The Moodys Season 3 Release Date & All Other Updates!

THE MOODYS: L-R: Jay Baruchel, Elizabeth Perkins, Denis Leary, Chelsea Frei and Francois Arnaud in season two of THE MOODYS premiering with two back-to-back episodes Thursday, April 1 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT and 9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. Cr. Cr: Kharen Hill/FOX.

Family gatherings and the event of Christmas have been the setting of the show for many a series, and so it has been for the Moodys, the moods are an American comedy-drama show, which is actually based on the Australian show titled “the Moodys Christmas”, now as we get from the name, the shows revolve around the dysfunction and funny moody family who have come together on the occasion of Christmas, and are having a ton of fun along with handling a lot of chaos. For most of the comedy genre series, they are either renewed for 3-4 seasons if they turn out to be great, however even if we say that the first season of the show turned out to be great, after which the Moodys was renewed for a second season, the third season of the show is where we are stuck at this moment.

The show has got a pretty amazing fanbase, though the IMDb ratings of the show speak against it with just a 6.8 out of 10 which is not quite admirable but moderate belonging to its genre. The reviews of the critics based on the show have been mostly positive and the storyline of the show (which may seem vague to many) is quite sweet at the end based on the beautiful moments the moody family shares in most of the episodes. now the main question arises, whether the audience is going to receive a season 3 for the show.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a piece of very good news for the Moodys fanbase, as we know there has been quite a year-long gap with no updates from the makers regarding season 3, and based on the fall in the viewers count for the second season of the show, which was initially planned for only a single season, it can be confirmed that the Moodys has been officially cancelled by the Fox channel. Though their remains always hope for series like this to often get renewed in the future with a new director or some changes in plot, however, the chances are very unlikely at this moment.

The Moodys Season 3 Release Date

The Moodys Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the movie made its release with a total of 6 episodes in the year 2019 and after which the Christmas special show got renewed for another season which made its release on the Fox channel in 2021. However, based on all the factors and fox channel updates, it can be considered that the moods have come to an end and the show will not be renewed for any other season. Now if there are any changes in the plan on part of the makers and the Moodys is renewed for a season 3, that will also follow the same format, that it has been following for the past two seasons, and is expected to have 6 episodes over 3 weeks with each episode being half an hour long.

The Moodys Season 1 Release DateDecember 4, 2019
The Moodys Season 2 Release DateApril 1, 2021
The Moodys Season 3 Release DateTo Be Announced
The Moodys Season 3 Release Date


The Moodys Season 2 Recap

The Moody’s storyline isn’t anything very exclusive or something to look forward to, it’s a simple family getting back on the occasion of Christmas in Chicago, the family revolves mainly around the five characters, sean and anna moody the parents, and the three children, dan, Bridget and sean jr. the family goes through much highs and lows through the Christmas week and that is beautifully depicted in the series with beautiful moments and a lot of laughs, however, the writing of the second season isn’t very appreciated compared to the first season of the show. The most chaotic one in the family can be considered to be dan, and there are various funny scenes between sean and anna, who are trying to spend a happy Christmas with their children.

The Moodys Season 3 Trailer

The Moodys Season 3 Release Date

As we know the third season of the show has been cancelled by the makers and thus, we haven’t received a trailer for season 3 of the show, however, the trailers for the previous season of the show are available on YouTube and that will surely be enough to get a preview of the series.

Where Can We Watch The Moodys?

The Moodys originally streamed on the Fox channel for its two seasons and the shows can be now enjoyed online on amazon prime, Hulu as well as Fubo tv (only for the subscribed audience).


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