Most Searched Male K Pop Idol On The Internet!

When it comes to the Korean pop industry, there are many names that are quite notable, and some names have actually reached the standard where they can be just considered international stars and not just normal Korean industry entertainers. The hype regarding the Korean industry has just been growing over the last couple of years, and if you are looking at just those Korean tv shows which have been in trend for quite some time now, the real trendsetter regarding this industry was the music genre, as some popular bands made their names very popular out of there own industry and slowly moved to the world platform and that is where we see the hype really rising regarding this industry.

Now some of the notable factors that we have seen over the past couple of years regarding this industry are the specific time of fan clubs forming. we often refer to one such big fan club out there, which is known as Army, and that is enough to understand that they are a fan of the famous Korean music band BTS; then we have some other very well-known fan clubs such as the black pink and other stuff. Apart from this, like most other bands, these bands and the actors working in that industry surely used to get a lot of fame and love from the fans but something more that started happening is these idols who were slowly rising from the Korean industry started ranking very high on the lists of idols or celebrities all over the world. Along with that, something that was more amusing was the girl fan base, apart from the boy’s fans of the clubs, and that too not only in Korea but all over the world. Female fans from all over the world have been going crazy over many big names in the Korean industry, which includes Jungkook, V, and many other Korean actors who have starred in recent Korean dramas, and they have been just the perfect crush material for everyone out there.

This has also been because of the sweet nature and the humble attitude these celebrities carry around themselves like we end up seeing some big star from the Hollywood industry, we actually have seen them sometimes misbehave with their fans or something like that, but these guys have never been in the headline for misbehaving or mistreating their fans, and that has been a big thing for quite some time. Now another thing that the Korean industry and many of them have faced and still managed to stand back against all of that stuff is discrimination and bullying, like, we obviously can’t deny the fact that there have always been a lot of stereotypes regarding Asians and also many comments regarding there look and that’s the main thing this industry has concentrated on, and that is spreading love and sharing the moments with their fans.

Now without any more waiting, moving on to the main topic of the article, and as we all know, the male k pop stars out there are little very hot and handsome at the same time, and if we just keep looking at them, maybe you ain’t going to even care about their skills and get a crush on them, and this has been the case for many fans. However, we ain’t going to discuss that right now because the main topic of concern here is who has been the star or Korean entertainment genre celebrity who has been the most searched on the internet platform over the last couple of years and who are his closest contenders and all other updates regarding this topic.

K Pop Most Searched Idol On The Internet

Most Searched Male K Pop Idol On The Internet!

Now without any delay, we will move on to the actual topic of the article, and the name that you all have been waiting for quite a long time now is someone whom all of you know already. Like it’s not an actor or anything of that sort, or actually, by now, we can call him an actor too, and this hint was enough for many of the fans out there to understand whom we are talking about.

Now, if you still haven’t guessed, let us get you into this with some more awaiting; firstly, we hope that you are very well aware of the k pop music industry and of recent topics like if some popular bands such as BTS are getting disbanded and that sort of news. Yes, the entire thing of this topic revolves around the name BTS because if this weren’t related to the most searched male k pop idol and related to the most searched Korean thing, maybe the name BTS would have come up on top of the list. And in this list, the top name that has made its spot above all for consecutive years now is our all-favourite V, and we hope you all know who V is, right? And even if you don’t let us tell you all about him.

V, as most of the BTS fans, call him and even he himself, likes to call him, is one of the members of the Bangtan Boys band, and his actual name is Kim Tae Hyung. Kim can be regarded as one of the most gorgeous-looking guys you will ever meet, and the way he carries himself and pops up with new styles every day is just amazing. Now the main reason for him being at the top of the list is many, most of us actually didnt6t know his original name, and that’s why people have often searched to know about him, followed by the fact his social media reach is also quite more than most other members of this boy band. When it comes to followers on Instagram, you all will be shocked to know that he holds two guineas world records regarding that because he has been the fastest person to reach the 1 million and 10 million mark. Other than that, if we look at records for the last five years, the most searched keyword when it comes to the Korean industry has been him. He has also been the most popular Korean idol for quite a long period over his career and has also been awarded many titles for his individual achievements.

Another fact about V is that he may have been the most innocent one in the group, and along with that, he is also a very private person, so there are often many curiosities about his personal life which also gives rise to so much of his popularity too. Other than we also have the fact that he has been one of the most active members of the band and is also known very much for his solo tracks which, though they came out under the name of the band, were very famous and The BTS Army just went crazy for him. Now other than that, an interesting fact about this star is that he has not only been known for his singing capacity in the band but has also made a position in the entertainment industry as an actor. Though we may not regard him as a professional actor, he has been on a reality tv show recently called The Soop, which included all the BTS members, and also in the spinoff series of the show, which had a few members out of which V was there.

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Kim Tae Hyung Early life

Kim Tae Hyung was born in Daegu, which is in South Korea, and his birth date is the 30th of December 1995. Yes, we do know that he surely doesn’t look that aged, but he is actually, and other than that, our popular star has been interested in the entertainment industry from a very young age. When he used to be in school, he did realize that he had a knack for singing, and he from an early age, only decided that he would do something in the entertainment sector, mainly concentrating on music. V is the eldest brother among his siblings, and the best part about his family was that he didn’t belong to the stereotypical Asian family we have often seen or imagined. His father was very supportive of his decision and encouraged him to learn the Saxophone instrument, which he still plays sometimes. Now we all know how the BTS band came into existence, and that was through an audition that was conducted by the Big Hit Entertainment studio, and during that time, V used to work there as a trainee, and that’s how his journey started as a BTS member. Another important fact about V is that even though he is quite a big celebrity he didn’t give up his education, he did his graduation and then also signed up at the Global Cyber University for a degree in Broadcasting and entertainment.

Where Can We Watch The Show BTS In The Soop?

The show is currently available on the Disney+ Hotstar platform for online streaming services.

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