Will There Be Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date Announcement?

Korean drama has attracted viewers and fans from all over the world. Not only the dramas but the songs and culture have also become a sensation. Well, today’s series is also one of the best Korean dramas that will touch your heart. Written by Park Kye-ok and directed by Hwang In-hyuk, Doctor Prisoner is a South Korean television medical drama series that is created by KBS Drama Division. Produced under the production of Jidam Inc., the series revolves around a doctor who had to stop working and had to undergo a prison sentence due to the accusation of doing malpractice.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 premiered on March 20, 2019, and ran till May 15, 2019, with 32 episodes of 35 minutes each. Season 1 is liked by the audience with good ratings. It got around 9.5 ratings and was liked by 80 % of people too. Well, the audience is looking for season 2, since then season 1 has ended. Although, the makers first announced to release of season 2 on March 15, 2020, however, there has not been any news about the same since then.
The viewers are thinking if season 2 is canceled or not, as there have not been any words. Well, there is no official announcement of the same, so it should not be mentioned if season 2 is canceled or not, until there comes a final announcement.

Doctor Prisoner Season 1 Release DateMarch 20, 2019
Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release DateNot Announced


Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Story

Season 1 presents Na Yi-je, a skilled, intelligent, caring, and most truly person; both to his profession and to people too. His life was going smooth until the twist comes and changed his life wholly. The change was related to one of his patients, who died in a car accident by a rich man, who fled from the spot. Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of the Taegang family who is the culprit of the car accident feels that he does not get the privileges he should get by the family, while Lee Jae-Joon, the primary successor of the family treated well.

Yi-je was blamed for everything, and the rich men made him the culprit, and he even had to quit his job. As a doctor in the prison now, he vows to take revenge on those culprits who ruined his life. He made his path clear, and prepare himself to fight. The series revolves around the prison, hospital, culprits, and mysteries. The viewers have yet to wait for the official plot of season 2, as there is no news about its release.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Cast

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there is no news about the cast of season 2. The makers and even the cast of season 1 did not make any official announcement of the return. But, if the series would renew for the same, there is a possibility of the cast of season 1 returning. Season 1 had Namkoong Min in the lead role as Na Yi-je, who is a talented doctor who always cares about his patients but has to quit the hospital after an incident happens. Kwon Nara was seen as Han So-geum, a psychiatrist who works at Taegang Hospital and volunteers in prison.

Along with them, Kim Byung-Chul was seen as Seon Min-Sik, a medical director who works at the prison with Choi Won-young as Lee Jae-Joon, primary successor to major conglomerate Taegang Group. In the supporting cast, the viewers see Jin Hee-Kyung as Mo Yi-ra, the former actress who becomes the second wife of Lee Duk-sung with Lee Da-in as Lee Jae-in, the youngest daughter of the Taegang family who has both looks and brains. To protect her family, she enters law school to become a lawyer, and Park Eun-Seok as Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of the Taegang family.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Trailer

And here it is! The viewers see the master Na Yi-je with his skills in season 1. As of now, there is no official trailer for season 2, and it is not announced too if it gets a season 2 or not. Well, the viewers have to wait till then.

Where To Watch Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Online?

Season 1 premiered on KBS2 in Korea. Internationally, it is available to stream on Netflix.