Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Now if you have been a manhwa fan, then you surely have heard the name of this manga series or webtoon series as we may say along with the anime series. If you haven’t yet heard the name, your time has come and we will suggest you binge-watch the anime series sharing the same title and then continue with the manga series from which this show has been adapted. The writer of this manga series is S.I.U, one of the most well know manga writers in the industry currently, and when it comes to the reviews of the show, the anime series has been great and the fanbase of the show is spread all over the world and the ratings of the anime series have also been great. The franchise series mainly belongs to the science fiction and fantasy genre and one of the great things about this series is that it has received a game too which is also incredible.

Now as you can realize from the heading of the show, that manga series has been going on for quite a long time now and there has been a lot of confusion all over the place regarding the 552 episodes. According to some, it will release following the normal release schedule, and according to some the writer of the series S.I.U has taken a break. Now, we have disappointing news for the readers, the writer has already announced after the 550th episode that he is taking a break from the manga series, and though he hasn’t mentioned why, according to our sources, his health conditions aren’t very good and he has been suffering for past few months. Thus, the release date of the series isn’t yet confirmed, but according to some sources, there is news regarding some dates, to know more do continue reading the article till the end.

Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date

The webtoon or the manga series from which the anime series has been originally adapted came out in the year 2010 and is still running which means there is a lot of content for readers to read if you even haven’t started yet and the anime series came out in the year 2020 and was quite a success too. The manga series releases a single chapter every week just like any other manga and this had been going on for some while now, however for the last few months S.I.U has been very ill and it’s very much a struggle for him to write, so he has, at last, decided to take a break from the manga series until his health gets better, and then we will receive the 552nd episode. According to some sources estimated recovery time will be 6-7 months and thus we will be receiving the new chapter again by the end of 2022.

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Tower Of God Chapter 552 Story

Now as we have told the 551st episode only didn’t come out because the writer informed us that he is taking a break and he will continue only after that, thus for 552 the only thing that we can predict is the wedding competition for which the entire marriage ceremony is put at risk will take place and some chaos will also happen. There is another prediction that the scene where Yama was left to face the Yama while he is disguised among the beast men, that scene may be continued and we may end up seeing some great action too.

Tower Of God Chapter 550 Recap

The 550th episode hasn’t got many things in it, the first part of the chapter is mainly related to why and how the wedding competition is taking place, and then with a great pace we move into the story where Yama tries to free the beat men but they were being controlled and soon he had to disguise himself among them to take a look at the anime., many other side acts took place and we were seeing how everyone was shocked with the announcement of the wedding competition.

Tower Of God Chapter 552 Characters

Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date

As we have already seen tower of God is one of those manga series where there are a lot of characters and it can’t be surely said who all are going to be there, we are going to get some big scenes from Yama for sure, then we may also see Aguero a bit, followed by Lo Po Bia. There will be many other characters but nothing is sure yet.

Where Can We Read Tower Of God Chapter 552?

Tower of God series will release its chapter 552 just like most of its other chapters and will be available on popular manga reading sites.

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