Totem Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

The first season of The Totems launched on Amazon Prime on February 18, 2022. Totems don’t really transport us to the realm of scouts or the Far West. Conversely, in this French program, the audience is thrust into the heart of the Cold War. The Cold War, the 1960s, and an entire mindset. The ambiance of a soap opera seems to be quite evident between the Americans and the West who wish to avert a red wave in Europe and an Eastern bloc. That rules the roost on its territories. Totem, in perhaps the most literal sense, is an espionage thriller.

Totem Season 2 Release Date

Do enthusiasts presently have the same doubt that when is Season 2 going to be available? Unfortunately, Amazon Prime has not confirmed whether or not Totems Season 2 will be released. Because of the extremely favorable reaction from fans, the installment may come back for a second season. Totems Season 2 is scheduled to be released in 2023 or later. Totems season 1 ended on a suspenseful note, leaving audiences eager to see season 2. Sadly, no definite release date for the next Totems Season 2 has been announced.

Totem Season 1 Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
Totem Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Totem Season 2 Release Date


Totem Season 2 Story

Totems, established in 1965 during the Cold War, chronicles a French scientist, Francis Mareuil, as he starts operating as a spy. Concurrently, we learn about Lyudmila Goloubeva, the child of Boris Goloubeva, the Russian researcher behind the monitoring satellite/weapon.

She hopes to be a pianist, but the KGB recruits her to spy on her dad. Mareuil encounters Lyudmila Goloubeva, a pianist subjected to forced labor for the KGB, while undercover for the French Secret Service and the CIA. A relationship develops between them, but no one can tell what is a manifestation of their actual affections and what is the result of political machinations. It’s a full absorption into the Cold War, with France, Russia, and the United States pitted against each other in a battle of brutal deception.

Totem Season 2 Cast

The main cast of Totem includes Niels Schneider as Francis Mareuil, José Garcia as Virgile, Vera Kolesnikova as Lyudmila Goloubeva, Lambert Wilson as Charles Contignet. Ana Girardot as Anne Mareuil, Aleksey Guskov as Boris Golubev, Michael Gor as Dimitri Yemeline. Jules Dhios Francisco as Paul Mareuil, Tim Ahern as Larry Goldstein, Daniela Hirsh as Hortense, and Surho Sugaipov as Yuri Melia. The recurring cast includes Klez Brandar as Man with speakers, David Bowles as Fabien, and Pavel Kríz as Josef. Eden Ducourant as Martine, Antonin Maurel as Colonel Loridon, Klára Issová as Mirka Kucerova, and Anatoliy Kot as Leonid Bakarin.

Totems Reviews

Totem Season 2 Release Date

Totems are primarily concerned about the people caught in the middle of a crossfire. If we’re being particular, the program is primarily focused on Francis and Lyudmila’s supposedly foe to partners’ romance and how it surpasses the war-like scenario. Schneider and Kolesnikova have amazing chemistry. Their individual moments are intriguing, and the two act the heck out of them, actually delving deeper into the quandary of engaging in “anti-national” actions. But their periods together are lovely and filled with passionate tension.

Anne’s entire route represents more personal, day-to-day issues in the world. It’s not as sophisticated as the intelligence carried out by Russia, France,  and the United States. It’s not exciting. It’s exhausting. While there is someone lurking around the corner to relieve pain, the cost is significantly greater than a minor cut inflicted by a gunshot. Her storyline does appear to be somewhat out of place at first. However, as the episodes progress, the purpose of Anne’s story grows evident. Totems is a meticulously designed program in which the degree of attention paid to its set design, costuming, VFX, and SFX correspond to the changes in languages and speech writing as the storyline changes from one country to another. It works brilliantly as a Cold War drama. However, there is a good likelihood that its romance plot will have a greater influence on its viewers. Its star cast earns a standing ovation for such an outstanding effort.

Where To Watch Totem Online?

Totems season 2 is planned to premiere on Amazon Prime in mid or late 2023. Season 1 of Totem is available on Amazon Prime Video. To put it differently, Season spy will keep the audience updated about when the next season will be formally published.