My Isekai Life Episode 6 Release Date Is On The Floors Now!

My Isekai Life is a Japanese novel that is adapted into an anime series. The first season of the anime was released in Japan in July 2022. This adventurous show is written by Shinkoshoto, who is also the writer of the novel from which My Isekai Life is adapted. After the show became popular it was released worldwide on many websites and OTT platforms in an English dubbed version. The first season of the show has been a big hit and has gained a successful number of viewers and fans. Five episodes have already been released and here is what you need to know about the release of the sixth episode.

My Isekai Life Episode 6 Release Date

The show started its journey on 4th July 2022 after which this anime series became a big hit among the viewers. Five episodes of the show have been released until now and even in five episodes the storyline of My Isekai Life has kept its viewers hooked to the story. After the release of the fifth episode, people are very much excited to know the release date of the next episode. Well, the 6th episode will be premiered on 1st August 2022. The show is currently the number one anime series running with a successful number of views.

Name Of The ShowMy Isekai Life
Episode NumberEpisode 6
GenreAdventure, Isekai
My Isekai Life Episode 1 Release DateJuly 4, 2022
My Isekai Life Episode 6 Release DateAugust 1, 2022

My Isekai Life Season 2 Release Date

My Isekai Life Episode 6 Release Date

Right now season one is becoming a huge hit among the audience of the show Everyone is just loving this season. So we can expect that there is going to be a second season for this anime series. We might expect the makers to renew the show for another season in 2023 at the earliest so that fans don’t have to keep waiting for too long. However, if there is a season 2 we are expecting it to follow the storyline of the novel. The second season will pick up from where the first season left it in the finale episode. It would be exciting to know what the second season will have in its store for us?

My Isekai Life Season 1 Story

The story of the anime My Isekai Life is about a corporate drome who is always at work. He is always working no matter where he is, at his home or his office. The name of this corporate drone is Yuji Sano. One day his computer shows a message that he is summoned to another world now, but he thinks all of this is not true. Soon he realizes he is actually in some other world where he has nothing to do and he cannot do any of his paperwork. While he is in the other world is has nothing to do, he keeps dreaming of the day he would return to normal and all the paperwork that would be piled up for him to do. Later he realizes his monster tamer character class which gives him the power to be a friend with the slime. These slimes help him to get magical knowledge. The consumption of this knowledge makes him the greatest sage of all. The question is what will happen when he returns to his real world? Will he influence people by being a sage or become the drone again who does nothing? but work.

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My Isekai Life Characters

My Isekai Life Episode 6 Release Date

The main character Yuji is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, Dryad is voiced by Azumi Waki, Proudwolf is voiced by Wakaru Takagi, Sura is voiced by Hikaru Tohno, Surapacchi is voiced by Mai Kanno, Mayusura is voiced by Haruna Mikawa, Surahappa is voiced by Erisa Kuon, Higesura is voiced by Nichika Omori, and Peke Sura is voiced by Miharu Hanai. There are chances that makers might add some new characters in the second season to make the show more interesting and fun. Let’s see what season 2 characters will have in its store for us. The addition of new characters is also based on the novel from which the show has been adapted, it might follow the character list of the novel only.

Where To Watch My Isekai Life Online?

You can watch all the seasons of My Isekai Life on Crunchyroll and Netflix app. If you want to watch it online on a website you can go for 9anime and hidive. All these platforms offer English dubbed versions of My Isekai Life. The show has only released five seasons so far so it’s the best time to binge-watch it and stay up to date with the new episodes.

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