Serena’s surgeries have always made headlines. Though she has made sure to keep her surgeries a secret, she couldn’t hold back the speculations and rumors. If Serena had had plastic surgery, it would have been evident by now.

Surgeries Serena Williams Went Through

Aside from the several knee surgeries, Serena has had other surgeries as well. It is claimed that, under her resolve to have an attractive physique, she worked a lot for it.

Serena has had a fit physique ever since she started to pursue tennis. But since she came into the limelight, people started to criticize her looks and physique, claiming that she had a bloated figure and unsymmetrical looks. To put a halt to these accusations, Serena underwent liposuction surgery to remove excess body fat. This surgery helped her achieve an hourglass figure, and she has been boasting about this figure ever since.

Serena’s nose has always been the target of her haters. It was a bit crooked and a little wide. She went through rhinoplasty to craft her nose surgically. She got all the excess fat around her nose removed and got a chiseled nose to flaunt about. Serena uses Botox injections regularly and has also applied braces to shape her teeth properly. She is very conservative regarding her looks and is often judged because of it.

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Serena William’s Family Life

Serena comes from a middle-class family thanks to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. She has three and a half sisters, Lyndrea, Isha, and Yetunde Price, and one older sister named Venus.

Her parents are the reason both Venus and Serena are world-class tennis players. It was their parents’ wish and hard work that got both sisters into the sports world. Richard and Oracene aren’t only their parents but also their coaches.

Serena is married to Alexis Ohanian and has a 3-year-old daughter, Olympia. Olympia is also a tennis lover, and she has been holding her racket since the same age her mother did. Serena believes her husband and daughter are the reason she believes in something other than her profession.

Serena William’s Career

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After

Serena started her tennis journey when she was 3. Her father trained her and her older sister until Serena reached age 9 when he decided that she needed a professional coach. Venus and Serena both received professional training and have seen each other as an inspiration rather than a competitor.

Serena Williams started playing professional tennis in 1997 and has been continuing to play ever since. She has won many tournaments and titles. Despite the injuries she went through, Serena never gave up on her career and is now an undefeatable tennis champion.

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