What Happens To Thorfinn After Season 1?

After the release of season 1 of the show, Vinland saga, there have been a lot of things fans have been waiting to know, askelad’s sudden death was something no fans ever expected and what happened to Thorfinn, his entire motive for living was to kill askeladd, and now that he is dead what is Thorfinn going to do. We also have many questions regarding whether Thorfinn is going to return to his village, the entire political situation we were left in, how prince Canute gained power and obviously we are going to miss anything about Thorkell.

As we know the first season of the anime Vinland saga has been adapted from its original manga which shares the same name and is written by Makoto Yukimura, and another great thing about this anime’s manga is that it came out in the year 2005 and is still running which means there is a lot of contents to show and a lot of question to be answered.

The anime series, Vinland saga, came out in the year 2019 and has got an extremely good response from the audience as well as the critics, and since then fans have been filled with anticipation regarding the release of the second season of the show, and if you are one of those fans who can’t control their curiosity regarding the story of Thorfinn, we directly bring you what has been shown in the manga and there are always some chances that the makers change some of the content from the original manga series, but as we know the main story remains the same.

There may be some spoilers in the content below but if you have already seen the trailer of Vinland saga 2 which has been out on YouTube for quite some time now, it won’t be much of a spoiler, because you may have already known the starting of the upcoming life of Thorfinn.

Thorfinn’s Story In Season 2

What Happens To Thorfinn After Season 1

As we have already seen in season 1, askeladd is already dead, and that too killed but not by the hands of Thorfinn. Prince Canute was the man to whose glory, askeladd sacrificed him (if you don’t know much about askeladd and the previous story shown in season 1, you can read the season 1 recap mentioned a bit below in this article). Now most of us must be thinking that Thorfinn must have returned to his own village and the old man from his village may have brought him back, but that isn’t how the story goes. We all have seen how in that age, slaves were treated, the misery of slaves, which we saw in the first few episodes of season 1 only.

 This time Thorfinn ended up being a slave on the farm of Ketil, who is a bit different from other slave masters, he gives them the scope to gain freedom once, they have given him the returns from farming his land. Now if we don’t look at the big picture that is going on, Thorfinn currently is going through a phase where he is unable to forget the warrior within him and has no motive to live, that’s where he meets Einar, another slave with whom he slowly develops a bond of friendship, the first friend he ever has from the starting of his life and things slowly start changing. There are various other characters on the farm, those who disgust them because of their status as a slave, but they end up being liked by the great master, Ketil’s father who slowly helps them out by lending them a horse and other farming equipment which they would have never gotten as a farmer.

Now we also need to keep an eye on the everyday nightmares that Thorfinn gets, he doesn’t remember but always feels like he is falling from a cliff, which cliff is that we will soon find out. Through the help of the great master, Thorfinn slowly gets the hope that he can empty himself completely and be reborn as a new person, learn new things, and realize what war can do to them, we hope that the second season of the show will also show how Thorfinn and Einar’s all effort go to vain when servants who envied slaves, ended up destroying all of there harvest and soon both of them end up fighting that group of servants. That is the point where we get into the inner turmoil of Thorfinn, his father shows up and he is soon accused of harming other people, we no knowledge about their sins, he then sees himself fall from a cliff and finds himself dangling on the end of the cliff and below him, he will find a land of destruction where there is no end of the war, and no win, he assumes it to be Valhalla, but soon we see askeladd sitting above all and clearing his misconceptions. A pile of dead bodies soon starts climbing toward Thorfinn and tries to pull him into this land of destruction but askeladd tells him to climb up and rise overall war and get reborn as a new human, a human who won’t harm anyone without a cause. That may have been a dream for him, but it was his first stage in forgetting his past and gave him hope to live for himself.

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Prince Canute’s Story After Season 1

After season 1, things change drastically for Canute and he falls under the same pain of having power, just like his father, while he is the crowned king of Denmark, there is a lot of chaos as King Harold, still remains as the other king, though we see Canute using his cunning measures and the mindset of the king, to get England under him and at the same time slowly starts poisoning Harold, his elder brother. We often find him talking to his dead father’s head which was cut off by askeladd as a sacrifice for Canute because that’s the only person he can share his pain with. Everything has completely changed for him and soon we will see his rise as a great king, now we are just not going to tell you about the entire story to be shown in season 2, because the political scenario has got much to do with the coming ages and prince Canute and Thorfinn, have surely got some relation which is expected to be shown in season 3 of the show.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show made it to us in the year 2019 and after a long time wait from the fans, at last in 2022 we see an official announcement regarding season 2 of the show. The trailer of the second season is already out on YouTube and the dates have already been announced for the release of season 2. We will receive the second season of the Vinland saga in January 2023. More trailers are expected to drop by till then and the manga isn’t ending soon, thus we have a long way to go with this series. though who can’t hold your anticipation for the upcoming season, you can actually read the manga because even if you get spoilers, you will actually enjoy the show a lot.

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Vinland Saga Season 1 Recap

What Happens To Thorfinn After Season 1

The first season of the show mainly concentrates on how Thor the father of Thorfinn, is living secretly in a faraway land after abandoning his responsibilities in the Danish army, however, he is tracked down and asked to return to duty when he embarks on his journey back to the Danish army, his son sneaks on his ship along with some fellowmen, however on the way under the orders of the Danish king, a contract is given to a part of rogue warriors whose leader is Askeladd, Askeladd being a cunning man captures Thorfinn and ends up killing Thor, and these leads to a constant grudge against him and with that utter hatred he goes on following askeladd and challenging him in duels, time after time, but never succeeded, while all this is going he soon becomes one of them and his revenge becomes the only aim of his life.

While all this is going on, askeladd’s party became the guards of prince Canute who has been sent to capture England, and many things going on during those times. Lastly, we see askeladd sacrificing himself by killing the king of Danes, in front of Canute, so that he can be framed as the murderer and Canute gains the throne of Danes. However, with the death of Askeladd, we see Thorfinn losing the aim of his life, and that is to kill askeladd, we should also remember that Thorfinn being the son of the great fighter Thor, was one of the best fighters in Askeladd’s party, he was nearly on par with Askeladd.

Where Can We Watch Vinland Saga Season 2?

The show just like its previous season will be available on the various free anime online streaming platforms, and like most other animes, it will be available on Crunchyroll before most other platforms.

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