Best Lewd Anime Of All Time That You Should Not Miss!

People who like animes know that in animes, there isn’t just one kind of theme or genre, to be more precise. There are so many genres of anime that it is sometimes hard to even name or list all of them. Still, there are a few genres that people like more than the rest. One such genre which is liked by people all over the world is the Ecchi genre. Those who don’t know about the Ecchi genre, think of it as a magazine that might be described as ‘dirty’.

Ecchi roughly translates to “naughty or sexual humor”. And why not? After all, audiences or fans enjoy sexual humor in many forms, be it comedy or even drama. In other words, we can also call them lewd animes. In this article, we are going to tell you about fifteen of the best lewd anime of all time. So, grab your couch and sit back, as you are about to get surprised and excited, even impressed!

15. Highschool Of The Dead

Best Lewd Anime Of All Time

Set-in present-day Japan, the anime is about students in high school who are forced to deal with zombies as they appear out of nowhere. The occurrence is popularly known as “the Outbreak”. As the circumstances grow tense and dangerous, the students as well as a nurse are compelled to leave the school premises, looking for shelter in an elementary school. If you are into anything related to zombies, the show is absolutely made for you.

People just love zombies and the way they get humans down on their knees and end up slaves to their basic instinct, which is survival. Nothing matters more than life when a deadly creature is interested to snatch it away from you. If you don’t already know, the show is a big no for a younger audience as it contains violence and an adequate amount of nudity. Other than that, the anime is full of suspense, thrill, and mystery.

14. Freezing

Best Lewd Anime Of All Time

Freezing is another highly popular anime for people who like dirty humor filled with a gripping plot. The first season of the anime was released on January 8, 2011, and has been showered with love and attention from fans all over the world ever since. The storyline of the series is set in a world a few years from now, making it a futuristic world.

In the story, our Earth has been invaded by an alien interdimensional force, also known as the Nova. It contains a group of women who are genetically engineered, called Pandoras. They are basically schoolgirls who are filled with so much sex appeal, it is enough to satisfy a man. The anime is highly recommended as its story is unique and appealing.

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13. No Game No Life

Based on the manga of the same name, No Game No Life is all about step-siblings who have amazing gaming skills. They are invited to play chess in an alternate reality. They concede, thinking that it’s a prank of some kind. Then, the real fun begins to happen! The main character Sora is an eighteen-year-old boy who is an expert when it comes to logic, making strategies, and calculations. He also has a step-sister, Shiro who is also exceptionally brilliant. Both of their parents died when they were really young and they have been on their own, ever since.

The anime attracted controversies due to the confusing and sometimes disturbing relationship shown between Sora and Shiro, despite the long age gap. Some people also have a problem with the sexualization of an eleven-year-old girl and think that it promotes pedophilia. If one ignores all of that, then the anime is one of the best lewd animes there are, and is loved by its dedicated and loving audience!

12. Redo Of Healer

Best Lewd Anime Of All Time

Keyaru, the protagonist of the anime, who is a healing magician is shown leading a traumatized and bullied lifestyle at the beginning. We see that he is being treated severely by some people. He is deprived of everything, including peace and happiness. Just when the viewer starts to pity him and sympathize with him, the story takes a solid turn as Keyaru realizes that his true potential lies beyond just some petty healing magic.

He takes hold and control of the Philosopher’s stone, thus increasing his supernatural abilities and starting to get his revenge on each person that mistreated and abused him by turning back time. The anime contains some strong perverted revenge scenes, including a rape scene where the protagonist is shown assaulting a female character just for revenge, which seems problematic. Redo of Healer is an anime that is highly entertaining and gripping, being morally grey at the same time. Regardless to say, it is one of the most watched lewd or Ecchi animes of all time.

11. Maburaho

Maburaho is a romantic anime that involves Kazuki Shikimori, a seventeen-year-old boy who goes to Aoi academy. The special thing about that school is that it is a magic school made for elite magicians. The magicians can only use magic up to a limit and Kazuki’s is a lot less than others. One day, he meets three girls, who just can’t stop being around him. He realizes that he is using too much magic to help them as he can’t say no to them. If you like watching magical stories, this one is for you!

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10. Heaven’s Lost Property

Also known as “Misplaced by Heaven” or “Lost Property of the Sky”, Heaven’s Lost Property was first released on March 26, 2007, and has been on fans’ favorite lewd anime list ever since. The anime revolves around the adolescent life of a perverted teenager whose name is Tomoki Sakurai. He is a lost cause and just wants a peaceful and pleasant life. Things take a turn as he is met by Ikaros, a fallen angel-type creature who starts calling him “master”, thus declaring herself his slave. The plot is really catchy and appealing to a mass audience, which it rightly deserves.

Not only that, but Tomoki also has to fight evil forces to restore peace on earth. Other creatures also fall from the sky, just like Ikaros who are named “Angeloids”. All in all, Tomoki is deprived of the one thing he craved the most, peace and quiet. Despite being a pervert, he is sincere and kind towards Ikaros as well as the Angeloids. He fights for them and teaches them to take their own decisions rather than declaring themselves someone’s slaves, thus making the anime worth watching!

9. Sekirei

If you are into superpowers, action, and adventure genres, say no more! Sakerei has got it all in its every episode just for you to watch. The story of the anime revolves around Minato Sahashi, who fails his college entrance exams twice and is labeled as lazy and useless by the people around him. That’s when things start to change.

