22 Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad That Have Been Released So Far!

Now we all know what we are here for and maybe being a Breaking Bad fan for such a long time, this is going to be a bit tough for us. Like, have you ever thought about criticizing the show, which you have been fanboying about for a long time? No, I guess none does, because breaking bad has simply been one of the best creations in the history of the action and crime genre tv shows. If we go according to the reviews and the comments of the critics, it is very hard to say, that if the show has got any negative comments or reviews, because whoever has started watching this show, has only ended up getting hooked on the drippy and savage characters, iconic dialogues and many more iconic action scenes, which will just end up amazing you. And this we are saying only for those who still haven’t watched the series, because the audience who have already watched the show, know what we are talking about and already know what watching this show is worthy of.

The show has already received a 9.5 IMDb rating which is just huge when compared to any other series in its genre. It has got its own spin-off series and other stuff and Breaking Bad is just not a show but it’s just a huge universe created by Vince Gilligan. Now still we have got the demand to let you all know about some of the episodes, from the show which was not up to the marks and mostly this includes all episodes from season 3 and some from season 2, however, we still have to list them down, so that maybe you end up skipping some scenes and seeing it on fast forward. Let’s just do whatever it is because we are always here to solve every demand of our readers.

1. Down

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

The first name on this list has been one of the vaguest episodes we have seen so far in the breaking bad history we can say and this is the second season, fourth episode. Now many of you may argue that it was a good one, from what the standards have been, we may say that many of the scenes that were shown in this episode, didn’t contribute much to the main story of the show and you need to understand that it has also received an 8.2 IMDb rating even though it has been criticized, and this just shows how great of a show breaking bad has been since all these 5 seasons.

2. Fly

Like this episode has been just funny at some point, like can you imagine firstly an illegal drug lab operated by a professor and then too, the problem that is coming in the way is that a fly has somehow entered the lab and now the workers have got no way to deal with it, the entire episode is based on how the characters have dealt with the fly and tried to catch it somehow and throw it out of the lab before it ends up contaminating any of the meths. Now, this is a serious problem, but based on the intensity of the show it ends up being funny somehow. This is the 10th episode from season 3.

3. Thirty-Eighth Snub

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

Now, this has been a very talked-about episode, and maybe many of you won’t like our opinion regarding this episode but based on what we have received and according to what the statistics say, this show has to be there on the list. In this episode, we see Walter convincing Skylar with a new business plan that has got an ulterior motive out there, and if you know Walter, he surely has got some other plans related to what he is showing. This is actually the 2nd episode from season 4 and has received an 8.2 IMDb rating which though being moderate, is much less than most other episodes have received in the past.

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4. Green Light

This is the 4th episode from season 3 and as we have said, season 3 hasn’t been one of the best seasons of breaking bad so far and it has faced some criticisms, and from what we have seen, Walt is often the character who knows to take leads, handle situations properly and knows how maturely he should act, however when Walt comes to know that Skylar is cheating on him and he just losses control, he takes certain clumsy steps and lashes out on everyone. While at the same time Jesse is all set trying to see blue meth to Gus, which also takes certain interesting turns. This episode has been ranked 8.2 again, which is much less than most other episodes out there.

5. Bit By A Dead Bee

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

Now, this is the third episode from the second season, and it’s quite a clumsy episode from what we have seen so far. Walt and Jesse have to find proper alibis to back them because their sudden disappearance may end up giving the investigators some more clues on their whole meth situation and at the same time in this episode the investigators do end up getting something new which will turn the situation quite a lot. Though this episode has got quite great remarks and the reviews have also been great with an 8.3 IMDb rating, it’s quite clumsy and the only thing we have got to see in this episode is a struggle from some of our most favorite characters out there.

6. Breakage

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

Now we don’t find the reason why this episode is rated this low however this episode had quite an influence on the show.  When we look at how much significance it has got, this is the episode that marks, the starting of the business, where Walt and Jesse set up the entire system of sellers, using Jesse’s friends and they start selling theirs on every street. This is the 5th episode from season 2 and has received an 8.2 IMDb rating which is quite moderate but not that good. At the same time, we see that there is something irrelevant going on the side of investigators which may be one of the reasons that this episode has made it to this list.

