Is The Kids In The Hall Coming Back? Know It Here! 

One of the legendary Canadian sketch comedy TV series was the creation of Lorne Michaels along with Joe Bodolai who then took some of the iconic comedians and actors to write the sketch as well as enact it in the series that aired for five seasons with a runtime of 25 minutes each featured as 102 episodes along with a one-hour pilot episode from 1988 to 1995 on the channels called  HBO and CBC and undoubtedly have gained a massive fanbase all over the map. It has been a whole twenty-seven years around from when the world said one of the hardest goodbyes to one of the shows which were most close to their heart. Since then we have pretty much lost quite a few of certain eminent pillars of this entire show. Now the question arises is the remaining cast coming back with new episodes of ‘The Kids In The Hall’? The phenomenon may sound too good to be true! Let’s dig deep inside the roots of this series and try to find out the answers to the most anticipated question that the whole world is asking now!

Is The Kids In The Hall Coming Back?

Is The Kids In The Hall Coming Back

Well, the answer to the question mentioned above is a hundred per cent yes! The iconic 1988’s sitcom is actually getting all glammed up to make it’s legendary come back making one of the boldest milestones ever seen before. It is actually going to continue right where the story ended 27 years ago. Although it will miss some of the most important members of the show whom we lost by the course of time and nature but those who are true there are ready to make their glorious reunion and take us all back to their journey in the time machine. But this time around it would have a fresh touch in it as now it will be produced by Lorne Michaels’s Broadway Video and a Canadian production company called Project 10, who would make sure the storyline does not stay back at the late 1900s but rather very relevantly suit the world of 21st century. 

The Kids In The Hall Release Date

The brand new mini-series is all its way to mark the red-letter day in the history of television entertainment with 8 renewed episodes that will be the continuation of the original series that ended a little less than three decades ago. The upcoming series is very much ready to be released on the 13th of May, 2022. Fans all around the globe are counting the number of days anxiously.  

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The Kids In The Hall Story 

The story of the series The Kids In The Hall’ takes us back to 1988 when sketched comedy was one of the prominent modes of entertainment where the comedy troupe made sarcastic puns while depicting serious issues in a light-hearted way. The cameo will address the troupe to return back from the dead with the reboot and hence relive their iconic ground-breaking sketch series to mark the continuation of the entire plot right at the place where it ended decades ago. 

‘The Kids In The Hall’ Cast

Is The Kids In The Hall Coming Back

The original series was indeed an anecdote of some of the biggest names of prominent personalities all around the world. It included actors like Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Paul Bellini, Tamara Gorski, Aaron Alexander, Nicole de Boer, Mary Lewis, Dayo Ade, Brock Curley, John Balabik, Daniel DeSanto, Illya Woloshyn, David Foley, Kevin Mcdonald, Boyd Banks, Gladys O’Connor, Junior Williams, Krista Bridges, Jenny Parsons, Marcel St. Pierre and many more who were seen portraying various significant characters and whose presence throughout all the five glorious seasons of the entire series was nothing less than the cherry on the cake. In the upcoming season of the fan.’s favorite series ‘The Kids In The Hall’ everyone would be thrilled to see all the legends get reunited. Till today, it is very much confirmed that Jay Baruchel, Catherine O’Hara, Mark Hamill, and Will Forte would actively take part in this brand new cameo of the iconic comedy sitcom.

The Kids In The Hall Trailer 

The trailer announcing the iconic comeback of the people’s favorite series The Kids In The Hall was released on the 14th of April of the year 2022 over the youtube channel called Prime Video. 

Where To Watch The Kids In The Hall? 

The brand new 8 episodes will be available to be streamed globally over the digital entertainment platform called Amazon Prime Video by buying a subscription to it. 

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