Major 2nd Season 3 Release Date And Other Updates! 

Does the genre of sports in Manga attract you? Well, you must be familiar with the famous 23 volumed Manga called Major by Takuya Mitsuda! The animated television series called Major 2nd was made as to the sequence of the manga which reigned the anime world for two whole seasons which helped them in gaining a lot of fans. But now the fans are thus waiting for the third season of it. Let’s find out the latest updates we could gather about it.

Major 2nd Season 3 Release Date

Major 2nd Season 3 Release Date

The very first season of the series called Major 2nd was initiated on the 7th of April and since then has been proved to be one of the most successfully cherished Tv series all over the country of Japan as well as several other parts of the world. It has been running for 2 whole seasons including half of a century of episodes depicting the sports scenario of Manga through animation and hence has gained a massive fanbase. But with an increasing number of fans who are now actually talking about getting their favourite series renewed. The topic of season 3 has now been spreading like a forest fire in the conversations about the entertainment industries. Yet no official announcement has been brought to the public’s eyes by any of the production members, but even after 2 whole years of the world being totally shut down due to the pandemic, the fans are now hoping for the third season of Major 2nd tp release by the end of 2022 or even stretch too early 2023 as all of them are crossing fingers for the season renewal. 

Major 2nd Season 1 Release DateApril 7, 2018
Major 2nd Season 2 Release DateApril 4, 2020
Major 2nd Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Major 2nd Season 3 Release Date

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Major 2nd Season 3 Story

The series of Major 2nd can be categorized as a manga from the sports genre as the storyline seems to follow the story of Daigo Shigeno, a son of a legendary baseball player named Goro Shigeno who has also been captain of the basketball club of Fūrin Middle School.  Daigo seems to get inspired by his father and steps into the world of the baseball court and dreams of being an eminent player someday. However, throughout his journey, he learned the fact that this read will not be as smooth as he anticipated. But he was not scared of dreaming and hence chased his dream overcoming several boundaries hitting his way. Throughout both seasons, he was found as a hard-working baseball player who climbs the mountain to reach the peak of success. But somehow the way the second season ended, there were a few questions that got raised by the audience who are still searching for the answers and thinks the story of Daigo has much more to it than what was framed in the first two seasons. Hence the third season is expected to carry on the tale of his life with its own uniqueness. 

Major 2nd Season 3 Characters

Major 2nd Season 3 Release Date

The characters of the first two seasons were cast with prominent names all around the world. The list may include Daigo Shigeno voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara,  Kōtarō Nishiyama depicting the character of Hikaru Satō, Mutsuko Sakura being portrayed by  Kana Hanazawa,  Taichi Ichikawa giving life to the character of Hayato Urabe, Andy Suzuki was framed by Shintaro Ohata. 

It also had eminent names of voice actors like  Yui Horie, Natsumi Takamori,  Jun Fukushima,  Maki Kawase,  Ayane Sakura, Daiki Yamashita, Rie Murakawa, Sumire Uesaka, and many more whom we are very excited to come back again in the third season along with certain known or unknown voices working together to make the third season a dream come true.

Major 2nd Season 3 Trailer

The second season of the series called Major 2nd came to an end on the 7th of November of the year 2020, but after that, no significant notifications have been released about the beginning of the third season, and obviously, no certain trailer has been put out for the public and neither any date have been specified about the trailer release date of season 3. But we do hope to see certain sneak peeks before the official release of the brand new renewed season of Major 2nd.  

Where To Watch Major 2nd Season 3

The first two seasons were seen to be on air from April 2018 to November 2020 over the NHK Educational TV, the third season is expected to be available on the same television network, where the original manga under the name of Major is available on the magazine called Weekly Shōnen Sunday till today. 

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