Black Summoner Episode 4 Release Date Is Now Announced!

A Japanese light book series called Black Summoner was authored by Doufu Mayoi. It first started showing up online on the Shsetsuka ni Nar book posting service in October 2014. In June 2016, Overlap released the series with Kurogin’s artwork under their Overlap Bunko banner. Seventeen volumes have been published as of June 2022. In January 2018, Overlap’s Comic Gardo website began serializing a manga adaptation with drawings by Gin Ammo. Its chapters have been compiled into thirteen tank-bon volumes as of June 2022. In July 2022, Satelight debuted its adaptation of an anime television series. The first episode of this series premiered on July 9 of 2022, and the second and third episodes aired on July 16 and 23, respectively. Let’s get into the page to explore its 4th episode release date. 

Black Summoner Episode 4 Release Date

Black Summoner Episode 4 Release Date

One of the most well-known Japanese anime television series, Black Summoner debuted on July 9, 2022. This show became so well-liked within the first few episodes of its debut that a new season was added. Yay! The first season of Black Summoner has begun, and a few episodes have already been aired. After the last episode’s airing, fans of this series were so awestruck by it that they immediately began asking when Black Summoner Season 1 Episode 4 will be released. On July 30, 2022, at 10:00 PM JST, Black Summoner Episode 4 is scheduled to air. 

Name Of The ShowBlack Summoner
Episode NumberEpisode 4
GenreFantasy, Isekai
Black Summoner Episode 1 Release DateJuly 9, 2022
Black Summoner Episode 4 Release DateJuly 30, 2022

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Black Summoner Episode 4 Characters

Yosuke Akimoto, who played Master in Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, voiced Gerard in Black Summoner. Other cast members included Minori Suzuki, who played Sera in Ascendance of a Bookworm, Randhi, who will be paying Kuroto, Kiki Uchiyama, who plays Kelvin in My Hero Academia, Manaka Iwami, who plays Efil in Fruits Basket, and Reina Ueda, who plays Jun The popular light book series by Doufu Mayoi, which has been licensed by J-Novel Club for digital sale in English, is the inspiration for the Black Summoner anime, also known as Kuro no Shkanshi.

Black Summoner Episode 4 Story

The A-grade adventurer who owns Guild Parse discovered that Kelvin is a summoner. He says that most people in the city only make it to the C grade, thus the fact that he attained the E grade so rapidly and had so many subordinates made it appear as though he was anything but ordinary. The A-grade explorer will then invite Kelvin to chase the Demon King, which Kelvin will undoubtedly be thrilled to undertake. He will then go to the monster’s battle. Melfina will support him in this. To save the heroes, Kelvin must battle the Demon King, and he will be paid an unlimited sum. Kelvin will thus leave to become a renowned explorer. But before that happens, he meets a slave woman who is under a powerful curse. Kelvin will therefore consult with others to learn more about the curse and the abilities needed to break it. He’ll find the Demon King’s daughter there, and they’ll fight over her. The daughter of the demon king wants that girl, but Kelvin will make every effort to keep her safe and support her in leading a regular life. Upon Kelvin’s removal of the curse, she will undoubtedly enlist in his army as well.

Black Summoner Episode 3 Recap

Black Summoner Episode 4 Release Date

Kelvin was elevated to E Rank in Black Summoner Episodes 2 and 3. Kelvin was persuaded to embark on an adventure to pursue a Blackghost Knight by Cashel, the D Rank adventurer who used to embarrass him. But Cashel’s entire party and Kelvin pushed on a match. The murder of Kelvin was the goal of Cashel, Raj, and Gimul from his platoon. Fortunately, Gimul and Raj were both apprehended by Kelvin and Clotho. Clotho was a slime gluttonous monster of the Demon Lord class. Cashel stated that they pursue low-rank hunters for the experience after being severely beaten by Kelvin. Fortunately, he and his group were apprehended. When Blackghost Gerard was later located, he confessed that before his death, he was a human knight before he turned into a Blackghost. After a brief duel to gauge each other’s power, Gerard thought back to the kingdom of Alcarl that he had formerly served. Jildora, an elf, however, destroyed it. He said that the Holy Empire of Deramis was destroyed because Alcarl was powerless to aid the Lizea Empire. It was the cause of the deaths of his wife and daughters. He was bound to this world by this sorrow. Kelvin afterwards removed a piece of Gerard’s armor as evidence that he had completed the assignment. Gerard is now Kelvin’s newest monster, joining Melfina and Clotho.

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