Is Control Z Worth Watching? Read To Know!

Control Z is a Mexican streaming drama teen drama television series created by Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, and Miguel García Moreno, developed for Netflix by Lemon Studios and premiered on Netflix on May 22, 2020. The show will be starring Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Jankel Stevan and Zion Moreno. Immediately after its release, it will be renewed in the second season on May 29, 2020. Season 2 will be released on August 4, 2021, and later in the month the series will be updated to the third final season and will be released on July 6, 2022. At a rally at Colegio Nacional, a hacker removes a student’s mask.

As a transgender, he comes out causing panic and humiliation. The next day, hackers reveal more student secrets and dozens of teenagers turn each other on. Introverted teenager Sophia Herrera tries to find out who this hacker is before her stains are revealed. A very perceptual student, Sophia is friends with novice Javier Williams. Unprotected Lewis is being bullied by Jerry. At a school rally, a mysterious hacker reveals that popular student Isabella is transgender, threatening Raul, Natalia, and Jerry to reveal their secrets. As a result, Isabella’s boyfriend Pablo leaves her. Sophia and Javier investigate to find the hacker, who sends a text message to Isabella to take revenge on those who have revealed her and Pablo, and she replies “yes.” Hackers reveal the secrets of Raul, Natalia, Pablo, and Jerry at Isabella’s request. Raul’s private video reveals that his father, a politician, is corrupt. Natalia is supposed to steal the money she raised for the NONA party.

Is Control Z Worth Watching?

Is Control Z Worth Watching?
Control Z

If you look at a teenager in the courtyard of a large high school and look at text messages and Instagram, you can see what’s on the screen of your cell phone. Summary: Sophia (Ana Valeria Becerril) is not a popular girl in the junior class of El Colegio National in Mexico City. Most people think of her as a freak and know that her father died last year and she spent some time in a psychiatric facility. She often has a flashback to that time. One of the other reasons is that Sophia is very attentive to her classmates. This happens when she confronts Jerry (Patricio Gajardo) and he and his companions are bullying the quiet and shy Lewis (Lewis Kriel) outside her locker. For example, she observes that Jerry’s mother cut his hair and that another member of the group has never treated his dandruff.

When a new kid, Javier (Michael Ronda), enters school, everyone wants to be his companion, as he is the son of one of Mexico’s biggest soccer stars. But when he is with Sophia, he equates her more to his more famous classmates. He joins her on the glass roof of her school playground and she shows exactly what each group of her students does at that moment. During the In Youth Class meetings, the video presentation will be replaced with a video showing that one of the students, Isabella (Zion Moreno), is actually hiding the fact that she is transgender. Of course, most ridiculous boys are curious if she still has a penis, and her boyfriend Pablo (Andres Bida) thinks she cheated on him. One of the other popular groups, Raul (Yankel Stevan), puts Sophia aside and shows extortion DM from an account known only as @allyoursecrets.

When Sophia realizes that Raul has sold Isabella, she is blackmailed but debris begins to fall into place. Her friend Natalia (Macarena Garcia) stole her phone and Jerry uploaded it to the school’s server. But now, with the help of Javier, Sophia must understand who her blackmailer is. This show is great. Sometimes it’s a little slow, but you certainly won’t get bored. CLIMAX was as good as I thought. Still, this show is worth a look … Overall, it’s a fun, addictive, and globally appealing series. June 10, 2020, | Rating: 4/5 | Complete Review. Like any great telenovela, the series is full of clichés, so the character is full of mysteries. Season 2 is a sequel to Season 1. At the end of Season 1, Sophia thought the hackers were caught, but things don’t always look like them. The story revolves around hackers who uncover everyone’s dirty secrets, and eventually, these secrets confuse their lives and ruin their impressions.

