15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava: Complete List!

Game shows have always been one of the best genres of shows to watch, and every person out there has once in his lifetimes, sat on his couch, turned on the television, and started to watch a random game show. Is there a reason why people watch game shows? It’s just because, it’s absolutely fun to watch people go through a path of obstacles, slip in the mud, and whatever other stuff is in there, some showing their crazy athletic skills, whereas some being just a mess. These shows don’t have any storyline or anything, they are basic shows, where people compete against each other for cash prizes, which they get if they are able to clear the course of obstacles or come out all stinky and nasty. These shows have been running for a long time, and there have been some crazy drama and chaos in those shows, with a huge number of viewers.

For all those viewers, who have opened this article after hearing the name the floor is lava, you can scroll down a bit and enjoy all those other extremely funny and adventure-filled shows, that are very much like the floor is lava, and for those you don’t know what the floor is lava is all about, it’s an American game show which came out in the year 2020. This show is hosted by the very famous, and one of the best hosts on television right now, and that is Rutledge wood. The concept of the show is very similar to the childhood game, most of us have already played and shared the same name that is the floor is lava, where people assume that the floor is filled with lava and if you step on the floor you die, so you have to cross the paths via all those other objects which aren’t assumed to be lava, just in this case, the floor is filled with red good, and the winning team gets a cash prize of 10000 dollars, which is huge along with a trophy for winning the show.

If you have already watched the show the floor is lava, we have come up with 15 other shows which are just like the floor is lava and are extremely fun to watch.

1. Ultimate Beastmaster

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

This show can be considered one of the best game shows, you have ever got and that is quite justified with the 7.2 IMDb rating which is absolutely impressive based on the genre it belongs to, and along with this show is mainly different from other shows because of the format it has got. The show has run for only 3 seasons and has been very successful. Each episode has got a total of 12 players, two from each country, and in the last, the only one who survives all the obstacles will be called the beast master. At the end of the season, the beastmaster from all the episodes moves forward to chase the title of the ultimate beastmaster, and the final rounds are just crazy, humourous, and quite difficult for the contestants too. Though there isn’t any chance for the renewal of the show, after a little change in the format of the show in season 3, this show is still worth a watch for you all.

2. American Ninja Warrior

Now here we are talking about one of the most successful sports entertainment shows, which has received a total of 14 seasons since 2009 which is just impressive along with a 6.8 IMDb rating, which is also quite good. The show is actually inspired by a Japanese game show, named Sasuke, and can be considered the American version of that show, even the finalists of the first three seasons, moved on to the finals of Sasuke, and there were no finals held exceptionally for this show. However, the formats are different now, and it starts from city qualifiers, where contestants from every city go through a tough course, go to city finals, and those who can survive, pass on to the nation, which has a four-stage course, named mount midoriyama, and only three people have been able to clear the national finals till date.

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3. Ultimate Tag

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

This game show, may not be having a very good rating and that is a 4.9 IMDb rating, but for those who love the game of tag, this game show is just made for you. This show has only received a single season in 2020 and follows the exact concept of the game of tags, just the format is a bit different, there is a set dome, where the contestant is left and is chased by three individual professional taggers, one by one, till the time, that all three tags are taken from the contestant, or he falls from the dome, now the person who will have the longest time surviving the dome, will receive three, and the others will get two-point and there are some other time-based points too. The winner from each episode move to the final rounds, which is just fun and an extreme stage of the game of tag.

4.Holey Moley

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

The show holey moley, is just not like any other game show, you have seen till now, there is only one sport that is played and is the center of the show and that is mini golf, a sport many of us don’t pay much attention too. This show has got Steph curry not only in the trailer, but also as a continuous host for the show, and the show’s main format is that there are twelve contestants, who compete against each other, on a course of small mini golf battles, which are extreme and crazy courses, and along with that, the contestants, have to go through some other physical obstacles, and the timing for this matters the most. This show has received a 7.0 IMDb rating and if you’re a golf lover, this show is actually meant for you. There is a huge budget available for the show, and that means the end prizes for this show are also great.

5. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

here we are with another quite successful show, however, the idea of this show is again not an original one, but it is actually taken from the very famous, and maybe watched by many out here, Japanese show Takeshi’s castle. This show has received a total of 5 seasons and has got an 8.8 IMDb rating, which just proves how good the show is. The format of the show is simple, where we find obstacle-filled paths, two to three teams, and the same stereotypical game show format, however, the obstacles, aren’t very normal like the other game shows, they are actually tough, and if you aren’t able to clear them, you will fall in a stinky pool of mud or we don t know what it is. Overall, this is a fun show to watch and enjoy. For all those Takeshi’s castle lovers, this show is meant for you and you need to watch it before any other game show on the list.

