Is Fantastic Beasts Connected To Harry Potter?

Okay we know there are a lot of theories in the minds of the audience regarding this question and we all know how much Potterheads are obsessed with this book, and why shouldn’t they be, J.K Rowling created an entire fictional universe for us and none of the stories from both the series can be criticized by any. Now as we know both the series are written by the same writer, J.K Rowling, and for those of you who don’t know, fantastic beats are also based on a book which shares the same name as the series and the movie to this series came out in the year 2016. Now coming to the main question of whether the two storylines are connected, yes, absolutely yes both the storyline is completely interrelated, not that it will be difficult to watch one if you haven’t watched the other, but the period of both the storylines are different, though the setting remains the same, and if you have already watched Harry Potter, you will actually find many characters from the series to be a part of the fantastic beats while they are in their younger phase of life, we also get to see some common magical items that have been passed down through time.

Are Fantastic Beasts Connected To Harry Potter?

Is Fantastic Beasts Connected To Harry Potter?
Fantastic Beasts

There are various connections between both the series, and, it can be surely stated that both of them belong to the same universe and are very much connected but just the time frames are different. Thus fantastic beasts are worth a watch for all harry potter fans out there.


Some of the connections between harry potter and fantastic beats are stated below:

Time Period

The period of both the storylines plays a very important connection, as rowling wrote fantastic beats as a prequel to harry potter, both of them are a part of the same universe, however, the period of fantastic beats is much before harry potter, thus we get to see a younger version of Albus Dumbledore and Hogwarts. The period in which fantastic beasts is set is from 1920 to 1945, and after a few years gap skipping the period of harry’s father we get to see the period of harry potter.

Albus Dumbledore

One of the biggest connections between both the storyline is the character of dumbledore who we have seen as a main character in both the series, but in two different phases of his life, in harry potter we see him as the headmaster of Hogwarts, but in fantastic beasts we see him teaching in the classes of defense against dark arts, we also see his rivalry with Grindelwald which is known by harry and his friend later in the series.


The school of magic, Hogwarts, is seen in both the storyline, the same rivalries between the different houses of the school and the many of the characters being students in those times, one of them being tom riddle, and after seeing fantastic beats, some of us have surely got nostalgia hitting them, the same ambiance, the same stairs, and the same classes.

Newt Scamander Book

Another important connection between the two series is the book written by newt Scamander that we see harry needing the fantastic beast’s book written by newt while attending some of the classes of Hogwarts, and in fantastic Beasts, we see newt Scamander as one of the main characters of the stories.

Deathly Hallows

Now, most of those who have watched harry potter, do know about the deathly hallows, the three magical objects that were themselves created by death and passed on, which were the elder’s wand, hallows necklace, and an invisible cloak. In the harry potter, the last movie, we see a great deal of search for the elder’s wand by Voldemort and harry potter breaking it, and in the fantastic beat’s storyline, we have seen Grindelwald, actually possessing the wand and dumbledore acquiring it in the future and bring a bit of peace to the world.

Nicholas Flamel

One of the main connections between the two series is Nicholas Flamel, whom we know as the creator of the philosopher’s stone, we see his reference in both series, however, in fantastic beasts we see him alive but surely in his last phase of life.

There are various other connections to both the series, however, it now can be surely stated that both of them belong to the same universe and are very much connected, and fantastic beasts are worth a watch for all harry potter fans out there.

Harry Potter In The Fantastic Beasts Story

Is Fantastic Beasts Connected To Harry Potter?
Harry Potter

No, unfortunately, we don’t see him in the fantastic beast’s storyline, but we do see another main character, that is the early stages of Voldemort’s life in this series.