When Will Our Beautiful Now Episode 16 Release Date Arrive?

It’s beautiful now is an ongoing South Korean drama that is aired by KBS. It is a weekend drama directed by Kim Seong-Geun. It depicts the current generation who do not want to get married. It revolves around the Lee family. The grandfather is the main decision maker here. Since the sons are reluctant to get married, they promise an apartment to the son who gets married first. Episode 16 is going to take the viewers on a relatable emotional ride.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 16 Release Date

Our Beautiful Now Episode 16 Release Date

The drama of Hyun Jae and Mi Rae is set to release its 16th episode on May 22, 2022, which is on a Sunday. It is about how to navigate relationships and how Mi Rae finds herself struggling to keep her distance from Hyun Jae. Since Hyun Jae doesn’t have feelings as strong as Mi Rae, she has to manage her feelings.

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Our Beautiful Now Episode 16 Story

In the drama It’s beautiful now, Mi Rae is trying to set her feelings straight about dating Hyun Jae. She really likes him and it’s very clearly visible. She has to control herself and set boundaries around him which is relatable. Her mother too thinks that she likes him more than he likes her. Mi Rae already feels neglected in her relationship with Hyun Rae even though it has been just two days since they started dating. He has a crisis at work which might lead them to cancel their first date. He also has to talk to a TV show writer. Here the writer Yu Jin seems like she likes Hyun Jae. But Jae is ignoring her feelings. Accidentally, Mi Rae sees Hyun Jae with Yu Jin and instantly thinks that her mother was right about him being a player. It has still not been long and the couple is already facing problems.

We can also see a lot of new changes in the lives of Yu Na and Soo Jae. Soo Jae feels insecure and left out since both brothers have told the family that they’re seeing someone.  What started off as an agreement here is leading to the brother’s real affection. Here, Soo Jae and Yu Na meet in the park and start deciding on their wedding as they do not want to lose the apartment

In need of the apartment, the brothers set out to look for dating but ended up finding real connections which they are now finding hard to face without consequences.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 will be aired on May 21, 2022. It revolves around couples trying to figure out their relationship status and balancing it well. Jung Ja-Mi Rae’s grandmother shows that she feels the need for love from her family members. Hyun Jae has made it clear that he’s not the one for relationships and thus Rae has to find herself a way to control her emotions for him.

Both the brothers have told the family that they are seeing someone. But Hyun Rae tells the family that he will not bring Mi Rae home since he doesn’t want her to feel that he’s only marrying her for the apartment

Our Beautiful Now Episode 16 Characters

Episode 16 stars Yoon Shi-Yoon- Lee Hyun Jae as the main lead. Bae Da-bin as Mi Rae is also the lead. Thus, Lee Hyun Jae and Mi Rae are the lead. Oh Min-suk plays the role of Lee yun Jae. Here Shi Dong-mi plays the role of Shin Hae-June. It also stars Seo Bum-June as Lee Soo-Jae and Choi ye-bin as Na Yu Na.

Where To Watch Our Beautiful Now?

The drama is aired on KBS2 at 19:55(KST). It releases episodes every Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to the wide platforms, it can also be viewed on KBS and also the KBS YouTube channel. The channel keeps releasing episode teasers and sneaks peeks which increase the curiosity.

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