6. Hole In The Wall

This is a show many of us have already heard about or seen on social media and the show hole in the wall is inspired by the Japanese game show named nokabe, the format of the show is very simple, there are two or three teams with each team having three contestants, and they are left on a 50-meter track, with cutouts in wall moving towards them, they have to pass through those walls without damaging the wall, or falling in the water, and there are different types of the wall such the speed wall, the blind wall, and overall it’s a fun game to watch, but it didn’t ri8se up to the prominence of nokabe and has received only a 3.1 IMDb rating which isn’t great but can be given a try.

7. American Gladiators

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

Now this game is not only successful, but one 0f the oldest game shows, we can get. This shi9owdates back to 1989 and the quality of this show isn’t that great, but the content is still good. This show ran for 7 seasons with a 6.6 IMDb rating which is absolutely amazing, and the show mainly follows a simple format where there are two male and two female contestants, each competing against each other in some physicals games and challenges, and there are other masked characters who try to stop the contestants from succeeding. The winners of each episode at the end move on to the main finals and the winner of the finals are awarded great prizes. This show can be a good watch if you are trying to know the history of game shows.

8. Mental Samurai

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

This show is not like any other game show, where people have to go over a path of physical obstacles, slide into pools of slime and mud, and just prove themselves through their physical agility. This show is based on the mental power of the samurai or the contestants as we may say and there is some physical aspect as well. The format of the show is very simple and with only two seasons in hand has received a 5.6 IMDb rating which is quite great, the show follows the format where the contestants are put in a moving capsule and they have to answer tricky questions which will prove their mental abilities. If they go wrong in the first stages, they are eliminated, otherwise, they end up competing for a huge sum of money.

9. Wipeout

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

Wipeout is a show, which has got quite a considerable fanbase when compared to other game shows, though the ratings of the show have been quite moderate with a 6.6 IMDb rating. this show is just like any other moderate and stereotypical game show, that has been running for years with a total of 7 seasons, which is suggestive that the show was successful. The show format was quite simple and it follow 24 contestants in the first round, and as they cleared their obstacle paths, the top 12 timings were moved on to the following stages and the competition goes on and on and on till we find the final winner. This show can be worth a watch for you all out there.

10. Survivor

Many of you have already heard about this show, and based on the fan following this show has got this is one of the most famous shows belonging to this list. This show with a total of 42 seasons, and a 7.4 IMDb rating is just impressive and quite different from other shows. Here the contestants, are taken to completely isolated islands and are divided into two teams, where they have to survive for more than one month and if they are not able to they will be eliminated, they also have to bid for food, and other luxury items, through the items they have got and there is also a concept of the tribal council which is fun, the format of the show has been changing in most of the seasons, with the introduction to the new element. Overall, this is one of the best shows on the list.

11. The Crystal Maze

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

Now this game show has got quite an impressive rating which is an 8.2 IMDb rating a is quite different from other game shows, here the contestants have to compete to find crystals in four different zones while they solve different types of mysteries, mental and physical obstacle, and mysteries, and the number of the crystals determine the second they will get inside the crystal dome, under which they have to find the grand, prize if the team is able to find the grand prize they become the crowned champions of the game. Overall, this game is quite fun to watch and can be given a try by all.

12. TKO: Total Knock Out

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

Now, this show need not be said much about, if you are a Kevin Hart fan and you are looking for a dosage of laughter this show is made for you. This show is a stereotypical obstacle-based game show, where the episodes start with 4 contestants, and while one contestant tries to cross the path, the other contestant uses objects to slow him down and stop him from completing the path. Overall, this show can be given a try and has been moderately rated.

13. Fear Factor

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

Most of you already know about this game, and if you don’t, you need to check this game out, this show isn’t like any other game show but this is a stunt-based show where the contestants, do scary and creepy tasks to win prizes, this show is fun to watch and can be given a try by all out there.

14. The Titans Game

15 Best Show Like The Floor Is Lava!

This is a very recent show, and if you love the rock, here you are at the right place and you don’t even need to think twice, just go for this game show, this game show is based on an obstacle-based track that is set by Dwayne himself, and he believes that everyone has some hidden capability, which comes out only in times of need. Overall, a great show to watch and enjoy.

15. Double Dare

Now for all the nickelodeon fans out here, this show must be known by you all, and for all those who don’t know about this show, this is the last one on the list, and one of the best shows that can be checked out by you all. This game is like most other games, however physical challenges are a bit different and quite adventurous and there are money pries at the end of most obstacles, and if you fall while doing the challenges, you surely will need a good wash, because you are going to fall in green slime.

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