A beautiful, pretty, and amazing woman called Misubi falls from the sky, out of the blue. She is one of the creatures who possess supernatural powers and are known as Sakerei, also the title of the anime. You should definitely watch it if you like some racy and steamy sequences filled with action!

8. Scum’s Wish

Scum’s Wish is also a very prominent and well-known anime for those who like to watch stories that involve unrequited love. Based on the manga of the same name, the anime was first released on January 12, 2017, and was one of the most-watched lewd animes of that year. Hanabi Yasuraoka, a high school student has a crush on his homeroom teacher. Although, later she realizes that he is in love with her music teacher, making her love for him unrequited. Hanabi meets another student named Mugi, who is also in love with their music teacher. Both of them begin a fake relationship in order to satisfy each other’s emotional and sexual needs. The anime is sad at times, but is heartwarming and full of emotions and is highly recommended.

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7. Prison School

One of the best lewd animes to date, Prison School is about Hachimitsu Academy, which is one of the strictest girls’ schools in the country i.e Japan. The plot takes a turn for the worse when the school decides to admit boys into the academic premises. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi Fujino, the main character, comes to know that he and his four friends, Reji “Andre” Andou, Jouji “Joe” Nezu, Takehito “Gakuto” Morokuzu, and Shingo Wakamoto are the only males on a campus full of almost a thousand girl students.

Proving the great proverb “all for one and one for all”, the boys practice voyeurism in the bathing area of the school and are “arrested” by the Underground Student Council and are forced to spend their sentence in the school prison which is one month. They are expected to make a choice: either get expelled or complete their time period being imprisoned. Funnily enough, the five boys choose the former. Filled with lewd humor and a lot of eye-opening sequences, the anime is very fun to watch!

6. Sankarea: Undying Love

Chihiro Furuya is your typical male high school student. The thing that makes him different from others is that he is obsessed with everything related to zombies. He even wants to kiss and love a zombie girl. His wish soon comes true as circumstances bring him and a girl who accidentally turned into a zombie together. The anime has a kind of romantic comedy storyline that will keep you hooked till the last episode. The series was released originally on July 16, 2010, under the title mentioned above. The anime is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

5. I Don’t Have Many Friends

If you are an introvert and have difficulty making friends or even if you are not, but want to know more about them, I Don’t Have Many Friends is just the anime for you! The story is mainly centered on the protagonist of the series, Kodaka Hasegawa, who has recently transferred to St. Chronica’s Academy. He is a very shy boy, who finds it burdensome to make friends and socialize among his peers mainly due to his hair which is brown-blond color.

He also has a very intense gaze and fiery-looking eyes which make him look like a vandal. Eventually, he makes a friend who is also just like him, abrasive and highly reserved, her name is Yozora Mikazuki. Both of them form a club called “Neighbors Club” which eventually helps them overcome their lack of social skills. Within a very short amount of time, other students of various diverse backgrounds join the after-school club. For people who like the high school setup in animes, this is a highly recommended one.

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4. The Testament Of Sister New Devil

As the title clearly suggests, the anime is about a boy named Basara Tojo who is a high school student. His father remarries and thus, he is met with his two cute and adorable step sisters. Later, he comes to terms with the fact that his two new sisters are a part of a demon clan. On the contrary, Basara is meant to be with the hero clan. As things clash between the two groups, the story gets more and more engaging. The anime is currently available to stream online on Netflix.

3. Shimoneta

Set in a dystopian world where people are bound to wear devices called “Peace Makers or PMs”, Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist revolves around the lives of high school students including the fans’ beloved protagonist Tanukichi Okuma. He has recently enrolled in a new high school to get to know his childhood crush better, who is the beautiful Anna Nishikinomiya. To revolt against the rules that are made at odds with profanity, the students start promoting vulgar objects and the anime gets interesting real soon.

The good old villain of the show who is called “Blue Snow” is a dangerous terrorist and a filthy pervert who only cares about herself. Shimoneta is one of those animes which has little to no boring scenes and the viewer is hooked to it right from the start. So, it would be a great idea to binge-watch it several times. Yes, it’s that good.

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2. Interspecies Reviewers

Best Lewd Anime Of All Time

Interspecies Reviewers’ storyline is based on a world where prostitution is completely legal. There also exists various brothels for many kinds of species that contain “succu-girls” who contain the blood of the popular demon succubus. The anime is centered around a boy named Stunk who is an adventurer and highly values appearances when it comes to reviewing the different species. Zel, an elf who enjoys frequenting brothels is also one of the main characters in the anime. Together, with also others, they write their reviews based on their experiences with the brothel girls and make a lot of money in the process. The anime is available to watch online on the 9anime website. 

1. High School DxD

The anime is in the first position on the list for a reason! It is actually the best lewd anime that has ever been made, in the history of animes. It involves our very own protagonist who is named Issei Hyoudou, who is a typical pervert. He enjoys taking secret looks at women or peeping on them from a corner. He dreams of having his own harem, which means many sexual partners, especially women who live in a common home. One day, a girl asks him out. The plot gets thick as the beautiful and cute girl turns out to be an angel who has fallen from the sky and kills him!

Issei is then resurrected by a devil whose name is Rias Gremory and after he provides him with a new life, he also makes him the girl’s slave for life. The anime is a must-watch as it contains a large amount of lewd humor and arousing scenes.

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