Engage Kiss Episode 9 Release Date Is Finally Announced!

The Japanese anime television program called Engage Kiss is of the romantic comedy variety. Itachi is the series’ author, and Square Enix is the series’ publisher. Aniplex is the maker of this. The first season of the show, which recently released just merely seven episodes, was just recently released on July 3, 2022. On August 21, 2022, the eighth episode of the series will air. The television show’s writers are Fumiaki Maruto and Tomoya Tanaka. Both the series’ manga and the series itself are quite well-liked by the general audience. The television series has a large fan base. Even though the series has only had seven episodes released, it already has a large following and is doing very well. The audience like the show’s characters as well, and the viewers are eagerly anticipating new episodes. So let’s read the article to learn more.

Engage Kiss Episode 9 Release Date

Engage Kiss Episode 9 Release Date

One of the most popular seasons is Engage Kiss. Episode 9 of Engage Kiss Season 1 will air on August 28, 2022, thus there are only very few days left until then. It belongs to the Trending Series. Because of this, each episode of Engage Kiss will follow the previous one. This series, which people have enjoyed a lot, is likely to be the most well-liked.

Name Of The ShowEngage Kiss
Episode NumberEpisode 9
GenreRomantic Comedy
Engage Kiss Episode 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Engage Kiss Episode 9 Release Date28 August 2022

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Engage Kiss Season 9 Characters

Tomoya Tanaka is the creator of the animated program Engage Kiss. Naruto Shippuden, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Hunter x Hunter are just a few of the anime programs on which Tomoya Tanaka has served as an episode director and storyboard artist. Maruto Fumiaki is the author of the anime’s screenplay. For animated films, character design will be handled by Masaaki Takiyama and Chiaki Furuzumi. Both Banana Fish and The Fate feature art by Masaaki Takiyama. Chiaki Furuzumi worked on the production teams for the anime series Black Butler and Death Note. They are both the primary animators for the anime. The “Darekare Scramble” theme song, which may have been heard in the trailer, will be performed by Halco. Its voice actors include Miyano Yoshikazu who plays Souma Saitou, Aizawa Saya who plays Kisara, Ayano Yuugiri who plays Lynn, and Rumi Ookubo who plays Sharon Holy grail.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Story

The Pacific Ocean’s Bayron City is a Mega-Float-style city that is not a part of any one country. Orgonium is the world’s most well-known energy resource, and this city is the world’s leading mining city. Special cases brought on by demonic entities known as “D Hazards” have been happening often here. Most people are unaware of D Hazards. Private military firms are in charge of them. The owner of such a small business is Young Shu, who lives in Bayron City. His life is supported both publicly and privately by the lovely Bayron City high school student Kisara. Kisara’s passionate attachment to Shu lies in the contract they signed. She is actually a monster in disguise. According to their deal, Kisara helps Shu exterminate his demons and even supports his way of life. A risky-sweet kiss is a cost. Their shaky relationship veers between a binding agreement and affection.

Engage Kiss Episode 8 Recap

Engage Kiss Episode 9 Release Date

Due to Shu and Kisara’s efforts, the Exorcist Bureau was able to capture Sharon, and as a result, peace has been temporarily restored to Balon City. Shu is looking into the D-Disaster, which has been ongoing for a while and is believed to be the reason demon agent Junya Hanamura died. Shu is working with his allies Mikami and Miles on this investigation. To find the truth, this investigation is being conducted. He will keep making assumptions until he learns who the “true agent,” who is rumored to be hidden nearby, is. Finally, Mikami hastened her efforts to contact Shu after coming to a definite realization after much thought.

Where To Watch Engage Kiss Online?

The number of episodes in the upcoming season of the Japanese anime series “Engage Kiss” is something that fans are looking forward to learning. The future of the well-known Japanese anime program Engage Kiss has been the subject of numerous rumors. If our predictions are correct, there may be 13 episodes. Japanese citizens now see Engage Kiss on a variety of channels because of fan demand. After a few hours of airing in Japan, the global audience can watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation. In the United States, Canada, and Europe, the series is accessible with English subtitles. On Crunchyroll, you can watch every episode of Engage Kiss, both old and new.

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