Rebelde Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Rebelde is a Mexican teenage romcom tv series the series is a sequel to the 2004 Mexican telenovela Rebelde which was based on the 2002 Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way but the Mexican one had a new beginning so it’s not actually related to each other in any way. The series premiered on 5 January 2022 on Netflix. The series follows the story of some students from a prestigious school who are good at singing and dancing but one thing that does not interest them is their academics their dreams are shattered when a notorious group gets in their way. On IMDB 2.6K users have rated the series 6.2 out of 10 after watching it, and both the public and critics have given mixed reactions after watching season 1. The viewers have shared their views on the series that they like the original one better and this is nowhere close to the original one. Netflix released Rebelde season 2 on 27 July 2022 after the second season fans are looking forward to season 3. We will cover the expected release dates and all the details related to season 3 so read the article right from the beginning to know more about Rebelde season 3.

Rebelde Season 3 Release Date

Rebelde season 2 was recently released on July 27, 2022, consisting of 6 episodes, the previous season had 8 episodes this time the makers have reduced the number of episodes. If we look at the response to season 2 then the series did not receive much attention just viewers who watched the first season followed the second season too but other than that this was not promoted very well by Netflix. Netflix dropped the trailer of season 2 on June 29 2022 which has received 211K views. The chances of Rebelde season 3 seem pretty slim if we consider some things the series will more likely wrap up the story in season 2 but if that does not happen then the series will probably return with season 3 in 2023.

Name of the ShowRebelde
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreTeen Drama
Rebelde Season 1 Release Date5 January 2022
Rebelde Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Rebelde Season 3 Overview

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Rebelde Season 3 Story

Rebelde Season 3 story has not been finalized yet, as the second was released in July, so streaming platforms and makers also need some time to renew the show for the next installment. But don’t worry, we will update this section, whenever we’ll get some news in this regard.

Rebelde Season 1 Recap

In season 1 some elite kids enroll in the prestigious school to pursue their dream of becoming a singer meanwhile some middle-class students also get into the same school. The middle-class students have a hard time adjusting to these elite students these two different class groups forms their own group to participate in the music contest. While all the students were just adjusting to the new environment and making some friends a secret group called Lodge starts sending threats to the students the very second their school the first-year students get caught in a fire accident. As the students come to know one another better, we get to see their friendships and romantic relationships blossom later in the series. The series is filled with incredible music and talented performances, the students encourage one another as they go toward achieving their goals. The students in the series all have a lot of charisma and talent, but realizing their shared desire is harder than it may seem. This series is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone to get what you want, as some people experience tragedy while others improve their skills.

Rebelde Season 3 Cast

The cast from seasons 1 & 2 remained the same so if the series gets renewed for season 3 then the cast from the previous season will remain the same. In the previous seasons Azul Guaitaas portrayed the role of Jana Gandía Cohen, Franco Masini portrayed the role of Luka Colucci and Sergio Mayer Mori portrayed the role of Estebán Torres. Andrea Chaparro portrayed the role of M.J Jerónimo Cantillo portrayed the role of Dixon and Giovanna Grigio portrayed the role of Emília Alo. Lizeth Selene as Andi, Alejandro Puente as Sebas, Estefanía Villarreal as Director Celina Ferrer and Karla Cossío as Pilar Gandía. Leonardo de Lozanne as Marcelo Colucci, Karla Sofia Gazcón as Lourdes, Pamela Almanza as Anita, Dominika Paleta as Marina de Langarica and Metturo as Téo Alo.

Rebelde Season 3 Trailer

The trailer of this season has not been revealed yet as there is no official news regarding season 3. But you can watch the trailers of both the previous seasons on YouTube.

Where To Watch Rebelde Season 3 Online?

The first 2 seasons of Rebelde are streaming on Netflix, so season 3 will also stream on the same platform once it gets renewed by Netflix.

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