Yurei Deco Episode 9 Release Date Is Declared Before Us!

Dai Sato is the author of the Japanese anime series Yurei Deco. It was animated by Science SARU under the direction of Tomohisa Shimoyama. The anime is stylized in a very distinctive fashion, which distinguishes the series. Along with the narrative and the surroundings, each character has a distinct personality and flair. The series received a lot of worldwide attention after its initial release in July 2022. The series has received appreciation for every facet of it. The anime was turned into a webtoon on Line Manga by Lien Corporation the same year it was released. The series has quickly gained popularity and received a good number of reviews. Everyone who enjoys watching this show as well as others who are just starting to are interested in watching it has been wondering when the next episode would air. We are here to provide you with all the information you need about the show and the release of the newest episode.

Yurei Deco Episode 9 Release Date

Yurei Deco Episode 9 Release Date

The fact that there are currently only 7 episodes available implies that episode 8 will be released shortly. As was already said above, there are still more episodes to come, but we don’t need to worry because episode 9 will be released exactly as scheduled. They have been speculating about the release date and title of the ninth episode. According to rumours, the ninth episode will air on August 28, 2022. However, you may watch older episodes while you wait.

Name Of The ShowYurei Deco
Episode NumberEpisode 9
Yurei Deco Episode 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Yurei Deco Episode 9 Release Date28 August 2022

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Yurei Deco Episode 9 Characters

Mister Watson, Hack, Finn, Madam 44, Hank, Smiley, Lamp, Masial, Berry, Doron, Harper, Phantom Zero, Juror, Robot Nurse, Logi, Belle, Mitsumame Avatar, Isda, and more incredible characters are just a few of Yurei Deco’s most memorable characters. There are many voice actors in the game, including Haruka Shimizu, Hideki Tanaka, Mira Kawakatsu, Jin Urayama, Rie Kugimiya, Sayuri Sadaoka, Akio Ohtsuka, Anna Nagase, Aki Sugawa, Miyu Irino, Akinori Egoshi, Takeshi Miyajima, Chihiro Sunou, Setsuji Satoh, Akihiro Mine.

Yurei Deco Season 1 Story

In the virtual metropolis of Tom Sawyer, people compete for “Love,” which is similar to getting likes on social media. Citizens of this interactive virtual trade Love for government services through the Decoration Customizer, sometimes known as “Deco,” a hologram device placed in a person’s eyes since childhood and avatars that can change their appearance. The inhabitants of Tom Sawyer are kept under strict government control, and their lives are peaceful—aside from when Phantom Zero, a shady robber who periodically appears and decreases all Love nearby to zero. When Berry’s Deco malfunctions and she is able to see Hack, a masked prankster, she is able to live peacefully in Tom Sawyer’s system. Berry is a mischievous girl infatuated with Phantom Zero. Berry pursues the suspect, believing him to be Phantom Zero, and in the process starts to learn some of society’s best-kept secrets. The bright hues of Tom Sawyer conceal a darker nature, as it turns out, and Hack is not the only one living outside the boundaries of the system.

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Recap

Yurei Deco Episode 9 Release Date

Tomohisa Shimoyana’s anime series Yurei Deco is set on an island named after a character from a well-known book that we have all read as children: Tom Sawyer. The people who live on this island function according to a true system called Deco. Love is what they use as money. A typical girl named Berry owns a damaged Deco in this deco system that reflects her in ways that others cannot. She meets Hack, a girl who appears to be a boy and is intrigued and impressed by her. She then encounters the group known as the Yurei Detective Club, which is headed by Hack.

The crew is pretty special; they are socially inept and function covertly within the digitally controlled system. Berry learns about Phantom Zero, a mysterious worker on Tom Sawyer Island who is doing subterranean labour, while they are working together in the group. Berry and Hack both decide to set out on the quest to capture the enigmatic figure to learn the truth about it. Now, the only way for any of us to know whether they will be successful in their goal or not, what will be revealed once they learn about the figure, and how it will influence the island, is to watch the series.

Where To Watch Yurei Deco Episode 9 Online?

On Crunchyroll or Funimation, the entire episode of Yurei Deco is available for streaming. You may view every episode without any problems because they are all there.

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