Day Dreamer Season 2 Release Date Expectations And More!

Day Dreamer streaming on OTT platform, MX player is available in different languages is originally a Turkish web show. The show was initially Released in 2018 and is also available in Hindi on MX player. The first season of the show was definitely loved by the audience. That they are already Wandering for the second season of Day Dreamer. Many updates regarding the show have been revealed. We have all the details for Day Dreamer Season 2 Release Date.

Since the show has been released, it has created a very huge fanbase, and the audience can’t wait but wonder when they could hear about the second season of the show. A lot of expectations is attached to the second season and that’s why we have covered all the details for you. Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir be the main lead of the show? This romantic comedy show has already released its first season and is a 51-part series. Directed by Cagri Bayrak the show was originally released on the Star TV network. DayDreamer Season 2 Release Date can be expected soon as it was loved immensely by the audience.

Day Dreamer Season 2 Release Date

Day Dreamer Season 2 Release Date

The release date of season 2 of Day Dreamer has not been officially announced yet and therefore it has no release date yet. According to some sources, earlier it was supposed to Release in late 2020 or early 2021 but due to the ongoing covid pandemic, the situation has changed. The pandemic has led to many shows being delayed due to delays in production and government covid protocols all over the world. As the production and shooting have resumed again there are chances for the show to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023.

The first season was released on 26 June 2018 and ended on 6 August 2019. There are two main factors required to renew any kind of show, the first one is the fanbase of the show and the second one is if they have enough source material. If we talk about the fanbase of the show, the show had a great and huge fanbase. So there is a possibility for the show to get renewed. The second one is the source material of the show, As the show has its original storyline, writers will have the independence to write and create a new storyline.

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Name of the ShowDay Dreamer
Season NumberSeason 2
Day Dreamer Season 1 Release Date26 June 2018
Day Dreamer Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Day Dreamer Season 2 Overview

Day Dreamer Season 2 Story

We cannot predict any story of season 2 as it is not confirmed as of yet. So we will have to wait for the official announcement in this regard. Maybe they will continue the previous story, but how? that’s the question. What will happen next in the show and what twists and turns will it take?

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Day Dreamer Season 1 Story

The story of the show revolves around a young woman. Sanem aspires to be a writer and live in the Galapagos Islands. Daily, she helps her father in his grocery store. When one day she was forced to choose between getting a job and marrying their neighbor’s son Muzaffer by her parents. Then Sanem finds a job. She is now working at Fikri Harika which is one of the leading advertising agencies in Turkey.

Leyla is older and is an executive assistant in the same firm. Aziz is the owner of the company and he has two sons, Can and Emre. Emre really wants to take over the business of his father but Aziz doesn’t think that way. He thinks Can is a much better option for taking over his business and therefore he makes him the manager of the agency.

Can have everything. His father wants for running a business but despite that Can is much interested in photography and takes pictures in remote parts of the city. But he is forced to take over the business when he came to know about his father’s health conditions. His father also tells him to find what’s the hole in the business that’s making their secrets revealed to their competiting company, Aylin. Emre is the actual spy here. And he really doesn’t like the idea of his brother taking over the business and therefore he makes a plan so that Can gets fails.

When a party at an opera was going on on the occasion of Companie’s 40th anniversary. Sanem gets in face to face with Can for the very First time and that’s that! Can thinks the girl standing in front of him is his ex-girlfriend Polen and therefore he kisses her. And now Sanem is in love with a stranger who just kissed her. Emre tells Sanem that Can is just trying to increase the company’s brand value to sell it in the future. Very soon, Can also fell in love with Sanem. And realized she was the only girl he kissed in the opera that day. And then their never-ending love story began!

Day Dreamer Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Day Dreamer season 2 has not been released yet. Obviously, the release date for the second season has not been announced and shooting probably hasn’t started, there is no trailer available yet for the audience to watch. You can definitely watch the first season trailer.

Day Dreamer Season 2 Cast

Day Dreamer Season 2 Release Date

There’s no official announcement made yet regarding the cast of the show. But these characters can really make a comeback in the show again for season 2. The two main leads of the show are Can Yaman as Can Divit and Demet Özdemir as Sanem Aydın Divit. They will surely return for season two.

The other cast that could probably return for season 2 includes Cihan Ercan as Muzaffer “Zebercet” Kaya, Özlem Tokaslan as Mevkibe Aydın, Berat Yenilmez as Nihat Aydın, Öznur Serçeler as Leyla Aydın Divit, Sevcan Yaşar as Aylin Yükselen, Birand Tunca as Emre Divit, Anıl Çelik as Cengiz “Ceycey” Özdemir, Ceren Taşçı as Ayhan Işık, Tuğçe Kumral as Deren Keskin, Sibel Şişman as Güliz Yıldırım.

Other than this, Ali Yağcı as Osman Işık, Tuan Tunalı as Metin Avukat, Tolga Bayraklı as Akif, Oğuz Okul as Rıfat, Asuman Çakır as Aysun Kaya, Feri Baycu Güler as Melahat, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç as Polen, Ahmet Somers as Aziz Divit, Ayşe Akın as Arzu Taş, Aslı Melisa Uzun as Gamze, Baki Çiftçi as Levent Divit, İpek Tenolcay as Hüma Divit Erdamar, Aslı Melisa Uzun as Gamze, Dilek Serbest as Ayça, Tufan Günaçan as Samet Hoca, Utku Ateş as Yiğit, Özgür Özberk as Enzo Fabri and Gamze Topuz as Ceyda can also return.

Where To Watch Day Dreamer Season 2 Online?

The show was originally released in the Turkish language but the Hindi dubbed version of season 1 is available to the audience on MX player. You can binge-watch all the episodes of season 1 on the video streaming platform, MX player. Hopefully, when season 2 will be released it will also be available to the audience on MX player to watch.

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