Glow Up Season 4 Release Date And All Details!

Now the title of this show tells us many things about the content of the show, and in today’s world everybody is waiting for a glow-up phase in their lives, however, this is the glow up which takes the form of art. The art of transforming a person through makeup into a completely aesthetic masterpiece, and this show is full of such extremely amazing and out-of-the-world makeup ideas that will blow our minds in the first place. recently there has been a complete revolution in the makeup industry for the past 5 years, and a completely new form of makeup has become the word of everybody’s mouth.

This show can be considered a must-watch for all those makeup lovers and aspiring makeup artists, lovers of art, and all other audiences out there. We have already received 3 seasons of glow-up: Britain’s next make-up star and the show can be considered very much successful based on the huge fanbase it has got. The show has also received a 6.8 IMDb rating which is quite moderate in its own genre, however, the content of the show is quite worth a watch, the remarks of the critics regarding the show have also been mostly positive with the 3 seasons in hand.

Now after the end of season 3 of the show, there have been many queries regarding the upcoming season of the show. Though most of the glow up fans have already received the news that the former host of the show has been fired, but there isn’t any negative impact on the renewal of the show. We haven’t received any updates regarding season 4 yet, but there are great chances that we will receive season 4 of the show very soon and till then the fans have to keep their hopes high and give the makers the time they need.

Glow Up Season 4 Release Date

Glow Up Season 4 Release Date

The first season of the show with a total of 8 episodes started airing on the BBC 3 on the 6th of March 2019 and concluded the season on the 24th of March 2019, after which we received the second season of the show on the 14th of May 2020, which also had a total of 8 episodes, along with the third season which premiered on BBC 3 on 20th April 2021. Now as we know after the end of the third season of the show, there is a great chance for the fourth season of the show, though the release date and confirmation haven’t been received from the makers, according to our sources, the show is predicted to make its release in the third quarter of 2022. The fourth season of the show will also have a total of 8 episodes just like the previous season with each episode having an approximate runtime of 1 hour.

Glow Up Season 1 Release Date6 March 2019
Glow Up Season 2 Release Date14 May 2020
Glow Up Season 3 Release Date20 April 2021
Glow Up Season 4 Release DateNot Announced
Glow Up Season 4 Release Date


Glow Up Season 4 Story

 The main storyline of the show is that each season has a set of 10 contestants who are meant to stay together compete against each other, while they go on a part of grooming each other skills through continuous competition and try to prove the worth of their skill in front of various industry professionals, they are also assigned to certain professional assignments from the show in which they have to make their name in front of the world. Now in each episode one of the makeup artists is eliminated based on the challenges they face and their performance in those challenges.

In the final episode, we have two contestants left who compete for the winning title of the show and gain quite a name in the industry. The show is full of various creative ideas and make-up looks which can be some of the other aspiring makeup artists’ inspiration. This show can be considered a must-watch for every audience who loves the art of makeup.

Glow Up Season 4 Trailer

Glow Up Season 4 Release Date

As we know we haven’t received any update regarding season 4 of the show and thus we also haven’t received any trailer for the fourth season yet. However, the trailer for the previous seasons of the show is available on the YouTube platform.

Where Can We Watch Glow Up?

The main series aired on the BBC 3 channel at first and then it was adopted by the Netflix platform, now all the previous seasons of the show are available for streaming on the Netflix platform.