Where To Watch Dasvi Online?

Most of us here, have already heard many memes all over the social media regarding the educational background of our 8indian politicians. The jokes are really funny, and some of them actually make a great sense because that has been the reality of Indian politicians many a time, this movie just has put some light on such scenarios and made us feel the difference that a politician who may not be 10th standard pass, but is politically very able. This show also puts some light on the ego barriers and the aristocratic status a politician gets through his position, and how they assume the police forces of the country are under their control but actually aren’t. The movie has got many twists in its plot, a lot of drama and comedy, and also shows the sheer willpower and the struggle a man goes through just while passing “Dasvi”. The movie has received an 8.3 IMDb rating which is actually quite impressive and makes the show worth a watch for all the audiences out there. The movie is directed by Tushar Jalota and written by Ritesh Shah and Suresh Nair. The movie has also got an incredible set of casts, which has made the movie very much popular all over the internet. the fanbase of the movie can be considered as pretty huge from the popularity it has got only through the trailer, as well as the number of viewers of the show on the first day only.

Where To Watch The Dasvi Movie Online?

Where To Watch Dasvi Online?

The Dasvi movie is a complete Netflix original series that came out in the year 2022 and thus the movie is only available on the Netflix platform for Netflix subscribed audiences only. The movie was made by Jio studios; thus, fans can also enjoy the movie on Jio cinemas, from the 7th of April,2022. The trailer of the movie is currently available on YouTube and can be checked out by the audience to know more about the series.


Dasvi Story

The main storyline of the show is based on the life of a chief minister named Ganga ram who has been arrested under certain charges and there he has to go through all the labors that all other prisoners are supposed to go through, along with the cruel words of the officer in charge, which are enough to hurt the 8th standard pass chief minister. Though he tries to apply certain forces and change the situation and the posting of the officer, things went quite out of his hand while he is under arrest. Under all these insults and harassment, Ganga ram decides to complete his studies while he is in jail and pass the 10th standard however it ends up being quite tough for him. The politician if he is taught in his own unique way can learn quickly but things don’t go that easily in all scenarios. 

However things take an ugly turn outside prison, where Bimla Devi, wife of Ganga ram takes up the seat of chief minister in his absence, and with time falls in love with the power and status of the set. Not only does she fall in love with it, she learns how politics works and is not ready to give up the seat at any cost and things go on continuing getting out of hand for Ganga ram. There are a lot of twists and drama throughout the series along with comedy. This movie is a must-watch for all the audiences out there.

Where To Watch Dasvi For Free?

Where To Watch Dasvi Online?

The movie made its release on the Netflix platform, but it is not available for free and is only available to the subscribed audience of the streaming platform. However, for all those who have the facility of Jio cinemas because of their Jio mobile sims, they can enjoy the show completely free.

Dasvi Cast

The movie Dasvi has got a great set of actors, who make the movie worth the hype it is. The main role of the movie, Ganga ram is played by Abhishek Bachan and the role of Bimla Devi is being played by Nimrat Kaur. Another main role which is of the officer in charge is being played by Yami Gautam, and there are many more renowned and well-recognized actors from the Bollywood industry starring in the movie.