Phantom Of The Idol Episode 11 Release Date Is Not Announced!

The story of Phantom Of The Idol is really unique and engaging, two people who do not like their present circumstances come together to fulfill their wishes. Phantom Of The Idol is the anime adaptation of a manga of the same name, written by Hijiki Isoflavone, the manga was released on 28 December 2017. Directed by Daisei Fukuoka and written by Yasuko Aoki, the anime adaptation of the Phantom Of The Idol premiered in July 2022. So far, 10 episodes of Phantom Of The Idol have been released, and the last 10th episode was released on September 3, 2022, the fans have been waiting for the 11th episode of Phantom Of The Idol and we are here to help! So let’s just get into the details. 

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 11 Release Date

Phantom Of The Idol episode 10 was released on September 3, 2022, and it was the last episode of season 1, so there is not going to be an episode 11, the series might come back with a season 2, but there is no news regarding that as well. The series was well-received, therefore a season 2 might come, and all the fans have also been waiting for the second season, but that is something only time can tell, let’s look at the story and character of Phantom Of The Idol.

Name Of The ShowPhantom Of The Idol
Episode NumberEpisode 11
Phantom Of The Idol Episode 1 Release Date2 July 2022
Phantom Of The Idol Episode 11 Release DateNot Arriving

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Phantom Of The Idol Episode 10 Recap

The story of Phantom Of The Idol is unique and well-written, the anime series revolves around Yuya Niyodo, who is part of a pop group called ZINGS, who can sing but is not interested in that career, he only debuted as an Idol so that he can earn easy money, he is unmotivated to do something, and he only cares about money, the fans do not like him because of his attitude and his team has tried everything to make him get interested, his career is basically dying and because of his lack of interest, the manager of Yuya Niyodo is going to fire him, and he is not really happy about that.

Just as fate aligns, Yuya Niyodo meets the ghost of another idol, Asahi Mogami, who recently passed away due to a car accident. Asahi Mogami still lives in the human world because she still wants to live her life as an idol, when both Asahi Mogami and Yuya Niyodo meet each other, they make a deal, which will benefit both of them. They decide that Asahi Mogami would possess Yuya Niyodo, and would help him in his career as an idol, the deal benefitting both of them because Asahi Mogami still wants to live as an idol and Yuya Niyodo only wants to be an idol so that he can earn money, their duo is on an adventurous journey, and they think it is great but nothing comes without the addition of some problems, they also teach other a lot, and Yuya Niyodo learns and grows with time, he gets to know about his goal because of Asahi Mogami. In the last episode, they all perform in front of a huge crowd and sing every song they have sung till now, it was a heartwarming moment when Yuya Niyodo asked Asahi Mogami to be on the stage because she was also part of his journey, according to many fans, the conclusion of the anime was good, it was great to see Niyodo being interested in being an idol, while the whole series is funny, the last episode makes everyone feels something. The show is hilarious and terrific, the music is wonderful as well. 

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 11 Characters

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 11 Release Date

The character holds the essence of the show, and Phantom Of The Idol has great character. The main character Yuya Niyodo is voiced by Fumiya Imai, Asahi Mogami is voiced by Nao Tōyama Kazuki. Yoshino is voiced by Shun Horie, Hitomi Shinano is voiced by Eri Kitamura, Kasenjiki is voiced by Hitomi Ueda, Tsugiko is voiced by Yō Taichi, and Shigutaro is voiced by Manaka Iwami. Hikaru Setouchi is voiced by Takuma Terashima,  Chihiro Misaki is voiced by Takuya Satō, Akira Uchihama is voiced by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi. Yukinari Nada is voiced by Haruki Ishiya, Homare Hakata is voiced by Yōhei Azakami, and lastly, it is narrated by Show Hayami. 

Where To Watch Phantom Of The Idol Online?

Phantom Of The Idol is available on Crunchyroll and Hidive, basically, it is available on every mainstream anime streaming platform. 

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