Is Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Release Date Cancelled?

Many of us have already heard of the fate franchise and have been very hooked on the show fate/ extra last core. However, this is only for those people who have understood the previous productions of the franchise and have been able to put every bit of the confusing story in place. For those who don’t know anything about fate/ extra last core, it is actually an animated series that has been adapted from a game sharing the same title which has been produced by Shaft, and the anime initiative was taken by the writer Kinoku Nasu who has been very much well known in the anime industry for his great storyline and well-described stories. However, this may be the only case when kinoku Nasu, hasn’t reached the heights he had imagined with this series. The critic’s comments on this series haven’t been very nice and the story has been described by many reviewers as confusing. Other than that, the IMDb rating of the anime is also 5.8 which is very less. Followed by most of the fan base of the show is concentrated in Japan only and the series hasn’t been able to spread all over the world very well. However still if you are able to understand the story properly you can give it a watch.

Now the main question that we have received from our readers is whether fate/extra last core has been canceled, or are we still going to receive a third season. Unfortunately, the answer to this is a big no, the show has already been canceled by the makers while season 2 was being telecasted and there has been no update regarding a new season in the last few years. However, fans shouldn’t lose hope and keep waiting because we have often seen shows being taken over by other studios and bringing it back on track with a better story and that may end up happing in the case of this anime.

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Release Date

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Release Date

The game from which the show has been adopted came out in the year 2011 and it was quite a popular game, after that the fate universe started and we received fate stay night which came out in the year 2014 and it was the same story just 1000 years back in the timeline from which we see in fate extra last core. Now the first season of the show fate extra last core came to us in the year 2018 and it had a total of 10 episodes. Each episode had a runtime of approximately 21 minutes just like any other anime and then the 2nd season of the show came out in July months of 2018 only and it had only 3 very weird episodes. Now after that, as we know the makers canceled the show and thus, we haven’t received any season 3 of the show. However, the fate universe still exists and we may see a new series based on the same timeline in the future, or we may also end up seeing the fate universe being taken over by some other studios and the third season being animated by them.

Name Of The ShowFate/Extra Last Encore
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreRole Playing Game
Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 1 Release DateJanuary 28, 2018
Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Release DateCancelled

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Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Story

Now season 3 is nothing clear because our main protagonist Hakuna Kishnami is one of the masters in this world and he is currently a part of an academy where there are many people and it is always a survival kind of thing where people on each floor of that academy have to beat the floor masters to climb up and reach the core of the moon cell automaton and Hakuna gets a servant in this world who has got immense power and along with her he goes on fighting the floor masters, making new friends as well as enemy and struggling his way and that’s how the story will go on continuing in season 3.

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Trailer

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Release Date

As of now, we know that the third season of the show has already been canceled and thus we still haven’t received a trailer for season 3 yet. if there are any changes, we may end up receiving a trailer very soon. Other than that, the trailer for the previous season is available on YouTube and readers can check it out to know more about the series.

Where Can We Watch Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 3 Online?

The last season of the show is available on the Netflix platform for online streaming and thus we can hope that the third season of the show will also make it to the Netflix platform if it ever happens.

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