60 Minutes Season 55 Release Date Is Declared!

When it comes to legendary shows of all times, there may be quite a few names on the list which are on quite notable terms with almost all generations, and that is because of the time period they have been releasing new seasons and on that list, there must be this show. 60 minutes has been one of those legendary shows which are known by almost all generations, be it x or the millennials, because 55 seasons isn’t a joke for sure, and the consistency of the standard, as well as the views count, is something that makes this kind of show so special. However, if you are still a person who has got no idea about this show, or maybe one of those persons who has never been very much into tv shows or stuff, then worry not; out of your streaming platform shows, you do need to know about this show a bit, and we are here to provide you all information regarding this show. Firstly you all may have heard the term news magazine broadcast-based shows or news shows, and we are not talking about the stereotypical news channel shows, which we get almost all the time streaming on certain channels for hours.

There are certain shows which come for a certain period of time daily and bring us much factful information regarding various incidents that are going on all over the world, it can be international relations or some local event or some celebrity drama which we have all been fond of, and the main thing about this shows is, that it is engulfing and addictive on a different level. The audience doesn’t even realize when they get hooked to this show, and it becomes a part of their daily watch. 60 minutes is exactly that kind of a show and follows quite a unique way of presenting information to its viewers. It firstly covers the news in a quite interesting way, which makes the audience much more curious about the topic and intrigues them in a mystery-solving kind of way where the reporters of the show or the hosts slowly uncover various facts related to the incident and keep it in front of us. Each episode consists of many new facts and events and, overall, a great idea from some great minds.

Now coming to the ratings and other stuff about the show, we have already referred to this show as a legendary watch, and that is because it has been maintaining its position 50 greatest shows of all time for quite a long time, since the 2000s we could say and other than that, it has also been referred to as one of the top contenders in the list of 60 greatest tv series of all time. There have been many other achievements of this show based on the views count and the awards it has received in various genres, and the various famous hosts it has got, and when it comes to the fan base of the show, we can just be in awe, that still after 54 seasons the fan base is growing, and the fan base is getting filled of more age groups, which mainly earlier consisted of an aged age group, now is filled with all people who have been interested in the local news and stuff out there. Other than that, when it comes to the critic’s comments on the show, the critics have also referred to this show as one of the best in its competiti9ve space as there are many other shows of the same type and still it has been named one of the top contenders in that space. Other than then, when it comes to the IMDb ratings, we should be in awe of the show because 7.4 out of 10 isn’t a joke when it comes to this respective genre. Most of the shows don’t even go above 6 in this space, whereas this show has competitively maintained its standard, and the views count as well.

Now coming to the main topic of the article and that is regarding the upcoming season of the show, we have also received some questions regarding whether it is being renewed or canceled. Firstly, this show is still profitable and has got quite a huge fan base that follows the show on a daily basis, and therefore the cancellation of this show does seem very unlikely, and for this season, it’s a big no. there is going to be the 55th season, which everyone has been asking for quite some time now, and though the release dates haven’t been made available quite prominently, it has been actually released, and there isn’t actually much time left before we are going to get the upcoming season. However, to know more about the release dates and more details regarding the upcoming episodes, do continue reading this article till the end.

60 Minutes Season 55 Release Date

60 Minutes Season 55 Release Date

Now moving to the main question regarding the article and as we have already mentioned, the 55th season of the show has already been confirmed by the CBS network and one thing that we have also heard is that this season is going to be more fun and more innovative as new ways of presenting the information and more new facts will be given in between the episode’s runtime, the news will be shorter and much more efficient, and that’s how more fun news and social facts will be presented to us. However, before moving on to the release dates, we must look at the history of this show has got. T

The first season of the show came out in the year 1968, and it wasn’t actually expected to be this huge of a thing because the show from which it was inspired came out just two years before this one and wasn’t actually much of a favorite and still the makers decided to take risks. Since 1968 we have received almost new seasons every year, and sometimes, we have also received two seasons in a single year which has been just amazing for the fans out there. In 2000, the main hype regarding this show was seen rising as since then, only this show was being treated as a legendary show, and everyone was following it because of its innovative way of presenting news to us. The 54th season made it to us in the year 2021, and something that we have seen over the years is that the number of episodes in every season has gone on rising g with the number of seasons going higher, and that is quite a probable thing for the upcoming season too. The 55th season was expected to make its release in 2022, and finally, on the 18th of September 2022, we will receive the 55th season of the show, and that will also mark that we have received this show for almost 54-55 years by now. Now the upcoming season has also been expected to have an approximate number of 50-55 episodes; however, nothing has been confirmed, and it will mainly depend on the broadcasting channel for that.

Name Of The Show60 Minutes
Season NumberSeason 55
GenreNews Magazine
60 Minutes Season 1 Release Date24 September 1968
60 Minutes Season 55 Release Date18 September 2022

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60 Minutes Season 55 Story

For the story, we really don’t know what to say; every episode is going to be a new story, we can say as every episode will bring to you a group of new facts and new recent news from their very trusted sources which have always been quite on the mark for over the years, other than that we can also say that the same way of hosting that has been maintained over the years will still be followed in this season and the hosts will keep on maintaining the mysterious way of presenting the news that they have been doing for years. Other than that, the hosts are going to be the same as the previous season, and that is all we can provide you regarding the story. However, one interesting fact is all the episodes are 60 minutes, and there is a big watch on the poster as well as on every episode, which keeps us showing the runtime of the show and the minutes remaining after every new, and that has been one of the biggest reasons behind the naming of the show.

60 Minutes Season 55 Cast

As this is a news magazine-based show, there ain’t any fancy cast or actors as we may say however the hosts that have been hosting for the previous few seasons will be seen again in the upcoming season as of what we have heard so far.

60 Minutes Season 55 Trailer

60 Minutes Season 55 Release Date

Now though we have already received confirmation regarding the 60th season of the show, there still hasn’t been any trailer that has been posted stating the release date like most other shows. It has been formally done on the Twitter base of the show and other platforms. There also hasn’t been much of a trailer kind of thing that has been going on for this show over the previous seasons, and so we don’t expect any for this season too.

Where To Watch 60 Minutes Season 55 online?

Just like the previous seasons of the show, the upcoming season will also be telecasted first on the CBS channel and will also be available on its streaming platform for its online streaming services.  

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