Is Battle On The Beach Season 3 Release Date Arriving?

Battle on the beach is a highly creative and original idea by the HGTV network and produced by Departure Films. During the series, three teams will be given a house each on beachfront property. They’ll be provided with $75,000, and they have to use the budget to renovate the whole place according to their style and compete with the other teams for a cash prize of $50,000, renovating the best beachfront house. They’ll be provided with similar properties and will be monitored by design legends. In the first season, they were judged by Mina Starsiak and Mike Holmes to choose the best house and a winner. Although mentors can help amateurs, they aren’t allowed to actually do the work or physically teach them. This becomes a big challenge for the players, but that is what the show expects from them.

The teams have strong determination and creative brains, to help them get the job done. The teams are not just hardworking stuff, they find time to enjoy and entertain the staff, themselves and the viewers. One can find quite the drama in this show and it never gets old. Contestants Kerry and David Kersh, under the mentorship of mentor Taniya Nayak, emerged as the winners of season 1 Battle of the Beach, which recently released its season 2 on Sunday, 5th June at 9 pm on HGTV and some other services(more information on where to watch at the end of the article). 

Battle On The Beach Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement about a possible season 3 from the makers. As of now, after the super successful 1st season, we are provided with a second season which is currently on air. The success of the second season will play a crucial role in possible season 3. If a possible season 3 were to exist in the future, we are expected to have the same mentors, Alison Victoria, Ty Pennington and Taniya Nayak, two judges who haven’t been on the show before, to judge the contestants, and interesting contestants who try their luck, on renovation to have a chance at winning the cash prize, and of course our beachfront houses. 

Battle On The Beach Season 1 Release DateJune 5, 2022
Battle On The Beach Season 2 Release DateJuly 11, 2021
Battle On The Beach Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Battle On The Beach Season 3 Release Date

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Battle On The Beach Season 2

The most recent 1st episode, “Clash of the Kitchens”, was released on 5th June 2022 and the second episode, ” Main suite face off”, will be released on 12th June 2022. In the first episode, our mentors met their contestants and they got to work to compete in the kitchen and dining room challenge. The series will be aired on HGTV, will have 6 episodes of approximately 1-hour runtime, and had a 90-minute premiere on June 5th, shot at the sunny Surfside Beach, Texas. The series will have mentors Alison Victoria, Ty Pennington and Taniya Nayak as their mentors again this season. The contestants will be provided with a tight budget of $80,000 to renovate and compete for the prize of $50,000. They will be judged by judges Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, who will choose one winner from the three competent teams with their renovated houses. The series will have fierce competition between the mentors, Allison and Pennington, who want to bring down Taniya, the reigning champion as per the previous season, and Taniya fighting hard to secure her position. 

Battle On The Beach Season 3 Cast 

Season 1 cast included Alison Victoria as Mentor, Ty Pennington as Mentor, Taniya Nayak as Mentor, Mina Starsiak as Judge, Mike Holmes as Judge, Josh Thomas as Contestant, Shonnie Thomas as Contestant, Darryl Williams as Contestant, Kerry Kersh as Contestant, Sunjay Williams as Contestant, David Kersh as Contestant, Andrew Watson, Bryan Baeumler as Judge, Sarah Baeumler as Judge.

Season 2 includes Alison Victoria, Ty Pennington, Taniya Nayak as mentors and Bryan and Sarah Baeumler as judges.

Where to Watch Battle On The Beach?

Streaming Battle on the beach season 1 and 2 is rather easy, you just have to have VPN access. Express VPN is preferably the best option, as it has thousands of servers worldwide and you can also use it for 30 days risk-free. You can choose services after securing a VPN. Discovery +, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, Philo and FuboTV, are the services which will help you stream the show. Apart from these, the first season is available on Amazon Prime Video and VUDU, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie and TV Store, Apple TV, HGTV GO and the Roku Channel or Roku device stream the whole series. 

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