Ripper Street Season 6 Release Date Is Finally Cancelled!

Have you all heard the name of Jack the ripper? If you have heard then ripper street may be something you all end up liking. After 6 months of where the jack ripper murder cases mainly took place, some detectives and cops were in charge of maintaining peace and justice and this street is thereby known as ripper street. The ripper street is a British drama series that has critically worked on historical events, combined with cases of daily lives and how a group of detectives and cops, solve it together and how their personal life also gets involved in it. this show has been running for quite some time now and it has already received five seasons which generally means that the show has been pretty successful in the past however in this case, it wasn’t actually very successful and there was always a problem regarding the renewal of the show. The show has received an 8.1 IMDb rating however the view counts of the show weren’t much high. The critic’s comments on this show have also been mixed, some consider it to be really good, whereas according to some with the new season, the story degraded and by the end, it wasn’t worth watching.

Now coming to the main question that is whether we are going to get season 6 for ripper street or has it been canceled yet. Unfortunately, we have bad news for all ripper street fans, the show was already canceled by the makers and the producer’s side while season 4 and 5 of the show was in making, and thus new haven’t received season 6 yet. Now, readers don’t lose hope that easily, ripper street was quite a praised tv series too and in some aspects, it was successful too, so we have often seen new studios overtaking old projects and bringing new seasons and giving them a proper end, and this may also end up being the case for this series.

Ripper Street Season 6 Release Date

Ripper Street Season 6 Release Date

The first season of the show came out in the year 2012 and before that, it took nearly a year time for the production of the first season. After that we see there being certain problems, but the second and the third season came out in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively. After the release, there was a lot of criticism and the show was considered to be not worth it and the views count fell drastically. There was also the chaos that the next season will not be produced however Netflix funded the release of the following two seasons, which were better than the third season but still not great. While the fourth season was in the making only the 6th season was canceled. That’s the end of this and as we have said, there is still a chance in the future that this show will be brought back by some new studio but that’s a huge maybe and we will have to wait a long time for that.

Name Of The ShowRipper Street
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreDrama, Mystery
Ripper Street Season 1 Release Date30 December, 2012
Ripper Street Season 6 Release DateCancelled

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Ripper Street Season 6 Story

The 6th season of the show if it comes back will have nothing new as such, it will follow the same set of ripper street and will bring back the same characters., we may start with some historically eminent events but the episode will mainly comprise new cases which will be fictional, we are surely going to see a lot of use of intellect and along with that an action-filled journey but nothing is sure as of now. The new makers may also think of introducing new characters to spice up things.

Ripper Street Season 6 Cast

The cast of the show is expected to be the same if season 6 happens and in the main roles, we are going to see Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rottenberg, MyAnna Buring, Charlie McKenna, and many other big names. There will be many other additional cast members who have acted as recurring characters and along with that, we do expect the introduction of some new characters played by some new great artists for this show.

Ripper Street Season  Trailer

As we have told you the 6th season of the show hasn’t been confirmed yet and thus, we still haven’t received a trailer for season 6 yet. However, the trailer for the previous seasons are currently available online

Where Can We Watch Ripper Street Season 6?

All previous seasons of ripper street are currently available on Amazon Prime Videos and Vudu and thus we can expect the new season to also be available on these streaming platforms.

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