Chip And Potato Season 5 Release Date Is Still A Confusion For The Makers!

‘Chip And Potato’ is a serialized animated television series with 3 released seasons and an upcoming 4th season created by Billy Macqueen, Catherine Williams, and Maddy Darrall which premiered on Family Jr. on 15th October 2018. The said show is co-produced by WildBrain Studios and Darrall Macqueen. It is a light-hearted show about a young pug named Chip and her little toy who is actually her secret pet mouse named Potato who face their own little challenges and clear past those with the help and support of each other.

Chip And Potato Season 5 Release Date

‘Chip And Potato Season 5’ is not been announced yet by the official handling team of the said series but, the 4th season of the same which is referred to as ‘Chip and Potato: Chip’s Holiday’ was aired on the 3rd October 2022 on Netflix and would probably have 10 episodes in it like the first two seasons of the series. The 4th season is probably about Chip’s holiday plans and the experience she gains because of these plans, and the 5th season might release approximately about 6 to 12 months after the premiere of the 4th season.

Name Of The ShowChip And Potato
Season NumberSeason 5
GenreChildren TV Show
Chip And Potato Season 1 Release Date15 October 2018
Chip And Potato Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

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Chip And Potato Season 5 Characters

The story mainly revolves around the two main characters Chip Pug and Potato with supporting characters namely Spud Pug is Chip’s older brother, Little Momma Pug is Chip’s mother, Little Poppa Pug is Chip’s father, Nico Panda, a panda, and Chip’s best friend, Tosty Tot Pug is Chip’s baby sister, Grandma Pug is Chip’s grandmother, Stomp Fant, and Stamp Fant, the twin elephants who are chip’s neighbors. Amanda Panda is Nico’s mother, Bodi Panda is Nico’s baby brother, and Mr. Diggerty is a giraffe who is Chip’s friend and neighbor. Howie Hyena is Chip’s kindergarten classmate, and Gorsie Pug Grandma is Pug’s husband, that is, Chip’s grandfather. The show has a happy-go-lucky vibe with a funny, ever wondering cast.

The 5th series might possibly add to the already existing cast list so as to show us the social skills Potato develops with every other season.

Chip And Potato Season 5 Story

Chip And Potato Season 5 Release Date

‘Chip And Potato Season 5’ is yet to be announced so we are not sure what the plot might revolve around.

The main storyline of the ‘Chip and Potato’ series is to show the daily life and challenges faced by Chip Pug who has just started schooling as a kindergartener. Chip owns a “toy” named Potato who is actually her pet mouse who sticks by her all the time in her snuggly little pocket and helps her pave the way through all her challenges.

The first season of ‘Chip and Potato’ starts with an episode named ‘Morning Potato’ and this season mainly focuses on the character introduction and Chip’s experience of schooling as a kindergartener. Season 2 of ‘Chip and Potato’ mainly focuses on the co-scholastic and other than school activities of Chip Pug while she hides her little snuggly secret pe mouse Potato. The activities include Tot’s first birthday, Chip’s younger sister, Chip and Nico’s, Happy Hoppers’ fun day with them visiting the school gym filled with trampolines, her watching Flingos’ show, her going to a picnic, her learning about marriage and plenty other stuff. Season 3 of this series pretty much focuses on how Chip and Potato tend to put in the effort and learn new stuff and it also them having social interactions with new people and some already familiar faces.

The new season named ‘Chip and Potato: Chip’s Holiday’, the fourth season of the ‘Chip And Potato’ series is probably about the adventures and challenges Chip and Potato come across during their holidays, it would show us how they handle the challenges thrown at them while still maintain their light-hearted demeanor.

Chip And Potato Season 5 Trailer

‘Chip And Potato Season 5’ is yet to be announced so there is no trailer for the same. You can watch the trailer for the previous seasons on YouTube or Netflix.

Where To Watch Chip And Potato Season 5 Online?

You can watch the new episode of ‘Chip and Potato’ named ‘Chip and Potato: Chip’s Holiday’ on Netflix from 3rd October 2022. If you still haven’t watched the previous seasons of the same show and are curious about it, they are available on Netflix.

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