Luke Eisner Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Ever since people watched Tall Girl, they have been swooning and going on and on about the attractive Swedish foreign exchange student played by the amazing and talented actor Luke Eisner. And why not? After all, everyone deserves a little publicity after doing a great job as an actor in a movie, which was done by Luke Eisner. Everybody knows Luke is now a very famous and busy actor who is probably busy shooting movies and who knows? Maybe web series even.

Now, we should come to the most popular question that is on everybody’s minds since they laid eyes on the handsome actor. Who is Luke Eisner’s girlfriend? Who is the lucky girl that has stolen our favorite actor’s heart? Keep reading and we assure you, you will certainly come to know about his girlfriend. Not only that, but you’ll also get to know many interesting facts about her including her professional background, among other things.

Luke Eisner Girlfriend

Fans have been excited and curious about Luke Eisner’s girlfriend. Naturally, people are on the edge of their seats to get to know who Luke is dating these days. Is he busy with his professional, busy schedule or does he get time for going on mysterious dates? People become curious as they always seem to want to know all about the personal lives of their favorite movie stars.

Luke Eisner is dating the beautiful and talented American actress Kirby Johnson. Fans first came to know about both of them in the year 2018, when the actress’s social media hinted at the two datings. Since then, the couple has made each other’s relationship official by being on each other’s social media all the time. You can see Kirby in Luke’s social media and vice versa. We think it’s too adorable for them to be ever-present in each other’s online and real life. They are amazing as people tend not to share their personal life online too much. So, gladly Luke and Kirby’s fans are lucky!

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Who Is Kirby Johnson?

Luke Eisner Girlfriend

For those who haven’t already seen her amazing skills in the movies that she starred in, Kirby Johnson is a very talented American actress. She has starred in numerous films including “The Possession of Hannah Grace” and the famous show “Hollywood Coach”. Kirby is presently twenty-six years old and enjoying her life as not only an actress but also a social media influencer and a professional dancer.
Yes, you read that right! Kirby is multi-talented. She is a graceful professional dancer and an even more effective contortionist. To see her on stage performing is breathtaking. Everybody should at least take a look at her previous performances as an elegant dancer. For those who wish to DM her on her birthday personally, she was born on February 12, 1996. She has achieved so much at a such young age already that it’s hard to believe that she’s just twenty-six!

The movies and shows that Kirby Johnson has starred in include The Possession of Hannah Grace, 5150, Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, The Drama Queen, VHYes, and Farmhouse, among many others. One should probably check out her performance in Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin which is available to stream online on Amazon Prime Video. The horror cum supernatural genre movie is about a girl who travels to a farm and then strange events start to happen as she discovers hidden secrets about the farm with her friends and a relative.

Who is Luke Eisner?

Luke Eisner Girlfriend

Luke Eisner is an American actor who was born on August 1, 1996. Yes! He’s just twenty-six years old. Hard to believe right? Of course, he started his professional career at a very early age. He worked as a wedding DJ in his cousin’s business and was highly appreciated. After that, he signed a modeling contract for the well-known company IMG Model. It is interesting to know that he has also modeled for many popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and H&M, to name a few.

Luke Eisner has also performed as a musician and has been a part of a Lost Angeles-based pop-rock duo band that is named VOILA. He and his friend Gus Ross had formed the pop-rock duo band. It is refreshing to know that our beloved actor is also a talented musician! More power to him! Luke Eisner’s father is Bill Eisner, who is a successful advertising entrepreneur. Luke’s mother’s name is Denise Eisner. His grandfather was also an advertising entrepreneur and a creative designer.

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