Who Is Aashika Bhatia Boyfriend? Who Is She Dating Now?

Now one of the biggest names in the tv serial industry has been this one, for quite a long time and if you have been a fan of Bollywood television drama shows, then you do very well remember this actress from some of the iconic roles she has played in her early years, however, something other than that, which she is very well known about has been her career in the Tik Tok industry as well as social media activities. Our gorgeous Aashika Bhatia is just a star when it comes to reels and Tik Tok and other stuff like that, and she has also been known very much for her dating history. Like common being on a level like that and not having a dating history is quite uncommon. She belonged to the same group of young actors who were considered to be the next big thing and belonged to the group of Aditi Bhatia, Siddharth Nigam, and many others and many of you may also have heard the name Aashika from the previous running Tiktokers and YouTube stars controversy like if you have been following the trendy topics, you couldn’t have missed it anyhow and surely one of the big names related to the fight was Aashika Bhatia.

However, though many of you do know her for her acting career, many other fans have also known her for other activities like her being related to social media and other stuff. But worry not we are going to brief you well all about her. Firstly, coming to the main topic, Aashika Bhatia has been one of the youngest tv show stars to be out there. Like you won’t believe it, she made her first debut in the tv industry at the age of 9. Like mostly all of us here have known her for her acting role in the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Pao, but hurry not there have been many other acts and tv serials such as we have there Parvarish, which can be considered as the point where her career just took a flight and she just became super famous and super popular, every director wanted to cast her in their serial and that was surely a glorious phase for this tv star, however recently things have changed a bit and if you have been following the career of hers, it hasn’t been going that well and we haven’t seen her being related to much projects lately

Now coming to her different identity or as we may say, the identity which gave her more fame according to many pages, is her Tik Tok or Instagram handles. Like if you do see her activity on her social media accounts, you do be shocked ion the amount of content she posts and the huge fanbase she had. Like she has got fan pages and stuff and all of this started when first we received musically, that was the turning point and then we received the Tik Tok, which was just a super-hit, and Aashika made sure that she just makes her place in the Tiktokers group well, she became related to many brands and she was also one of the ambassadors of the app from India. There was a complete group of youngsters who were active in that genre and if you do have been a phone or social media addict like most out there, then one thing that we can confirm is that you surely have seen Aashika Bhatia once there because she is just too famous on the Indian social media platform and has got great influence. And one thing that is for sure, for most of the readers out here is that many of us here have crushed on her once in our lifetime because she has been just so adorable and gorgeous, that it’s hard to not crush on someone like her.

Now coming to the main topic of this article, and has been regarding the dating history of Aashika Bhatia. However, something that has been shocking for this super kid, is that her dating history is talked about more than any other star kid out there and that is mainly because of how publicly she has dealt with it. Mostly we see celebrities dealing with breakups, heartbreaks, and most other stuff in a much more private secretive way, however, Aashika has never been like that she has always been known for her bold attitude be it her relationship status or her dressing sense. And recently from what we have heard and found, our gorgeous Aashika Bhatia hasn’t been dating anyone recently but to know more about her dating history, you really need to continue reading the article till the end, because some huge names from the influencers industry are related and it has been quite controversial too lately.

Aashika Bhatia Boyfriend

Ashika Bhatia Boyfriend.

Now, this has been one of the most talked about things recently regarding her recent controversies and other stuff., the first thing that we have to state about Aashika is that she has always been very outspoken about her relationship status and if you do follow her on her social media profiles, something that we are always updated about is regarding who she is with and what fun she is having in her life. She has always been the fun and jolly kind of person from what we have seen and she just loves to show how she is in real life on her social media. However, the only thing that we have been hearing in the last few days regarding this social media star is how she has been changing boyfriends and how she has been using them. Now we are none to comment on how she has been in life but something that we can surely do is let you all know about what has been going on and let you all decide and have your own perspective.

Firstly, let’s go back to her first relationship which she has been very outspoken about, and mostly all of us have known about that, because they were known as the banger couples of social media, always adorable and giving couple goals. The name of the guy is Satvik Sankhiyan, now if you have been a TikTok lover yourself and have followed the trendy creative content that is made now and then, then you must have heard of this name because Satvik himself rose to prominence because of his career in social media, and he has been working as a music producer and composer, however, both of them had to part ways because of specific personal reasons and surely many fan clubs got shut soon after that.

After a long time of being single and other rumours spreading around, we see Aashika Bhatia again getting herself together and giving relationships another chance and that is when Roshan Gupta comes into her life, Roshan and she has been friends for quite a long time and finally, they started dating a few years back. Their relationship was quite stable and they used to always upload adorable moments of each other on their social media accounts, and again we saw many fan pages rising however there has been an open announcement by the actress that Roshan and she have broken up and they have parted ways. Though this time she didn’t look as much affected as the previous time and that has been quite shocking to someone, which includes Roshan himself.

She has been seen chilling with her new guy friends hanging out and coping very well with the breakup as if there were no emotional attachments and that may have ended up attracting quite a lot of attention to her, was Roshan Gupta used by her, or was he ditched by her are some questions that are left unanswered and we surely have to wait for more things to be uncovered in the case of these two celebrities. Other than the last information that we can confirm right now is that Aashika Bhatia is completely single publicly though if anything secretive is going on, then we still haven’t been able to sniff it yet.

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Aashika Bhatia Early Life

Ashika Bhatia Boyfriend

Ashika Bhatia was actually born in Surat Gujrat in the year 1999 and she belongs to quite an economically stable background. Her father and mother parted ways when she was young and still, she has been close to both of them. She has been currently living with her mother and from what we have heard she has got two siblings, one is dev Bhatia who is also quite famous because of Aashika herself and she has got another sister, who as far as we know lives with her father and not much have been revealed regarding her. She has done her education from Gujrat only and after high school only she has decided to continue her profession as a social media influence and a tv actress. She has already made her debut in the Bollywood industry in the Prem Ratan Dhan Pao Movie and other than that she has been related to many other TV shows works.

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