What Is The Status Of My Secret Love Season 2 Release Date?

In My Secret Love (Thai Drama), Kim is a member of the student council. This is the story of a junior who secretly loves his senior but doesn’t dare to reveal his true feelings. No matter how much time passes, the love in his heart never fades. How long should one-sided love be monopolized? “My Secret Love” was the type of series that ended in 6 to 8 episodes, but for some reason, it was extended to 12 episodes even though it didn’t have a story, and I completely fell asleep. The 2022 multi-couple series tells the story of two groups of college students. One is a slightly popular trio that makes prank videos and the other is his three cute guy geek gang. Interestingly, by the end of the show, the six will be his three couples. And it’s not that funny – the main couple is the most boring of them all.

My Secret Love Season 2 Release Date

My Secret Love Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Season 2 of My Secret Love has been announced for 2023. My Secret Love is a great human-based series. It’s about Kim, a student who cares too much about protecting her university’s reputation, and Meck, a rather famous prankster. An incident involving Meck threatens the importance of the university. It is the responsibility of the Mechs and Group to restore the University’s reputation as best it can. The My Secret Love series has an average rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb and MyDramalist, giving it a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Name Of The ShowMy Secret Love
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomance, Comedy
My Secret Love Season 1 Release Date28 May 2022
My Secret Love Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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My Secret Love Season 2 Cast

My Secret Love cast includes Teeraput Ruangrtiku playing Kim, Chatchawan Jitraxtham, Cheng Yu Chang playing Lee, Sarawale Plubpla portraying Miw, and Phirmaraya Atavipach portraying Kiw.

My Secret Love Season 2 Story

Kim is a member of the student council and wants to protect the university’s reputation. The Student Union is tasked with creating positive content and restoring the image of the university. The concept imposed on them is simple: Kim and Meck must pretend to be dating, and the line between pretence and her feelings becomes more and more blurred.

My Secret Love Season 1 Recap

My Secret Lover has had a great season 1 so far with a story centred around Kim and Meck. One is serious about the university’s reputation, and the other of him is the Joker. The incident with Mek has damaged the university’s reputation. Mek and his group are responsible for reconstructing the image. The tenth episode of the series was very similar to the other episodes of the series. Mek and the group are responsible for restoring the university’s reputation. Kim and Mek meet when Mek wants to shoot a scene he is directing. Running around the character was chased by zombies. Meck saw him in a scene with Kim. He said he wanted to be with Kim forever and would never leave him. Meck was very emotional and had a lot of unresolved feelings that he wanted to express but couldn’t. The team disbands and goes to a party where a drunk Mech kisses and hypnotizes Kim. As if in a dream, he woke up in his bedroom. We all learned from our parents to ask what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Tim’s father wanted him to move into the hotel business.

My Secret Love Season 1 Trailer Details

My Secret Love Season 2 Release Date

Directed by Terry’s nephew Chris Bolan, the documentary is just over an hour long and chronicles the journey of two women. The past is presented in vintage videos and black-and-white photographs, but the present features her voice and that of Terry’s extended family. Secret Love chronicles the problems lovers faced in their youth and how that age itself is a source of concern in their current lives. Before delving into their past struggles, let’s introduce Terry’s family. Terry’s family was only told a few years ago about the nature of the duo’s relationship. They weren’t ‘friends’ or ‘cousins’ as the rest of the world thought they were. Realism is the film’s greatest strength, and it’s emphasized when you hear a woman explain how she came out. The film gives us a little background on these women. And it becomes clear why they were hired.

Where To Watch My Secret Love Online?

My Secret Love is a series that streams on Netflix, JioCinema, and Voot.

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