Little Woman Episode 4 Release Date Is Here!

Now this name may be very familiar, to many of us out there, because, in our childhood, we all have once read the book by Louis May Alcott, Little Woman, however, this isn’t the same Little woman story as you have already read. This is a mystery thriller and based on certain facts and the maker’s perspective, the sister’s love that has been shown and the amount of depth in the character who has portrayed in the series, have somewhere been taken from the story, Little Woman. Now many of you may be confused, regarding what this is all about and what this show is, don’t worry we have got you all covered. Little Woman is a Korean drama series that has recently made its release and only with a few episodes, has gained a lot of fame and fans from all over the world. The makers of the show were quite shocked with the amount of success it has received already. When it comes to the story that has been followed, we see that there is some kind of a suicide case that happened years before and now it is uncovered that it was actually a murder and in some way all the three sisters, on whom the story is based get involved in this case somehow. The interesting fact is that they are not alone in that game, these poor sisters, who can sport their entire life with just money ended up being accused of having some monetary claims and gains, and against them stand one of the strongest families out there.

Now coming to the main topic of this show, as only two episodes have been released as of now, we all actually have been a little confused regarding the release schedule and the release dates of the upcoming episodes, however, don’t worry, we have got it all covered. The upcoming episode release dates have already been announced and along with that, we have also sorted out the confusion regarding the release date scheduled by the end of this article. To know more about this show, do continue reading this article till the end.

Little Woman Episode 4 Release Date

Little Woman Episode 4 Release Date

The book from which the makers have stated this show to have some adaptation or influence came out in the year 1868 and almost we all know the level of success that book has received over the years. Now for a long time, the makers of the show have been working on this mystery thriller idea and the production work also began back in 2021 which makes it nearly more than a year of work. Finally, though there was a bit of delay in the release dates, the first episode made it to us on the 3rd of September 2022 and the second episode made its release just a day after on the 4th of September 2022. Now the release schedule that is being followed is two episodes, every week on consecutive days, and thus the 3rd episode is all set to make its release on the 10th of September 2022 and the 4th episode on the 11th of September 2022. There will be a total of 12 episodes as of the announcement we have received so far and the first season of the show will come to an end by the 9th of October 2022.

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Little Woman Episode 4 Story

For the story of the upcoming episodes, nothing has been properly cleared, however, we have received based on certain resources, that In Joon who has been a very tricky character from the starting of the show revealed to her sisters, how she got that much of money out of nowhere we also see that the growing bond and the good terms she created with Do-Il is breached because of motive difference and In Hye ends up having distrust towards her sisters out of some affairs.

Little Woman Episode 3 Recap

As we all know, we still haven’t received the third episode of the show, and that is why it will be very difficult to provide a recap for the third episode currently. Though what we know is in this episode, nothing is going to be very happening as of now, there will be more character briefing and that’s it.

Little Woman Episode 4 Cast

For the cast of the upcoming episode, we will have the same actors we have seen so far, there will be no extra character introduction and the story will be growing at a very slow pace.

Where To Watch Little Woman Episode 4?

The show is currently being telecasted every week and other than it is also available on the Netflix platform for online streaming services.

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