Is London Kills A True Story?

Is London Kills A True Story?
Is London Kills A True Story?

London ills is a British police procedural series originally released in February 2019. Currently, the series is in season 3. Each season of London Kills only had five episodes. It is the story of murder detectives. In every episode, you will come across lots of suspense and thrill. The series is very small but it has put a considerable impact on the audience. Notably, this series also has a great fan following outside the UK as well. That is the reason in 2022 season 3rd of London Kills was released. Each episode of the series is shot like a documentary with moving cameras. This pattern of shooting is revealed in the Behind the Scene videos of the series. The stories that London Kills shows plus the way the story is shot and delivered look like true stories. Hence, the audience of the TV series wonders whether London Kills is a true story or merely a work of fiction. To clear this curiosity of viewers, we have bought the details of London Kills’ story and plot. Read the full article to know if London Kills is a true story or not?

Is London Kills A True Story?

Is London Kills A True Story?
Is London Kills A True Story?

No London Kills is not a true story. It is shot and presented as a documentary hence many viewers think that it is a documentary. However, it is not a true story or a documentary. It is completely a work of fiction. However, it may possible that some stories may seem connected with some real murder mystery cases. However, it is very obvious as crime shows are always inspired by some real-life incidences and trends. It helps the audience to connect with the show. Additionally, good audience response is received when a show seems like a true story. In the case of London Kills also, the case is the same.

However, London Kills is the sequel of a previous crime drama show ‘Suspects’ which was created by Paul Marquess, Darren Fairhurst, and Steve Hughes. The Suspect ran between 2014 and 2016. When it ended, Paul Marquess got the opportunity of making a similar show. However, the cast of both the shows are different but you will similarities in the story, working style, and shooting of both the shows. Like London Kills, Suspects was also a documentary-style fictional series.

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London Kills Story

London Kills is the story of detective inspector David Bradford and his team. The team is involved in solving murder mysteries in London. The documentary-style show covers a murder case from various aspects. In every episode, a new murder mystery is solved by the cops. In the two-season and 10 episodes, we have seen the team investigating various murder mysteries. Apart from these mysteries, there is one more case that David Bradford has to solve. It is about his missing wife. The series also took you to this case several times.

London Kills Cast

Is London Kills A True Story?
Is London Kills A True Story?

The main casts of the London Kills are the officers of the Metropolitan Police Murder Investigative Team. The head of the Murder Investigative Team is Detective Inspector David Bradford played by actor Hugo Speer. After him, comes his subordinate Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole played by Sharon Small. The other detective in the team is Senior Detective Constable Rod Brady played by Bailey Patrick, and trainee detective constable Billie Fitzgerald played by Tori Allen Martin. Apart from these investigators, there are various supporting and recurring characters. Some characters in the show are only shown in season 1 while some are only in season. Among such characters, the notable names are Jannie Jacques as Amber Saunders, Maimie McCoy as Grace Harper, Steve John Shepherd as Adrian Cook, and Jack Shalloo as Perry Evans.

The creator of the London Kill thriller and action series is done by Paul Marquess. While the direction of the TV series is done by Craig Pickles. Lastly, the writers of the series are Paul Marquess, Riddell, Sally Tatchell, and Sarah-Louise Hawkins.

Where To Watch London Kills?

In the United Kingdom, distribution rights of London Kills are given to Acorn TV. Season 1 and season 2 of the series were also streamed on Acorn TV. Each episode of the series is about 45 minutes duration. The five episodes of season 1 and season 2 of the series were broadcasted back-to-back after the release of the season. Season 1 started broadcasting in February 2019, while season 2 started broadcasting in October 2019. Hence London Kills season 3 will also stream on Acorn TV in the UK. However, the broadcasting dates are not known yet. While the international release of London Kills was already done on 6th June on Amazon Prime Video.

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