Is Khakee The Bihar Chapter Based On A True Story?

Many documentaries are released on OTT platforms. Not only American documentaries are based on crime and psycho-killing but many Indian documentaries are being released which are based on murders and crimes. These series make us aware of the world’s gruesome stories. This also helps increase awareness. By watching these series the public becomes alert and even starts gaining knowledge which will often prove to be protective for them. Netflix is the best platform to release this ilk of series. Not only Netflix but there are many other platforms too which bring thrilling crime plots and documentaries. Documeries series exist as the best genre to bring awareness about the reality of a people or any stories.

“Khakee The Bihar Story” is an Indian web series directed by Bhav Dhulia. This Netflix series is based on crime and drama. The series is a combined project of Neeraj Pandey and Netflix. It will show the story of a case that took place in Bihar before 2000. The fans are excited to watch the series on Netflix. It is made under the banner of Friday storyteller. The series is created and produced by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia. The story and screenplay were given by Umashankar Singh. Deepak, Devendra Deshpande, and Gawade are the Associative producers of the series. The series is all set to release in the Hindi language with English subtitles on Netflix.

Is Khakee The Bihar Chapter Based On A True Story?

Is Khakee The Bihar Chapter Based On A True Story?

Yes, the series is inspired by a true story that took place in Bihar. Khakee The Bihar Chapter, the title of the series itself mentions Bihar which gives the hint that the series will tell the story of the following state. The true story is based on how Bihar’s most dangerous criminal was caught. The series will tell the story of a tussle between two men on the opposite side of the law. One will be shown as a dreaded gang lord and another fiercely upright police Indian service officer. The name of the officer will be Amit Lokhande and will be played by Karan Tacker.

It will tell us the story of a crime that took place in Bihar before 2000. It is said that Bihar had the highest crime rate in India before 2000. The crime and thriller genres are often said to be most attractive to the audience. It attracted the audience till the end. The series is expected to have an amazing plot as it is based on a true story. The fans are all waiting for its release date. This Indian web series is expected to be good and the documentary series is also expected to hit the OTT platform. The crime Indian series is all set to release on Netflix.

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Khakee The Bihar Chapter Release Date

The release date of ‘Khakee The Bihar Chapter’ will be announced by Netflix. Netflix has not announced its release date yet. It is expected to have it’s released in November 2022. On October 26, Netflix officially released the poster of the series. The no.of episodes of his series is also unknown.  The running time of the series is expected to be 45 minutes. The series will have its release date soon. The fans are all waiting for it. But they will not have to wait for a long time as it is expected that it will soon have its release date.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Cast

Is Khakee The Bihar Chapter Based On A True Story?

The cast of the series is Karan Tacker, Ashutosh Rana, Avinash Tiwary, Nikita Dutta, Jatin Sarn,  Ravi Kishan, Shraddha Das, Ashwariya Susmita, Abhimanyu Singh, Anup Soni. Till now not much is known about the cast of the series. Till now we only know about this much of the cast, who will be seen playing the roles in the crime series.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Trailer

The Trailer of the series is not released yet by Netflix. The official teaser of the series was released on YouTube on 28 October 2022. The teaser of the series is good. After watching the teaser of the series, the fans are waiting for the trailer of the series. The trailer is expected to have its release in November 2022. Soon Netflix will release the trailer of the series as well.

Where To Watch Khakee The Bihar Chapter Online?

Fans can watch the series on the official website of Netflix. The series will premiere on Netflix in November 2022. The release date is not announced yet by Netflix. Until then the audience can go for the teaser of the series.

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