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7. Gray Matter

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

This episode has been quite a controversial one, obviously, we are quite well known, for how Walt is, however in season 1 we still haven’t seen much of him yet. this is the 5th episode from season 1 and has received an 8.3 IMDb rating. The episode mainly comprises of Jesse’s struggle while he is all set to make meth for Walt and at the same time as we already know Walt has got cancer and his entire motive is to safeguard his family, he struggles with his own emotional condition and ego and refuses help from anyone. He doesn’t want anyone to pity his condition and stands strong however this ends up affecting his family relations and ties with many people.

8. Cancer Man

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

This episode hasn’t got much of an influence on the thriller drama concept of the show, but suddenly moving on to season 3 or 4 won’t help you, you need to understand the story and this is the episode where Walt ends up confessing to his family that he has got cancer. There are a lot of dramatic scenes in this episode and at the same time we see Jesse trying to sort things out with his parents, and we do know about his complicated situation from the previous episodes, this is the 4th episode of the season 1, and has received an 8.2 IMDb rating, and has also got great reviews from the show.

9. And The Bags In The River

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

This has been an episode, which we can say surely belongs to this list because nothing happens in this episode. This is the third episode from season 1 and it can be considered an aftermath episode from the actions that have taken place in the previous episode. We have seen that the first deal between Walt and Jesse has gone completely wrong and they have to now deal with a criminal named Krazy 8 which is quite a boring part, to be honest. This episode hasn’t contributed much to at the same time to the storyline and has got moderate ratings as well as moderate reviews from the critics. Overall, you can’t skip the entire episode, but you surely can skip some of its boring scenes.  

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10. Open House

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

This episode is the 3rd one from season 4 and through season 4 was highly praised and a lot of positive comments have been received from the audience, this episode is quite vague compared to the other ones. This just concentrates on how the white household is scattering up and at the same time we see Jesse losing his mental state more, it becomes quite tough for Walt to actually help him out and everything seems like going out of hand. To add to the chaos, we see Skylar making a move, she goes and ends up talking to Saul seeking help in the situations she is facing. Like Walt seriously doesn’t know, what he should handle and what not.

11. Abiquiu

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

Now again we return to the third season of the show and this time it’s the 11th episode which has only an 8.4 IMDb rating, which is quite moderate and not that good, to be honest. This episode marks the changing nature of Skylar as she starts getting more involved in Walt’s business and he doesn’t even have much control over it. And on the other hand, we have already seen Jesse having his own enterprise and he is all set to take a lead role in his own enterprise. However, this episode is just scattered into different parts and ends up making no progress in the story except for the fact that Jesse ends up finding something that is going to affect Walt a lot.

12. Cats In The Bag

This episode is just a disaster when it comes to the story, everything goes wrong on the character’s part, like the first deal that was supposed to be a success and everything seemed all set, ended up being a big failure and there is no way of going back. Both Walt and Jesse are just messed up and this surely ends up being a big behavioral change in the character of Walt which ends up making Skylar more suspicious of Walt. This is the second episode from season 1 and a lot of stories can be understood from this episode however there are a lot of questions that are understood. This episode has received an 8.6 IMDb rating which is again moderate and not quite good.

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13. Negro Y Azul

Now, this is quite a funny as well as an amusing episode, and we see Walt being super smart in this episode. This is the 7th episode from season 2 and it has received an 8.6 IMDb rating which is quite okay, now coming to what we get to see in this episode, that the news is spreading or as we may say the rumors are, which is regarding Jesse killing a man, and obviously, this makes him quite dangerous, however in the business Jesse and Walt are in, fear is what makes them operate well and this rumors just made sure that there is enough fear all over the place and also helped Walt to increase their territory by a lot. Overall, a good episode, just a bit boring according to many audiences at some point.

14. Cornered

Worst Episodes Of Breaking Bad

now we have always seen what kind of family drama goes on in the white family. It is always Skylar and Walt having their own chaotic problems, hiding things from each other, and always having their own differences and this is where we get to see a lot of Skylar’s true characters when she doesn’t trust Walt at all and at the same time, Walt has got his own problems and own faults which make it more dramatic, chaotic and confusing at the same time. This is the 6th episode from season 4 and has received a moderate rating and a moderate review from the critics.

