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At the heart of the show are genuine, friendly characters with adult-style experiences. “Feels Like Home” is a series of four boys who have moved to their first home far from their family. Everyone shares this reason fairly, and they live their lives without mutual support. Lionsgate Play arrives in a third original series, completely different from the last two. Each episode of the show is rooted in reality, with specific assumptions built on the elements of the farce. A party with a crazy setting, a pet iguana, a lesbian wedding, girlfriend and father issues, and a finale to celebrate friendship. The main roles of the series are played by Prit Kamani (Preet Kammani), Vishnu Kaushal, Anshuman Malhotra, Mihir Ahuja, Inayat Sood, and Himika Bose.

Feels Like Home Season 2 Release Date

Feels Like Home Season 2 Release Date
Feels Like Home

On May 20, 2022, the creators of the series announced the official release date, and a poster showing all four protagonists (Preet, Vishnu, Mihir, and Anshuman) were seen enjoying the party. The movie will be streamed on June 10, 2022, on Lionsgate Play. Last year, the platform announced a major release slate planned for the next 12 months, premiering 50-60 new international titles, including original series and movies.

As promised, we delivered the original show Hiccups and Hookups, a Hindi remake of the acclaimed American comedy-drama Casual, and a remake of the college drama Jugadistan and the comedy-drama U Special. The streaming platform is now ready to present a third Indian original series entitled Feels Like Home, which tells the story of four friends. The first season of Feels Like Home was released on June 10, 2022, and there is no official update of the second season yet as the first season is released now only. The makers and the producers of the Feels like home season 2 will first see the success of season 1 and then they will probably decide what to do next.

Feels Like Home Season 1 Release DateJune 10, 2022
Feels Like Home Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Feels Like Home Season 2 Release Date

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Feels Like Home Season 2 Story Predictions

The web series begins with four young people fleeing their hometown and living together. In everyday life, they learn to balance everything around, parties, gender, fights, dramas, and all the epic things that happen when four boys start living under one roof increase. It tells the life of four boys who move to their first home far from the home where they party, fight and do everything the “boy” does. In the midst of hardship and anxiety, a series of events will take place to transform them from boys to men in order for all four to share a strong bond and openness.

Feels Like Home Season 2 Cast

Mihir Ahuja is seen portraying the role of Akhil Gandhi and is also the main role in this series. He seems thrilled and very excited to be a part of this series. Anshuman Malhotra plays the role of Sameer and he further said that while shooting this series, it was a joyful ride, and can never forget that. Also, he personally liked to shoot in this series and be a part of it. There is also one boy whose name is Avinash is played by Vishnu Kaushal he says that he was first an influencer on the social media apps and now starring in the series is still unexpected for him. Also, there are many other crew and cast members who contributed at a very large scale and made this series successful. The story was eventually by crew members named Chiranjeevi, Sidhanta Mathur, Parikshit, and Gauri Pandit.

Feels Like Home Season 2 Trailer

Feels Like Home Season 2 Release Date
Feels Like Home

Lionsgate Play today released a trailer for its third original series, Feels Like Home. Recording the lives of four boys who moved to their first home far from home, the series created a whirlwind of emotion and friendship. Preet Kammani, who portrayed the character of Lakshay Kochhar, called this a new take on a comedy-drama and said: A teenage show centred on a character ensemble cast, the elements of romance, friendship, and everyday youth struggle are perfectly blended into a beautifully woven story. We have a group of incredibly talented, passionate, and hard-working people whose goal is to bring something fresh to the audience. A heartwarming but tickling story of friendship and unity. I’m very happy to see everyone laughing with us at the show, laughing, crying, and crying”.

Where To Watch Feels Like Home Season 2?

This series will only be streamed on the app named Lionsgate Play and viewers will need to take a premium membership for streaming this series.

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