Is The Anthrax Attacks: In The Shadow Of 9/11 Based On A True Story?

Many of you right here may know about the anthrax attack, and many of you do not know. However, something that almost everyone one of us is very familiar with is the 9/11 incident. One of the greatest and very misfortunate happening in the history of America. And you may all know by this time, after reading the topic of this article, that the anthrax attack is something related to the 9/11 happenings and the consequences faced by the public out there. Now Netflix has recently brought out this movie named Anthrax attacks, and this is not a part of the 9/11 happening actually, however from what we have seen in the trailer, we hope that all of you know what’s going on in that movie, and even if you don’t know don’t worry because we are going to brief all of that to you.

However, firstly before diving right into the topic, let us just give you some knowledge about the terrorist mindset and the attacks that have happened in the history of the world. 9/11 attacks, for those who don’t know, were actually terrorist attacks where they used basically suicide bombing to spread terror all over the world and to make the other notable organizations of the world notice the power and the motive they have got. Now, why do terrorist attacks take place? Everything regarding that is a big thing that we can just touch on a little bit in this article, or else the entire article will be just filled with these facts. Firstly terrorist organizations which were mainly responsible for the 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by Al-Qaeda, a name which many of you may have already heard of, and we often use in a joking sense or something of that sort, but they believe that they are fighting for their own religion and that spreading terror will be the only way to protect their religion.

Anthrax Attack, however, is something new and something which many of us may not have heard of unless and until we are in the medical profession or have been studying history a lot. Though don’t worry, we will just brief you on everything about this Anthrax-named thing. It is a contagious disease that has got some quite serious and extreme consequences out there. So how does it happen? Firstly, as it’s a contagious disease, it mainly happens through contract. It may be from humans, animals, or anything that will be able enough to sustain the life of those bacteria. The name of the bacteria is Bacillus Anthracis, and they mainly happen from nature and affect animals first. However, when such bacterial substances are used in a deadly manner and spread among people worldwide to create a crisis and spread terror, this can be considered a bacterial attack initiated by an organization. Most people who get contaminated end up having their diaphragms swelling, and losing connection with many of their body organs, and slowly walking on the path of death.

Netflix has recently, in the year 2022 only, come up with a new movie which has been named Anthrax Attack and from the movie, what we see is how such kind of an attack was followed just after the 9/11 attacks, which were very notable to the world, however, these attacks got very less coverage and are very less known by the people out there. Now this movie has been critically praised by the critics out there for the extreme level of realism they have portrayed and, at the same time, the excellent photography and the story that has been written by the makers of the show. When it comes to the profits and stuff regarding the movie, it has been quite profitable for the makers and for the platform too. Coming to the more important topic regarding the movie, and that is the IMDb rating, the movie has received a 6.0 IMDb rating which is quite moderate when it comes to such movies and this respective genre, and based on the viewer number and stuff, we can consider this to be worth a watch.

However, while all this is going on, there have been many questions rising regarding this movie, and that has mainly arrived because of the realistic depiction of the incident and the continuous reference to the 9/11 incident that we all know about. Don’t worry; we have got it all covered, firstly the big revelation regarding the main question of the topic is a big yes, as the entire story that has been portrayed in the movie is based on the true events that took place after the real 9/11 attacks and the extent the bacteria spread and all the consequence that had to be faced were massive. However, still, most of us may not have heard of this incident because of the less propagation of the story.

Many other facts have not been answered properly in the official pages of the movie, and don’t worry, everything has been covered in this article, and to know all about that stuff, do continue reading this article till the end.

Is The Anthrax Attacks: In The Shadow Of 9/11 Based On A True Story?

Is The Anthrax Attacks: In The Shadow Of 9/11 Based On A True Story?

Now, as we have already settled for the fact that this movie is based on a true story, many of you may be a bit curious to know a bit more before watching the movie. So, worry not, we will be covering the entire true incident that happened there, and when you watch the movie, you may end up finding most facts to be absolutely true. As we have already mentioned above, what the Anthrax Attack is and how it happens, but after the 9/11 incident took place, we saw a difference in the entire working of the country. Like so many big buildings destroyed, so many lives lost, be it civilian or be it some officer on duty who gave his all to save the people but was unable to. So that was quite a win situation for Al-Qaeda. Soon just a week after this entire chaotic situation, something new comes up, and that is the date when we see five letters being delivered to individuals with no connection having the Anthrax virus, and soon the disease is slowly spreading, and the people are suffering. Though it wasn’t spreading on a major scale, the people who got affected by the main email-based attacks were people who were nearly on the verge of death, and some of the themes even died.

The attacks went on being continued, and more and more questions were arising. However, after a lot of thorough research of the bacteria, it was also brought to the conclusion that the virus belongs to a single strain and not to a different strain and that strain of virus is actually being produced in three labs in the country only, however, the only thing that makes it legal is that the research work was going on for bioweapons. Though on the basis of religious discrimination, a famous scientist from one of the facilities was quite held as the main culprit, and he was even disgraced by many people out there, but soon he proved his innocence, and people had no one to blame. Now, however, something weird happens and finally, the mastermind who has been after this comes out the biggest thing that is about this story is that it wasn’t based on any kind of religious propaganda or something. It was a basic revenge kind of thing with the extreme mental unstable condition. He was the main man who, out of some past events, ended up doing this. Maybe something that may seem stupid at some point but at the extra level, this simple revenge took place was just not acceptable and not worth it too. This is the main story, there are many other facts regarding the story that have been provided in the movie too and something that’s for sure is, you all are going to love it definably.

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Anthrax Attack Release date

Now many of you out there have only heard of this movie from the trailers and the review-based videos that are available on the Internet. However, the actual movie has already made it to us, and the release dates of the movie are on the 8th of September 2022, and the actual idea regarding the movie has been going on for quite a long time now. The entire project began in the year 2021, and after a thorough collection and verification of facts, the makers finally brought us the movie. The ratings and stuff have already been discussed, and we all know how worth it watching this movie is going to be. However, there are no updates for any second movie based on the same incident because it ain’t any kind of fiction but an actual reality-based movie.

Where Can We Watch Anthrax Attacks Online?

This movie is a Netflix original movie, and that is why it is only available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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