The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Release Date Canceled Due To Budget Issues!

Fantasy is an emotion we all live in, in a way it is kind of getting out of the daily mundane life, it gives everyone a sort of escape, and every fan hopes at least once in their life for that world to be real. Many books such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Percy Jackson are of the fantasy genre and all the movies that have been made out of these books were really popular. One such fantasy land we all wished to be real was the world of The Shannara Chronicles. Out on a journey that is adventurous, thrilling, and exciting to save the mystical tree and kill the demons.

 The Shannara Chronicles is surely a great series, the show was well-received and appreciated, thus a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb which is better than a lot of shows, the show was even nominated for many prestigious awards and one of them was Saturn Awards, the show was nominated in the best fantasy series category. Created by Alfred Gough Miles Millar, the show is based on The Sword of Shannara Trilogy which is written by Terry Brooks. Season 1 was released on January 5, 2016, and followed by a second season, if you are a fan just like us, you have also been wondering about the third season. So, let’s look at the details regarding The Shannara Chronicles season 3. 

The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Release Date

The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Release Date

Didn’t we all enjoy all the adventures and the shenanigans, so waiting for the third season is an obvious reaction. As mentioned, the first season was released on January 5, 2016, with ten episodes, then a season 2 was announced and was released on October 11, 2017, and both of the seasons were critically acclaimed. If you have also been wondering about season 3 though, we hate to answer that there will not be a season 3. Season 1 was released on MTV but then the network was changed and season 2 was released on Paramount Network previously Spike TV,  then it was announced that season 3 will release on some other network in 2018 but then later the show was declared concluded. The reason for the show being canceled can be either budget issues or viewership issues because the story was not concluded. The Sword of Shannara Trilogy is a trilogy so the story could have continued but then it was abruptly canceled.

Name Of The ShowThe Shannara Chronicles
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreFantasy Television
The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Release Date5 January 2016
The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Release DateCanceled

 Season 1 was loved by a lot of people but when the network was changed the ratings were not that good thus Spike TV was not keen on releasing a new season. Spike TV was also changing to Paramount Network and they wanted new shows and shows oriented towards adults but The Shannara Chronicles was focused more on young people that’s why it was first announced that the network for season 3 will be different. But the budget and relatively low rating led to the cancellation of season 3. 

A reboot series definitely seems like a good option, so a reboot may come, if it will, it will be great. Whatever the reason, waiting for the next season is a bad idea because the new season will never come. It would have been great to see more about the Shannara family but it was the fate that was decided for the show. But don’t be sad there are more shows that give the same vibe and are set in fantasy land. House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings are some new shows that mostly give the same vibes as The Shannara Chronicles if not the same. 

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The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Story

The Shannara Chronicles followed the story of a mystical land, the Ellcry is a magical tree that protects the world and that tree is dying. The tree protects the world by not letting demons inside that world but because it does not have any powers anymore to save the world, the demons start to get unleashed one by one. The elven kingdom is in danger and the demons are attacking the land that was once peaceful. The demons are coming in and something has to be done to save the people and the land. Allanon is a human and is the last druid and he knows the ways to save the Ellcry to save the whole world. Wil, Amberle, and Eretria are three friends who have been given the task to save the tree and save the four lands by Allanon. Wil Ohmsford is half-human and half-elf, he is a member of the ancient and magical Shannara family, he has Elfstones that are really powerful. 

Eretria is a human who was raised by thieves and when she decided to be in the group everyone was really skeptical as they did not trust her but she later turns out to be a really powerful person. Amberle Elessedil is the princess of Eleven, she is really happy to be chosen as the protector of the Ellcry. All three of them are just kids learning everything but they all possess great powers.

They have to develop trust in one another and also learn the skills to fight powerful and cruel demons. Wil has the Elfstones but he does not know how to use them, Eretria and Amberle do not trust each other and have to prove themselves. They all are finding themselves and also fighting the demons that are coming in the way, they have to save each other to save the Ellcry.

They need to remove all the differences to work as a team and fight the deadly demons of Dagda Mor. There is magic, fights, new friends, backstabbers, and also love triangles in the way of their journey. At the end of the first season, we saw that Amberle sacrificed herself to become the tree and Will is not happy about it. After the chaotic and sad end of season 1, we move on to season 2 but even after Amberle sacrifices herself the problems have not stopped it has just grown to be fair.

King Ander is trying to save his land but is clearly failing in doing it, so he has to find new ways to save everything, meanwhile, General Riga has started a revolt against the king. General Riga and his followers think that the reason for all the problems is magic and they are killing everyone who knows magic.

Wil and Eretria are at different places because he and Amberle do not tell Eretria the reality, so she thinks that Wil and Amberle have abandoned her. Eretria lives in a different place with his new girlfriend Lyria and gets a vision from Amberle to go back to Wil and she goes to meet Wil with her girlfriend.  But Garet Jax kidnapped Lyria and Eretria and we got to know that Lyria has a different past.

There is a new villain in the story Warlock Lord, Allanon is trying to stop his rise of him but Bandon is trying everything to relieve the lord. Fast-forward to the story and we see a fight between the saviors and the villain, many people are in with the Warlock Lord. 

The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Release Date

The last episodes were really chaotic and sad as many major characters are dead now, Wil, Alanon, General Riga, Bandon of them are dead and Lyria can be seen giving a speech. Eretria is saved by Mareth and they are moving far away, we think that Wil died but we see him waking up somewhere else and that is when we know that this is not the end, the real battle has not even come yet.

If season three of The Shannara Chronicles was not canceled then we would have seen the rest of the story and the end but the show is over now so watching an end is not possible. 

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The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Cast

The Shannara Chronicles had a great cast in both seasons 1 and 2, we saw really talented actors playing their roles efficiently. Austin Butler played the character of Wil Ohmsford, and Ivana Baquero in the character of Eretria, Poppy Drayton in the role of Amberle Elessedil. Manu Bennett is in the role of Allanon and in season 2 he also played the character of the Warlock Lord, Aaron Jakubenko is in the role of king Ander Elessedil, Marcus Vanco played the character of Bandon, Malese Jow was in the role of Mareth Ravenlock, Vanessa Morgan in the role Lyria, Gentry White has played the character of Garet Jax, and many more other talented actors played their characters perfectly in both season 1 and 2. If the show was not canceled we would have seen more great actors playing great characters. 

Where To Watch The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Online

The Shannara Chronicles season 1 and 2 is available on Netflix, but as season 3 was canceled it is not available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was The Shannara Chronicles initially released?

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 was initially released on 5 January 2016.

2. How many seasons of The Shannara Chronicles are there?

There is a total number of 2 seasons of the show.

3. When is the Shannara Chronicles Season 3 release date?

The third season of the show is canceled, probably because of budget issues.

4. Is the Promo for The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 released?

No. there is no promo for the season released, as it’s canceled.

5. What is the genre of The Shannara Chronicles Season 3?

The Shannara Chronicles is a fantasy television series.

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