Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Release Date Is Here!

Now we all know that the sports genre has been one of the most popular genres when it comes to anime series, and we all have seen many famous sports being targeted mainly in the genre, which includes basketball, swimming, and some others too. However, one sport that has been neglected quite a lot in this genre is football. Now one of the most fascinating things about this year is that we are receiving two football animes at the same time and they both have been reaching quite a lot of fame. One is Ao Ashi and another is this one, however, if you are looking for a bit unrealistic and much more dramatic football show, this one should be your choice. It’s not like we are demeaning the show or anything, but the amount of technicality or realism is a bit less in this show, however, the show has been doing pretty well and has received quite a huge fan base, along with that, the critic’s comment, as well as the ratings of the show, have also been quite high. Overall, from what we have seen in the existing football anime category, this show surely stands out and, thus is surely going to be worth a watch.

The fans of the show who have been following this show for quite a long time, do know that the 13th episode has been quite dramatic and filled with a lot of heart-touching moments from the player’s side. The team has been growing and now the fans have been all impatient to know when we are going to receive the 13th episode of the show, no worries the dates have already been announced by the makers of the show and it is going to follow the same release schedule that it has been following for quite a while now. To know more about the upcoming story, the previous recaps, and other stuff, do continue reading this article till the end.

Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Release Date

Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Release Date

Before moving directly into the topic, which is related to the release dates of the 13th episode, let’s just look back a bit towards the other notable dates related to this show and other stuff. Something interesting about this anime is that we do not find a mang for this anime and thus we can consider the fact that the source materials are only available to the makers and it is a very recent reaction of the makers. From what we have heard from our sources, the work on this anime idea began back in 2021 only and after a lot of production troubles the first episode of the show finally made it to us on the 23rd of August 2022 and since then we have been receiving all weekly episode for this show. There haven’t been any official sites where complete information regarding the release schedule is available but as of now, we can see that the show has been receiving weekly episodes only. The 12th episode of the show made it to us on the 17th of September 2022 and the upcoming episode will make its release on the 24th of September 2022.

Name Of The ShowShoot! Goal To The Future
Episode NumberEpisode 13
Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 1 Release Date2 July 2022
Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Release Date24 September 2022

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Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Story

For the upcoming episode, we haven’t received any spoilers yet, however, the episode will mainly comprise of the finals taking place and some twist is surely on the way as Tsuji is fully determined to make his team win and stop Kohei at any cost.

Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 12 Recap

Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Release Date

The previous episode has been one of the most engaging episodes, we have seen so far in this season, we first see that Kakegawa academy has gone to watch the Nomada team’s match. That is the point where Tsuji or as we may say Shoot finds something different about Kohei. We get some good flashbacks scenes, which showed how the bond got destroyed between the two but soon it was followed by a confrontation between him and Kohei. Though Kakegawa is very determined to win the match, something lacks, the finals begin and Kakegawa gets the lead, while Kohei is quite shocked that Tsuji can cope with other players. We leave the episode, at a point where Kohei gets a grip of himself and dominates the entire pitch.

Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Characters

For the upcoming episode, we are going to see the entire Kakegawa team playing quite some big part and having one of the best times of their lives.

Where Can We Watch Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 13 Online?

Just like the previous episode of the show, the upcoming episode will also be available on almost all famous online anime streaming sites.

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