Is Toolsidas Junior A Real Story?

Indian cinema has always made many films based on sports. From fictional movies like Lagaan, Cha de India, and Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander to biographies like MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Bhagh Milkha Bhagh, Marrycom, Saina, 83, and many more; Indian cinema is full of sports-based movies. Eventually, such movies are also liked by the audience on a large scale and collect a massive amount at the box office. However, in this queue of sports-based movies, this year one more movie is released in Bollywood named Toolsidas Junior. However, based on sports, Toolsidas Junior is different from other sports movies. Because it is not about common games like cricket, hockey, badminton, or boxing. Rather it s based on Snooer a less popular sport in India.

Released on 23rd May 2022, Toolsidas Junior is a screenplay by legendary Ashutosh Gowarikar. It is also the last movie of actor Rajiv Kapoor, released after his death in 2021. As the movie is getting appreciation from the audience it is also being said that Toolsidas Junior is based on the real-life story of director Mridul Mahendra. If you are also the one, who is wondering whether Toolsidas Junior is a biopic or not then here we are to tell everything about Toolsidas Junior and its real story.

Is Toolsidas Junior A Real Story?

Is Toolsidas Junior A Real Story
Is Toolsidas Junior A Real Story

Yes, Toolsidas Junior is a real story. The movie is written by Mridul Mahendra inspired by his real-life incidences. The lead character in the movie Toolsidas Junior aka Midi is actually Mridul. According to producer Ashutosh Gowarikar, when he first listened to the script he did not know that Midi in the script is Mridul himself. In this movie, based on Mridul’s real life, he bought a new game in the eyes of the Indian audience which is mostly ignored.

The movie is about Midi or Junior Toolsidas who wants to bring home a snooker trophy to his home which was a dream of his father. Midi’s father was a very good snooker player but he failed in winning the trophy as he become an alcohol addict. Midi decides to play snooker and win a trophy for his family. For this goal, he also gets special training. His snooker training began under a popular snooker champion Mohammad Salman.

The story of Toolsidas Junior covers various challenges Mridul himself faced and how he remained dedicated to the goal of achieving his and his father’s dream of a snooker trophy. Mridul says that snooker is a very important part of his life. He has earned so much through snooker. Notably, he wanted to show Toolsidas Junior to his father and Rajiv Kapoor together on a special screening. But unfortunately, both of them passed away last year during the post-production of Toolsidas Junior.

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Toolsidas Junior Story

Toolsidas Junior is written by Mridul from the incidences of his own life. Apart from Midi’s journey of taking a snooker trophy to his home, there is a lot more in the movie. Toolsidas Junior is a complete family movie where family emotions, love, and care are been marked and Midi inspires by his father to play snooker and win the trophy.

In the whole journey of Midi aka Toolsidas Junior, we saw his older brother Goti with him as manager. While Toolsidas Junior’s mother is seen as dedicated to taking care of his family and controlling the alcoholism of his husband. The movie showed the struggle of the whole family and in the end victory of the whole family.

Toolsidas Junior Cast

Is Toolsidas Junior A Real Story

Toolisdas Junor has a very small star cast. N the movie, Toolsidas Junior aka midi is a young boy and son of Toolsidas who wants to fulfil his father’s dream by winning a snooker game. His character is played by child actor Varun Buddhadev. While Midi’s father and senior Toolsidas is played by the late Rajiv Kapoor who died last year after completing the shooting of the film

Apart from these two, you will also see actor Sanjay Dutt in the movie who portrayed the character of Mohammad Salman, a known snooker player who also helps Toolsidas in snooker. Tasveer Kamil is playing Toolsidas’s wife while Chinmay Chandranshuh played Goti Toolsidas and Sara Arjun played Midi’s friend Pia.

This movie is written and directed by Mridul Mahendra. While Toolsidas Junior is produced by T-series and Ashutosh Gowarikar.

Where To Watch Toolsidas Junior?

Toolsidas Junior was released on 23rd May 2022 on Netflix. There was no theatrical release of this movie. Hence, you can watch Toolsidas Junior only on Netflix. However, the trailer of the movie is available on YouTube, Netflix, and other websites also.

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