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Control Z Cast

Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia Herrera, her love interest was Raul, and now Javier. She is a very careful and quiet student and is often considered an outsider by her classmates. When her secret is revealed, she begins to find out who the hacker is. She is smart and very worried about justice but usually needs to maintain peace between Raul and Javier and suffers from mental health problems due to the circumstances of her family. Michael Ronda as Javier Williams, a freshman and a concern for Sophia’s love. He will soon make friends with Sophia on his first day at national school. He expresses his romantic feelings to Sophia throughout the season and is usually a rival to Raul over research and Sophia. He is the son of retired soccer player Damian Williams but declines the coach’s request to play for the school team.

Yankel Stevan as Raul Leon, Sofia’s love concern. Like Javier, he expresses his romantic feelings for Sophia throughout the season. Coming from a fairly wealthy family, he was initially one of the most popular children but later helped Sophia track down hackers. He doesn’t like Javier. Zion Moreno as a transgender student and former Pablo friend Isabella de la Fuente (Season 1). She was the most popular girl in school and she was liked by many boys, but after she turned out to be transgender, she was molested by several students and Pablo. Was abandoned. Luis Curiel (Season 1, Guest Season 2) is Luis Navarro, a quiet student who enjoys painting. He is often bullied by Gerry, Ernest, and Dario, but he is supported by Sophia and Javier.

Samantha Acuña has an off-limits relationship with biology teacher Gabriella, as Alex, is a frank but socially distant lesbian student with computer talent. Macarena Garcia Romero, Natalia Alexander, one of the most popular students, Maria’s twin sisters, and one of Isabella’s former best friends. She was in charge of planning the NONA event until her secret that she was using the money she had collected to buy something expensive for herself was revealed. She is very selfish and focused and makes extreme efforts to achieve what she wants. Fiona Palomo, Maria Alexander, Natalia’s twin sisters, and Isabella’s other best friend who has a secret relationship with Pablo. She is often her sister’s companion, but she is kind to people and she always tries to make her friends happy. While he was dating Isabella, she feels guilty about dating Pablo.

Control Z Story Predictions

Is Control Z Worth Watching?
Control Z

Set in a high school crazy about social media, Control Z is basically a cross between the elite, gossip girl, and you. If not initially warned about the tilt of social media, the opening shot shows a series of emojis floating in the air like weightless confetti. Our story begins with Sophia walking down the hallway and intervening when Jerry and his gang begin to bully Lewis. This bullying continues throughout the series and gets worse as the episode progresses. First, is the simple case of allowing Sophia to move her children to reach the lockers. Sophia is rebellious and lonely, which is exacerbated by the fact that her father died a year ago. But when Sophia teams up with her new child Javier on the project, her entire personality is tested.

During a school presentation, a mysterious stranger hijacked the video to reveal that Isabella is actually transgender. This is the first of a series of victims whose secrets are revealed. Sophia begins an investigation while Isabella and her boyfriend Pablo are teased by the students. Isabella will soon receive a message from “@allyoursecrets” asking if she wants to take revenge on those who mistreated her. There are four names here: Gerry, Natalia, Raul, and Pablo. Isabella agrees to revenge, and confusion will inevitably occur. More videos will be released blaming all four while the school is scrambling to understand what’s going on. All students are worried about visiting the new principal, Quintanilla. Sophia deliberately sends herself there so that she can investigate.

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Control Z Trailer

Control Z

Sofia, Javier, Raul, Maria, Claudia, and Susana fight for a bag of money, and Susana looks dying and falls off the roof with the bag. Pablo, who witnessed this, picked up the money, and while Javier, Alex, Jerry, and Claudia stared in horror, Sophia, Raul, and Maria stood on the edge of the roof and looked at Susana’s corpse. Do not represent. The season ends with another aerial shot zoomed out. Immediately after Susana’s accidental death, the group keeps their involvement secret and concludes an agreement not to talk about it again. Fifteen months later, the group was nearing completion and realized their dreams. Everything looks very good to them until the hackers become active again and threaten to rob them of what they love most.

Where To Watch Control Z?

Immediately after its release, it will be renewed in the second season on May 29, 2020. Season 2 will be released on August 4, 2021, and the series will be updated to the third final season later this month and will be released on July 6, 2022. Control Z Season 2 will be available on Netflix in the middle of the week. In fact, it will be the perfect Humpday series to watch.

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