The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Imagine your next-door neighbors are people who are dangerous to the point the whole town could get annihilated if you cross them! Disney has recently gifted us with one such a family. Disney has always been known for its fun and comedic extraordinary families/individuals. Nothing can ever go wrong with Disney if magic and pixie dust is included. After its success with featuring villains in the Descendants as the ultimate heroes, and a successful response from the public for breaking its ‘villains are always bad and evil to no point of return’ norm, we get another story with a rather lively family.

The Villains of Valley View revolves around a supervillain named Havoc(Isabella Pappas), and her family. Havok stands up against the League of Villains and gets the entire family in their bad books. They are forced to go into hiding amongst normal civilians. ‘Normal’, a term they live far away from, is something they have to master to protect themselves and their family. They change their identities and move to a suburb in Texas with a quiet and ordinary neighbourhood. But do you think this is enough to hide their covers? Absolutely not! They have to hide their superpowers and evil-genius intentions. Their neighbourhood is filled with cheerful, good and helpful people, and with their help they might just pull it off. Havok, under the identity of Amy, befriends Hartley(Kayden Muller-Janssen), a bubbly lad who helps her keep her cool. They make the perfect bestie-dramatic-duo. 

The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date

The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date

For The Villains of Valley View season 2, no official news has been released as of yet. The series released the start of its first season on June 3, 2022 with the 1st episode “Finding Another Dimension” and the 2nd episode “Trust No One”, written by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore and directed by Victor Gonzalez. The 3rd episode, ” The Villain Experience”, will be released on June 10th. The average runtime is 24 – 25 minutes. If the makers and other details of the first season stay constant, we could expect the same flow in the second season(if one were to be made). As of now, the series has received good reviews from parents, kids and watchers everywhere. The series is said to be a mix of the legendary ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, with the concept of The Descendants.

To put things simply, the entertainment and magic from Sabrina and the wizards, the weird family trying to act normal from the wizards, and villains are not always evil and can change from the Descendants. The series created quite the hype and if the season follows the flow, we can positively think of a sequel as it would be a piece of cake for Disney and we have always watched shows like Villains of Valley View and Disney’s favorite shows getting multiple sequels and ample content. But as of now, everything is just speculation and we can only cross our fingers and hope this season turns out to be a great hit.

The Villains Of Valley View Season 1 Release DateJune 3, 2022
The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date

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The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Cast

The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date

The cast includes: 

Main Cast

  • Isabella Pappas as Amy/ Havoc, a teenage supervillain and the eldest daughter of the supervillain family, who stood up to the League Of Villains, and is the reason their family went into hiding. 
  • Lucy Davis as Eva/ Surge, mother of Amy, who possesses the superpower of manipulating electricity. She wanted to be the Chief Commander of the League Of Villains
  • Malachi Barton as Colby Flashform, Amy’s youngest brother who gained the superpower of shapeshifting at the age of thirteen
  • James Patrick Stuart as Vic/ Kraniac, Amy’s dad and a maniac, super evil scientist who specializes in creating gadgets. 
  • Reed Horstmann as Jake/ Chaos, Amy’s younger brother and the first son of the family who possesses super strength and wishes to be a better person.
  • Kayden Muller-Janssen as Hartley, Amy’s neighbour and her best friend who is aware of their supervillain identities and helps them conceal them. 

Supporting Cast

  • Patricia Belcher as Celia, 
  • Isaiah C. Morgan,
  • Mariah Iman Wison as Starling, 
  • Tony Llinas as Young Adult Colby,
  • Merrick McCartha as Officer Collins, and
  • Kesia Brooke is a Veterinarian. The rest of the characters and actors will unfold as the story further progresses. 

Where To Watch The Villains Of Valley View?

The Villains Of Valley View Season 2 Release Date

Villains Of Valley View airs on Disney Channel at 8pm E.T. and the first five episodes will be available on Disney + after 22nd June with the extras and fun behind the scenes and making clips. 

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