15. Bullet Points

This is the 4th episode from season 4 and though we have said that season 4 has been a very happening season and has received many great comments from the critics we have never said that it hasn’t got vague or boring episodes and somehow this episode has ended up being one of them, though not a very bad one, but not a very good one either. Like hunk seemed quite irritating to the audience at some point to many audiences and this is one of those episodes, where we do end up not liking hunk that much, he ends up opening a new investigation and a new case, and at the same Skylar ends up messing things up for all and as usual, Walt has got much less in his hands as we have always seen in season 4.

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16. I.F.T

Now again we have got another episode, which may be skip-worthy or may have contents that will end up being boring to many of the audience out here. If you have watched the show, you do be remembering this episode only because of Jesse’s presence and not because of Skylar anyhow. Skylar has been just so annoying in some episodes, and Walt doesn’t know how to deal with it in any case. This is the third episode from season 3 and one of the worst episodes from the entire season 3. This episode is just full of family drama and nothing else and if you end up fast-forwarding this episode a bit then you are actually good to go.

17. Mas

Again, returning to season 3 we have got the 5th episode in this line and if you notice the following coming episodes and all, you may end up with the conclusion that the entire season 3 hasn’t been a good one, and most of the episodes just end up being vague. This episode just ends up with another controversy and drama and the problems between Walt and Jesse start happening by now. Jesse’s money is given to Walt and he doesn’t like that thing, and at the same time Gus ends up calling him back into the business and offers him a lot of money to cope with what is going on around him. this episode has received an 8.6 which is just like most other episodes on this list.

18. No Mas

The Cousins (Daniel and Luis Moncada) – Breaking Bad – Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Now, this may be a shock for many fans out there, because breaking and never ends up making a bad episode for the first season, but come one we are not here sitting a thriller action drama, just to watch family drama and chaos and in this episode, we start seeing the new side of Walt and Skylar being in an episode, just ends up messing thing up and she is the one around which this episode revolves. This is the first episode from season 3 and has received quite moderate reviews along with an 8.5 IMDb rating which is actually a bit less than most other episodes of season 3.

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19. Kafkaesque

Now, this is actually not that bad episode according to many fans however majority concludes this episode to be not worth it and that is just because it doesn’t end up continuing to the story as much and maybe that’s just because season 3 hasn’t got much to be giving to the story or increasing the intensity of the content. Obviously, we do have Walt in here, and thankfully Skylar is not here too, however, something that is concerning is Jesse’s finding a new way of living and a new opportunity which we are pretty sure he is going to utilize. These gain him the only one thing he wanted and that was freedom or independence as we may say, and thus we can end up concluding this episode is just an extremely good one Jesse. However, at the same time, Gus and Walt have got something to deal with themselves and overall, this ends up lowering the intensity of how the story was going and somehow gives us less of a thrill and boring vibe by the end of the episode.

20. Over

Now after a long time, we are actually going to jump into a season 2 episode and this is the 10th one. In this episode, things get a bit tricky but this time the drama comes from the part of Jesse, but actually speaking, this episode doesn’t affect much as while having such a thrilling set of content we do need some break and, in this episode, with an 8.5 IMDb rating we see a new type of story. Skylar ends up taking with her boss, which starts something that’s going to mess things up by the end of the season, and then we have Jesse at the same time who is trying to meet with jane’s father who has somehow kept the idea of their relationship a secret from there her father and so he wants to meet her and does everything he could to do so. At the same time, the only good thing that happens in this episode is that we see Walt improving a lot from his previous conditions.

21. Peekaboo

Like obviously when we are watching Breaking Bad we aren’t here to see a game of hiding lies and other stuff this is a show where we expect real problems narcotics and action, and this episode just doesn’t have that stuff. This is the 6th episode from season 2 and this is just the episode before which we have seen Jesse and Walt starting their business on a good scale and though there is a huge misunderstanding at the start, it all gets sorted by the end. And at the same time, we have Skylar panicking and messing up the entire situation though Walt is there to handle everything.

22. Seven Thirty-Seven

Now we seriously don’t know why this episode has been rated this low, however, this episode has been quite a fan favourite and has received an 8.6 IMDb rating. This is the starting episode of season 2 and can be concluded as quite a great episode. It marks the entire dire situation, where we see Jesse and Walt understanding how dangerous Tuco is and that they need to handle him somehow before he gets to kill them.

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