Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Anime Online?

The fantasy horror Japanese manga series chainsaw man is finally getting an anime adaptation this year. This is a dream come true moment for the chainsaw man fanbase because they have been waiting for this moment for many years. Chainsaw man has a crazy fanbase we can assure you that once the anime series is released it can make become one of the greatest Shōnen of the coming years. Chainsaw man follows the story of a boy named Denji, and his pet named pochita the two of them have seen the worst in life with the presence of the devil in their society. The anime will be produced by MAPPA studio the same studio that is greatly known for its work in Jujutsu Kaisen and attack on titan. There is no doubt that chainsaw man is going to become a sensation in the anime community according to my anime list 401k users are planning to watch this anime. The views on the trailer of the anime series have already made it clear that this is going to be the next big thing. The amount of attention it is getting is insane, it has also managed to surpass the views of attack on titan’s trailer that too within just 4 hours.

Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Anime Online?

Crunchyroll has got the streaming rights for the series, so viewers have to get a Crunchyroll subscription to watch the series on that platform. Other streaming platforms for chainsaw man have not been revealed yet but it looks like Netflix could also get the streaming rights but that is not confirmed yet so we have to wait until the anime series is premiered.

Chainsaw Man Release Date

The official dates have not been revealed yet but it’s going to premiere somewhere in winter season 22, the official trailer was released on Jun 27, 2021, but since then the makers have not released any sort of news regarding the series. The series is going to be based on the 2018 Japanese manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The makers might release the anime series in parts to make the flow of the series a bit natural, it does not make another part then some amazing scenes from the manga will not make it into the anime series.

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Chainsaw Man Story

The story follows the misadventure of a young boy named Denji as he needs to pay back his dead father’s debt to the mafia. This young boy also happens to a company of his odd-looking dog named Pochita, whom he holds mutual high regard for apparently his dog is also a chainsaw and together the two of them kill devils as freelancers. In the chainsaw, man world devils can be found everywhere sometimes in the form of mildly dangerous monsters and other times being horrendous beings that could threaten the existence of humanity.

Each time they represent something that could be someone out there might be afraid of, just like the more fearful concept the deadlier the devil will be. Despite being caught in the humans and devil conflict Denji and his devil pet dog Pochita get along just fine. But their relationship is also not as rare as you might think because even though both of them are fond of each other humans make agreements with devils semi-regularly. One day the gang Denji work for makes a deal with their own and as a result, they are turned into a bunch of zombies and they killed Denji. So Pochita’s dream to see Denji live a better life he gives his body to replace Denji’s heart and then the chainsaw man is born. Denji realizes that he can’t hug his dog anymore so he tugs the starter cord sticking out of his chest and transforms himself into a guy with a chainsaw head then he massacres a lot of people and becomes a devil hunter later in the story.

Chainsaw Man Characters

The characters will remain the same as in the manga, but the voice actors for the anime series have not been confirmed yet. We will update you with the latest information as soon as possible once we get a confirmation. The main characters from the series include
Power, Denji, Makima, and Hayakawa Aki. Supporting characters include Reze, Higashiyama Kobeni, Pochita, Angel Devil, Himeno, Beam, Quanxi and Kishibe.

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