Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date And Story Details!

Money Mafia: India’s King Con is an Indian discovery original series that shows some real stories of cyber frauds in India. Cybercrime is day by day becoming a major problem in India. It is one of the biggest crimes in India. Every day hundreds and thousands of people suffer from Cybercrime and lose their preciously earned money. These frauds happen with everybody irrespective of someone’s position, status, education, post, etc. Hence, to create awareness about these crimes and convey the safety measures, a documentary is made by discovery. Two seasons of Money Mafia have been released now and are widely liked by people in India. Now, fans of the series are excited for Money Mafia season 2. Hence, for all those fans we have bought all the available information regarding Money Mafia season 3.

Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date

Money Mafia Season 3
Money Mafia Season 3

Season 1 of Money Mafia was released in August 2021 which had four episodes. While season 2 of the series was released in November 2021 which also had 4 episodes. Now it’s more than 6 months since any new season of Money Mafia is not released on Discovery Plus. But it is expected that season 3 of Money Mafia will release very soon; maybe later in this year only. However, there is no official information about this from the makers of the series or Discovery Plus. Hence, for the official release date of Money Mafia season 3, fans have to wait for a while. However, we will update the information whenever the official release date of Money Mafia will be announced.

Money Mafia Season 1 Release DateAugust 3, 2021
Money Mafia Season 2 Release DateNovember 23, 2021
Money Mafia Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date

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Money Mafia Season 3 Story

Money Mafia TV series covers all the finance-related frauds that caused the loss of money for several people in the country. Season 1 and season 2 covered some true stories of fraud that questioned financial and cyber security in the nations. Makers also focused on the recent hot topics in the previous seasons of the series. Hence, for season 3 also it is expected that some new and recent stories of fraud and cheating will be covered. Such stories not only make people aware of the fraudulent practice taking place in the outside world but also make them cautious so that they could not stuck in any such tap.

Notably, as of now, there is no official information available on the stories of different episodes of Money Mafia season 3. But whenever, the trailer of the series will release, an idea about the upcoming stories could be made. Till now, fans can only wait for any new information from the makers.

Money Mafia Previous Seasons Precap

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The previous episodes of Money Mafia focused on various hot cyber fraud and financial cheating cases that trapped men and women from every sector. In season 1, the first episode was about Abdul Karim Tego’s Stamp Paper scam which made crores of property and various bank accounts filled with money for him. While the second episode of the season focused on a cyber fraud gang operating in the country and trapping innocent people. The third episode focused on loan fraud. While final episode of the series focused on a cheap smartphone fraud that never came.

Season 2 of Money Mafia came with more recent and shocking financial and cyber frauds in the nation. The episodes include call centre fraud, Crypto fraud, stock market fraud, and fraud by Kerala’s non-banking financial company that had a huge impact on the state.

Money Mafia Season 3 Trailer

As an official announcement about Money Mafia season 3 has not been made yet, its trailer is also not available. However, the trailer of season 1 and season 2 of the series is available on YouTube, Discover Plus, and Amazon Prime. However, whenever the trailer of Money Mafia season 3 will release, we will update the site.

Where To Watch Money Mafia Season 3?

Whenever season 3 of Money Mafia will release, it will be available for viewers of the Discover Plus app as Money Mafia is a discovery original series. All episodes of season 1 and season 2 of Money Mafia are also available on Discovery Plus. However, season 1 and season 2 of the TV series are also available on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers of any of the above apps can easily watch all the episodes of Money Mafia. All the episodes of the series are also short which is between 25 minutes to 30 minutes duration. Hence, you can quickly finish the series. Notably, you can also watch the series on TV whenever Discovery decides its re-telecast.

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