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The dodo heroes are undoubtedly one of the most cherished series of shows that are creating the bond between mankind and wildlife stronger than ever. If the fauna around this globe attracts your attention, you must be aware of this show under the label the name Dodo Heroes. It’s been two whole seasons that this show is running with all joy and pride. The second season was one of the most anticipated seasons of any wildlife documentary as when the primary seasons ended, the huge fanbase that the series gained was actually talking all about the season renewal. And with the full-fledged responsibility of fulfilling the needs of what the fans said, the production team went in for working for the second time around. And the season renewal became one of the hot topics for conversation all around the fans well, it is no doubt that what they produced the second time was immensely unique and true to itself. It was not only the documentary of animal habitats but was the on-field picturization of the fauna which ended up helping humans and wildlife to come to a few steps closer.

Dodo Heroes Season 2 Release Date

Dodo Heroes Season 2 Release Date

The initial season of Dodo Heroes was premiered on June,9th, 2018  featuring exotic animals and their behaviours all around the world. It was indeed an example of massive success and so gained a huge number of fans who then wanted the second season as a result of which, the second season of the series Dodo Heroes was released on June 1st, 2019 by the production of Group Nine.

Dodo Heroes Season 1 Release DateJune 9, 2018
Dodo Heroes Season 2 Release DateJune 1, 2019
Dodo Heroes Season 2 Release Date

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Dodo Heroes Season 2 Story

The first season was the most popular one with six such episodes, the second season was grouped into several episodes that covered many such segments of the entire series. The episodes were named Sam and Mel’s Fight for Seals where Sam Brittain and Melanie Croce put their 100 per cent into running Seal Rescue in Ireland, to take care of the only seal to rescue in the entire country. This was released as the first episode where Sam and Mel along with their assistants and volunteers made their moto to save and rehabilitate orphaned and injured seals and bring them back to the atmosphere they are most comfortable with.

The second episode was named Twist of Fate Farm which was released on the 8th of June with the inner story of  Ashley DiFelice who started Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary that rescues abused and neglected horses and nourishes them.

The third episode was called Baby Elephant Rescue, where Malkia, an orphaned baby elephant rescued by The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and was taken absolute care to revive into a more normal life under their care and supervision on her. 

The urge of the fans for knowing more about animal life has now raised the question for the third season, still, no such announcement has done yet regarding the season renewal of this series in the upcoming years but we the fans are hopeful and counting the days crossing their finger. 

Dodo Heroes Season 2 Cast

Dodo Heroes Season 2 Release Date

The major cast of this series was the fauna of the world as they were the protagonist of this story and the ones who naturally reflects their lifestyle through the lens of a camera. Apart from this legendary group of animals all around the world, the work of certain minds does deserve appreciation and those are Emily Hyman, Andy Forsberg, Matthew de Luca,   Hannah McGrath, Jenna Charles, David Clawson, Marc Femenella, Neil de Luca, Adam Doria, Marc Femenella, Brett Van Egmond, Matthew Sakimoto, Justin Van Prooyen, Jared McGilliard, and David Clawson as directors, and production members. But we must not forget the hard work of each and every production crew member who made this project a dream come true.

Dodo Heroes Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of the second season of Dodo Heroes was released in the month of May over the official channel of The Dodo, which was not an exception but very similar to what happened during the first season 

Where To Watch Dodo Heroes Season 2?

Both the primary and the second season were released over the digital or web media entertainment platforms called iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu all around the globe as well as the animal planet. And even if the third season gets released it is anticipated to be released on the same platforms.

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